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5 | Product Description | Mastertech VCI Features
u Network Setup - Wired Ethernet, Wireless network
u Help - Software Installation Details, Manager Help file,
Print, Shop Foreman Pro software.
The VCI works with the diagnostic application software for
testing specific vehicles and systems. Specific operating
instructions are provided within respective diagnostic
application software.
u The diagnostic software applications provide the user
interface for communication between the VCI and the
vehicle diagnostic system.
u The Vehicle System application programs are upgraded
periodically to provide ongoing support for new vehicle
model years, systems, and functions.
u The Vehicle System application support manuals are
available on the Bosch web site;
Mastertech Vehicle Communication
Interface Features

Data Link Connector And Cable

The DLC cable supplied with your VCI is keyed
such that it will only connect to the VCI. It will
not connect to a Mastertech MTS 3100 or Tech
2 and conversely, Mastertech MTS 3100 or Tech
2 cables will not connect to the VCI..
Vehicle diagnostic information is passed between the PC
and the vehicle through the J1962 16/26-pin DLC cable
that is connected to the VCI.

Power Source

The VCI is intended to be powered from the vehicle
The VCI may also be powered using the 120VAC/12VDC,
1A Power Supply when located near a suitable
wall socket. See Figure 1-11. Typically you use the
120VAC/12VDC, 1A Power Supply during bench
operations when you are configuring the VCI
communications, updating software, and during testing of
the VCI.
Robert Bosch LLC
Figure 1-11. 120VAC/12VDC, 1 A Power Supply

Battery Operation

Four AAA Batteries are required to power the VCI during
brief power interruption.
The VCI will not operate solely on the batteries, the
VCI must be connected to the vehicle's 12-volt power
supply during testing or the 120VAC/12VDC, 1A Power
Supply during bench operations such as setting the VCI
configuration options or updating software.
See Chapter 4 for battery replacement instructions.


Five Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), one red and four
green, are located on the front of the VCI as shown in
Figure 1-12. One LED is reserved for future Shop Foreman
Pro software use.
VCI Error
use LED
Figure 1-12. LEDs
VCI User's Guide | Version 3.1 | April 2012
TABLE 1-1. Mastertech VCI Specifications
16.7 x 11.4 x 3.8 cm
(6.6 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches)
0.454 kg (1 lb.)
3.0 Watts @ 12 Vdc
7 to 32 Vdc
Input Voltage
(protected against reverse polarity)
5 LEDs — Software controlled on-
LED Display
board (1 red; 4 green)
12-24 Volt vehicle power
External 120VAC/12VDC,
Power Sources
1A Power Supply
AAA batteries for brief power
Operating Temp.
0 °C TO 50 °C (32 °F TO 122 °F)
Storage Temp.
-20 °C TO 70 °C (-4 °F TO 158 °F)

Getting Started

Using the VCI Manager Application

Identifying Your VCI

The Mastertech VCI assembly label is located on the
back of the unit. As shown in the illustration at the right,
the assembly identification number has two parts: a
manufacturing code for traceability and a unique serial
number (22000061, in this example). The 8-digit serial
number is used to identify the VCI in the software.
Manufacturing code
Serial Number
VCI User's Guide | Version 3.1 | April 2012
Getting Started | Using the VCI Manager Application | 6

Starting the VCI Manager Application

Use the following steps to communicate to your VCI with
the VCI Manager application:
1. Apply power to the VCI by connecting the
120VAC/12VDC, 1A Power Supply. You should see the
POST sequence described in Power on Self Test.
2. Connect the USB Cable to the VCI and to your PC. In
order to keep the USB cable connected, you can
secure it to the VCI using the supplied cable keeper.
3. Start ESI[tronic] 2.0 software by double-clicking on
the ESI[tronic] 2.0 software application icon.
4. Select hardware settings... from the main menu.
5. From hardware settings I... screen select VCI Manager
to launch the VCI Manager application.
Robert Bosch LLC


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