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Button Operation Tone; Troubleshooting; Specifications - Casio 3261 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide 3261 3281
Illumination may not turn on if the face of the watch is more than
15 degrees above or below parallel. Make sure that the back of
your hand is parallel to the ground.
Illumination turns off after the preset illumination duration (page
E-84), even if you keep the watch pointed towards your face.
Static electricity or magnetic force can interfere with proper
operation of the auto light switch. If illumination does not turn
on, try moving the watch back to the starting position (parallel
with the ground) and then tilt it back towards your face again. If
this does not work, drop your arm all the way down so it hangs
at your side, and then bring it back up again.
You may notice a very faint clicking sound coming from the
watch when it is shaken back and forth. This sound is caused
by mechanical operation of the auto light switch, and does not
indicate a problem with the watch.

Button Operation Tone

The button operation tone sounds any time you press one of the watch's buttons. You
can turn the button operation tone on or off as desired.
Even if you turn off the button operation tone, the alarm, Hourly Time Signal, and
Countdown Timer Mode alarm all operate normally.


Time Setting
■ The current time setting is off by one hour.
You may need to change your Home City's standard time/daylight saving time (DST)
setting. Use the procedure under "To change the current time and date settings" (page
E-29) to change the standard time/daylight saving time (DST) setting.
Sensor modes
■ I can't change the temperature unit setting.
The temperature unit setting is always Celsius (°C) whenever TOKYO is selected as
the Home City. In this case, the setting cannot be changed.
If ERR keeps appearing during measurement, it could mean there is a problem with
the applicable sensor.
■ ERR appears on the display after I perform bidirectional calibration or
northerly calibration.
If - - - appears and then changes to ERR (error) on the calibration screen, it means
that there is something wrong with the sensor.
If ERR disappears after about one second, try performing the calibration again.
If ERR keeps appearing, contact your original dealer or nearest authorized CASIO
distributor to have the watch checked.
■ ERR appears on the display after I perform northerly calibration.
The ERR message indicates there may be some problem with the sensor. The ERR
message also may be due to movement of the watch while the calibration procedure
is being performed. Try performing calibration again, taking care to ensure that the
watch is not moved.
If this does not solve the problem, the problem may be due to some nearby source of
terrestrial magnetism. Try performing the calibration procedure again from the
■ Why am I having problems taking direction readings indoors?
A TV, personal computer, speakers, or some other object is interfering with terrestrial
magnetism readings. Move away from the object causing the interference or take the
direction reading outdoors. Indoor direction readings are particularly difficult inside
ferro-concrete structures. Remember that you will not be able to take direction
readings inside of trains, airplanes, etc.
World Time Mode
■ The time for my World Time City is off in the World Time Mode.
This could be due to incorrect switching between standard time and daylight saving
time. See "To specify standard time or daylight saving time (DST) for a city" (page
E-72) for more information.
■ The watch does not resume operation after I expose it to light.
This can happen after the power level drops to Level 5 (page E-14). Continue
exposing the watch to light until the battery power indicator shows "H" or "M".
Graphic Area
The information shown in the graphic area depends on the current mode.
Graphic Area
Graphic Area
Timekeeping Mode
World Time Mode
Alarm Mode
Stopwatch Mode
CountdownTimer Mode
To turn the button operation tone on and off
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down
starts to flash and the city name starts to scroll on the
This is the setting screen.
2. Keep pressing
See step 3 under "To change the current time and
date settings" (page E-29) for information about
how to scroll through setting screens.
Mute indicator
Mute indicator
3. Press
to toggle the button operation tone on
(KEY ) and off (MUTE).
4. After the settings are the way you want, press
the setting screen.
The mute indicator is displayed in all modes when
the button operation tone is turned off.
■ "ERR" appears on the display while I am using a sensor.
Subjecting the watch to strong impact can cause sensor malfunction or improper
contact of internal circuitry. When this happens, ERR (error) will appear on the display
and sensor operations will be disabled.
If ERR appears while a measurement operation is being performed in a sensor
mode, restart the measurement. If ERR appears on the display again, it can mean
there is something wrong with the sensor.
Even if battery power is at Level 1 (H) or Level 2 (M), the Digital Compass/
Thermometer Mode sensor may be disabled if there is not enough voltage available
to power it sufficiently. In this case, ERR will appear on the display. This does not
indicate malfunction, and sensor operation should resume once battery voltage
returns to its normal level.
Whenever you have a sensor malfunction, take the watch to your original dealer or
nearest authorized CASIO distributor as soon as possible.
■ What causes incorrect direction readings?
Incorrect bidirectional calibration. Perform bidirectional calibration (page E-42).
Nearby source of strong magnetism, such as a household appliance, a large steel
bridge, a steel beam, overhead wires, etc., or an attempt to perform direction
measurement on a train, boat, etc. Move away from large metal objects and try
again. Note that digital compass operation cannot be performed inside a train,
boat, etc.
■ What causes different direction readings to produce different results at the
same location?
Magnetism generated by nearby high-tension wires is interfering with detection of
terrestrial magnetism. Move away from the high-tension wires and try again.


Accuracy at normal temperature: ±15 seconds a month
Timekeeping: Hour, minutes, seconds, p.m. (P), year, month, day, day of the week
Time format: 12-hour and 24-hour
Calendar system: Full Auto-calendar pre-programmed from the year 2000 to 2099
Other: Home City name (can be assigned one of 48 city names); Standard Time /
Daylight Saving Time (summer time)
Digital Compass: 20 seconds continuous measurement; 16 directions; Angle value 0°
to 359°; Four direction pointers; Calibration (bidirectional, northerly);
Magnetic declination correction; Bearing Memory
Measurement and display range: –10.0 to 60.0°C (or 14.0 to 140.0°F)
Display unit: 0.1°C (or 0.2°F)
Measurement timing: Every five seconds in the Digital Compass/Thermometer
Other: Calibration; Manual measurement (button operation)
Graphic Area
Timekeeping Mode seconds
World Time Mode hours
Timekeeping Mode hours
Stopwatch Mode minutes
CountdownTimer Mode minutes
until SET
until KEY
or MUTE is displayed.
to exit

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