Power On Self Test; Connecting The Vci To The Vehicle; Powering The Mastertech Vehicle Communication Interface; 120Vac/12Vdc, 1A Power Supply - Bosch Mastertech Vehicle CommunicationInterface (VCI) User Manual

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21 | Getting Started | Power On Self Test

Power On Self Test

Turn on the VCI by connecting to power (A/C 12-V adapter
or vehicle's DLC port).
When you first apply power to the VCI, the Power On Self
Test (POST) will run. You should observe the following
sequence of lights and hear the "BEEP' indicating that the
VCI is working properly.
Quick flash
1st stage
2nd stage
3rd stage, then "beep"
Error detected

Connecting the VCI to the Vehicle

The Mastertech Vehicle Communication Interface kit
contains the following cable to connect the VCI to the
J1962 16/26 pin Data Link Connector (DLC) cable
Refer to the Repair Manual or the electrical wiring
diagram for the vehicle you are testing to determine the
location and type of Data Link Connector (DLC) installed
on the vehicle.
1. Connect the 26-pin end of the DLC cable to the bottom
of the VCI, then tighten the screws.
2. Connect the 16-pin end of the DLC cable to the vehicle
DLC connector.
Powering the Mastertech Vehicle
Communication Interface
The VCI can be powered by the vehicle's 12-volt battery or
by the 120VAC/12VDC, 1A Power Supply. The internal AAA
batteries provide power only for short intermittent power

120VAC/12VDC, 1A Power Supply

Robert Bosch LLC
Connect the 120VAC/12VDC, 1A Power Supply to the
bottom of the VCI, then plug the power supply into a
standard wall outlet.

Vehicle Battery

The VCI is powered directly by the DLC cable when the
cable is connected to the vehicle DLC.

Finishing Up

After using the Mastertech Vehicle Communication
Interface (VCI), a few simple steps will help you leave the
vehicle electronic system(s) in the proper state and also
ensure that you get the most use out of your diagnostic
1. Reconnect all hoses, connectors, spark plug wires,
fuel lines, etc. that were disconnected from the vehicle
during testing.
2. Before turning the VCI off, exit Shop Foreman Pro
3. Turn the VCI off by pressing the on/off button.
The LED turns off.
4. Disconnect the VCI's J1962 16/26 Pin DLC cable from
the vehicle.
5. Disconnect the USB or ethernet cable from the PC and
the VCI.
6. Inspect the cables and connectors for damage and
corrosion. Replace faulty components immediately.
7. Store the VCI, cables, and other parts in a secure, dry

Cleaning and Storing Your VCI

If the VCI, connectors, or cables become dirty, they
may be cleaned by wiping them with a rag lightly
coated with a mild detergent or non-abrasive hand
soap. Do not immerse the VCI or any of its parts or
accessories in water. Avoid using harsh solvents such
as petroleum based cleaning agents, Acetone, Benzene,
Trichloroethylene, etc. Although the VCI and accessories
are water resistant, they are not waterproof; thoroughly
dry them prior to storage.
VCI User's Guide | Version 3.1 | April 2012

Battery Replacement

Know the Law! Dispose of batteries legally!
Batteries are considered hazardous waste
under many local laws or regulations and
may not be discarded in the municipal waste
system. Check with local solid waste officials
in your area for recycling options or proper
disposal methods. Many local government
agencies and businesses run programs
that help businesses properly dispose of
hazardous wastes.
Replacing the Batteries
The VCI contains four AAA batteries. The batteries are
not intended to power the VCI. The batteries only provide
back-up power for momentary power interruptions like
those that can occur during engine cranking.
The batteries will supply power to keep the VCI running
for about 30 seconds before shutting it down.
To replace the batteries:
1. Install new batteries with the positive (+) and negative
(-) terminals oriented as indicated on the inside of the
battery enclosure.
2. Place the cover on the battery case so the tabs at the
top of the cover are aligned with the slots in the case,
and the slots at the bottom of the cover are aligned
with the tabs on the case.
3. Press the arrow on the battery cover while pushing
the cover toward the top of the case. The cover should
snap into place.
VCI User's Guide | Version 3.1 | April 2012

Battery Replacement | Replacing the Batteries | 22

Remove boot
Turn over, slide open,
and remove battery door.
Install four AAA batteries.
The negative (flat) end
of the battery is always
installed to contact the
Figure 1. Install the Mastertech Vehicle Communication
Interface Batteries
Robert Bosch LLC


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