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Honeywell SF350RVUL Owner's Manual page 2

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The alarm is not fitted with an on/off switch, it is automatically switched on when the 3 batteries are inserted. This is to ensure that the alarm cannot be
inadvertently switched off and therefore fail to detect a build-up of carbon monoxide.
Normal Operation
When no carbon monoxide is present, the green power light will flash
approximately once every 60 seconds.
Test / Reset Button (in Normal operation)
First Sequence:
If required, the alarm operation can be checked for
correct operation by pushing the Test/Reset button
on the front of the unit. This will generate two Alarm
Sequences, 5 seconds apart.
Alarm Conditions
When the unit detects carbon monoxide the alarm signal is sounded
continuously. The red alarm light will flash and the alarm will sound ap-
proximately 4 times every 5 seconds.
When the unit has been in alarm for a period of approximately 4 min-
utes, the alarm signal will be given every 60 seconds.
Test / Reset Button (in Alarm condition)
If required, the audible alarm signal can be silenced for a period of 6
minutes by pushing the Test/Reset button on the front of the unit. The
red light will continue to flash.
If the carbon monoxide is still present after the 6 minute period, the
audible alarm will resume the previous alarm condition. The Test/Re-
set button should not be used repeatedly and the actions "What to do
when the alarm sounds" should be followed.
Return to Normal Operation
When the carbon monoxide gas disperses, the alarm will stop. The
green light will flash approximately once every 60 seconds (normal
operation). The user should check for the source of CO any time the
alarm has sounded, even if the alarm has returned to its normal working
Battery Replacement / Fault Warning
When the batteries need replacing the unit will sound 1 short beep
once every 60 seconds. The batteries must then be replaced with
fresh batteries. The green light will flash once as normal. If the
detector continues to sound 1 short beep every 60 seconds it must
be replaced.
Sensor Fault
If the sensor develops a fault the unit will sound 2 short beeps once
every 60 seconds.
The unit must then be replaced.
End of Life
The unit has reached the end of its 5 year life and must be replaced.
Green Light
Red Light
1 every 60 sec
On for duration switch
4 flashes
1 flash
4 flashes
4 every 5 sec
4 every 60 sec
4 every 5 sec
4 every 60 sec
1 every 60 sec
1 every 60 sec
2 every 60 sec
3 every 60 sec
Tools you will need: pencil, drill with 3/16" or 5mm drill bit, flathead
screwdriver, hammer.
Choose a location on the wall. Do not install the alarm closer that 4"
from the wall meets the ceiling.
Hold the mounting bracket against the wall, and make a mark inside
each keyhole where you will drill your mounting hole.
Use a 3/16" drill bit to drill through the marks you made for the
mounting holes.
Insert the plastic screw anchors into the mounting holes until they are
flush with the wall. If necessary. Tap them gently with a hammer.
Line up the mounting bracket up with the screw anchors, and screw
4 beeps
the bracket onto the wall.
Insert the CO Alarm onto the mounting bracket until you feel it click
into place.
Press the test/reset button on the front of the alarm, hold for several seconds
4 beeps
and check that the red light flashes and the audible alarm sounds. The alarm
can also be hung by a single screw using one of the 'keyholes' on the back
of the alarm.
4 beeps
Manufacturer ("Mfr") of this product, warrants that for a period of five years
from the date of purchase, this product will be free from defects in material
and workmanship. Mfr, at its option, will repair or replace this product or
any component of the product found to be defective during the warranty
period. Replacement will be made with a new or remanufactured product
4 beeps
or component. If the product is no longer available, replacement may be
made with a similar product of equal or greater value. This is your exclusive
This warranty is valid for the original retail purchaser from the date of the
initial retail purchase and is not transferable. Keep the original sales receipt.
Proof of purchase id required to obtain warranty performance. Mfr's dealers,
no beep for 6 min
service centers or retail stores selling Mfr products do not have the right to
alter, modify or any way change the terms and conditions of this warranty.
This warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from
any of the following negligent use or misuse of the product, use on improper
voltage or current, use contrary to the operating instructions, disassembly,
4 beeps every 60 sec
repair or alteration by anyone other than Mfr or an authorized service
center. Further, the warranty does not cover acts of god, such as fire, flood,
hurricanes and tornadoes or any batteries that are included with this unit.
Mfr shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused
by the breach of any express or implied warranty. Except to the extent
prohibited by applicable law, any implied warranty of the merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose is limited in duration to the duration of the
above warranty. Some states, provinces, or jurisdictions do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations
on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusion
may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and
you may also have other rights that vary from state to state, or province
to province.
How to Obtain Warranty Service:
1 beep every 60 sec
Service: If service is required, do not return the product to your retailer.
In order to obtain warranty service, contact Manufacturer at 847 955 4016,
7.30 AM to 5.00 PM, Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. To
assist in serving you, please have the model number and date of purchase
available when calling.
2 beep every second
Battery: Manufacturer makes no warranty, express or implied, written or oral,
including that of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, with
respect to battery.
3 beeps every second
Gas Detected:
Detection Principle:
Alarm Indication:
Alarm Levels:
Operating Temperature:
Humidity Range:
Warm-up time after
initial switch on:
Activation of your CO alarm's audible horn
indicates the presence of carbon monoxide (CO)
Operate reset/silence button.
Call your emergency service
(Phone: ____________________________) [fire department
or 911].
Immediately move to fresh air – outdoors or by an open door/window.
Do a head count to check that all persons are accounted for. Do not
re-enter the premises nor move away from the open door/window
until the emergency services have arrived, the premises have been
aired out and your alarm remains in its normal condition.
After following steps 1-3, if your alarm reactivates within a 24-
hour period, repeat steps 1-3 and call a qualified technician
(Phone: ____________________________) to investigate for
sources of CO from fuel burning equipment and appliances and
inspect for proper operation of this equipment. If problems are
identified during this inspection have the equipment serviced
immediately. Note any combustion equipment not inspected by the
technician and consult the manufacturers' instructions, or contact
the manufacturers directly, for more information about CO safety
and this equipment. Make sure that motor vehicles are not and
have not been operating in an attached garage or adjacent to the
Please add the telephone number of your emergency services and a
qualified technician to the labels provided and place one copy next to the
appliance and the other near a source of fresh air where you plan to
gather in the event of an alarm.
Pull down lid of alarm. Place a screwdriver (or similar tool)
in the slot at the top of the battery compartment cover and remove.
Carefully remove old batteries from battery housing and dispose
of old batteries with care.
Using only batteries listed in 'Care and Maintenance of Alarm' insert 3
new batteries, ensuring they snap securely into place and cannot be
shaken loose. Replace battery compartment cover and close detector
lid. Press the test/reset button and check that the red light flashes and
the horn chirps. The detector is now operating and ready for use.
Dispose of the alarm in accordance with local regulations.
Carbon monoxide
Electro-chemical cell
Audible and visual alarm
Between 60 and 240 minutes
150ppm Between 10 and 50 minutes
For technical or sales inquiries, or to obtain a replacement alarm,
400ppm Between 4 and 15 minutes
please call the service department at (847) 955-4016.
40°F to +100°F
15 to 95% RH
4.33" x 2.99" x 1.33"
4.93 oz
which can KILL YOU.
Honeywell Analytics Inc.
405 Barclay Boulevard
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60096
1998M0670 Rev 3