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Asus Nexus 7 User Manual: Share Content With Android Beam

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TIP: After you set up Face unlock, look under Settings >
Personal > Security for two additional settings: Improve
face matching and Liveness check. use these to make Face
unlock more reliable and secure.

Share content with Android Beam

You can beam a web page, a video, or other content from your
screen to another device by bringing the devices together (typi-
cally back to back).
Before you begin: Make sure both devices are unlocked, support
Near Field Communication (NFC), and have both NFC and Android
beam turned on.
1. open a screen that contains something you'd like to share,
such as a webpage, YouTube video, or place page in Maps.
2. Move the back of your tablet toward the back of the other
When the devices connect, you hear a sound, the image on
your screen reduces in size, and you see the message Touch
to beam.
3. Touch your screen anywhere.
Your friend's device displays the transferred content. or, if the
necessary app isn't installed, Google Play opens to a screen
where your friend can download the app.
TIP: When you touch another device to the back of your
Nexus 7, make sure it's near the "x" in "nexus" to success-
fully beam content.
Nexus 7 (2013) Guidebook
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