Panasonic CZ-RWSU2 Instruction Manual

Wireless remote control system


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Panasonic Testing Centre
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Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
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Wireless Remote Control System
Système de télécommande à infrarouge
Drahtloses Fernbedienungssystem
Sistema Telecomando Senza Fili
Sistema de telecomando sem fi os
Sistema de control remoto inalámbrico
Printed in China


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Panasonic CZ-RWSU2

  • Page 1 MANUALE DI ISTRUZIONI Sistema de telecomando sem fi os MANUAL DE INSTRUÇÕES Sistema de control remoto inalámbrico MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES Authorized representative in EU Panasonic Testing Centre Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany Printed in China 85464609072022...
  • Page 2 Receiver / Récepteur / Empfänger / Ricevitore / Receptor / / Receptor / CZ-RWSU2 CZ-RWST2 CZ-RWSL2 Display / Affi chage/ Anzeige / Display Visor / Visor / Operation Panel / Panneau de commande Bedienfeld / Pannello di Comando Painel de comando /...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Important Safety Instructions ..........EN-2 2. Names and Operations ............EN-3 3. Installing Batteries ..............EN-5 4. Setting the Current Time ............EN-6 5. Operation ................EN-7 6. Timer Operation ..............EN-9 7. Adjusting the Wind Direction ..........EN-11 8. Operating Multiple In/Outdoor Units Simultaneously ..EN-12 9.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    1. Important Safety Instructions Before using the system, be sure to read these • Contact your dealer before moving the system “Important Safety Instructions”. Contact your dealer or a professional service After reading this manual, save it in a convenient provider about moving and reinstalling the system.
  • Page 5: Names And Operations

    2. Names and Operations One remote control can control a group of up to eight indoor units. REMOTE CONTROL (See Page EN-12) Operation Display 11. Filter button Displays the operation status. (The fi gure CZ-RWSC2 shows all the statuses.) Press to turn off the fi lter lamp on the •...
  • Page 6 2. Names and Operations (Cont.) Receiver Receiver in conjunction with a wired remote control Receives the signal sent from the remote (sold separately). (Consult with the dealer control. where the product was purchased about making the settings.) Emergency operation button Test/On switch Display lamps This is used during service.
  • Page 7: Installing Batteries

    3. Installing Batteries 1. Remove the cover. 2. Insert two AAA alkaline batteries. Put the batteries in with the polarity [+/–] as shown in the fi gure. 3. Gently insert one end of an unfolded paper clip (or a similar object that can fi t) into the Reset hole and press the reset button inside the hole and then put the cover back on.
  • Page 8: Setting The Current Time

    4. Setting the Current Time After changing the batteries and pressing reset, be sure to reset the current time. (When reset is pressed, the current time reverts to [ 1. Press for two seconds or more. Once the clock displays starts blinking, the clock can be set. 2.
  • Page 9: Operation

    5. Operation , Heat , Dry , Cool , Fan Auto Models that only provide the cooling function cannot operate in the auto or heating modes. Power: Turn on the power of the indoor unit at least 14 hours before operation. 1.
  • Page 10 5. Operation (Cont.) If the unit is not heating very effectively with a Low fan speed , switch the fan speed to High Medium. Depending on the indoor unit being used, it may indicate a function that it does not have. (The fan speed is set.) If you cannot turn the air conditioner off in the normal way.
  • Page 11: Timer Operation

    6. Timer Operation • When setting the timer, make sure the current time on the remote control is accurate. • The timer’s clock can only be set when the display of the remote control is ON. • After setting the timer, put the remote control in a place where its signal will reach the receiver of the indoor unit.
  • Page 12 6. Timer Operation (Cont.) Combining ON and OFF Timers • Setting the ON and OFF timers, respectively. Checking the timer setting • If you press either for the or the , the scheduled time is displayed for four seconds. • When no timer setting has been made, it displays --:--. (Initial Setting) Changing a timer setting •...
  • Page 13: Adjusting The Wind Direction

    • When the unit is in heating standby, the fl ap (up-down wind direction plate) faces upward. Also, bear in mind that the fl ap starts swinging after the heating standby mode is released, but the display on the remote control indicates Auto Flap during standby heating as well. CZ-RWSU2/CZ-RWST2/CZ-RWSL2/CZ-RWSY2/ In the Heat Mode Indoor Unit (CZ-RWSK2) Please face the fl...
  • Page 14: Operating Multiple In/Outdoor Units Simultaneously

    7. Adjusting the Wind Direction (Cont.) CZ-RWSC2 The available functions differ depending on the indoor unit being used. The wind direction cannot be set via remote control for any models other than those noted below. For more information, please refer to the users’ manual that came with your indoor unit. Four-direction Ceiling Cassette Models, Bi-directional Ceiling Cassette Models, Unidirectional Cassette Models for High Ceilings, Ceiling Suspended Models, Wall Models...
  • Page 15: Using The Remote Control

    9. Using the Remote Control • Point the transmitter of the remote control at the receiver. When the signal is received correctly it will beep once. (It beeps twice only when the unit starts operating.) • The signal can be received at a distance of about 6 meters. This distance should be used only as a guide.
  • Page 16: Addresses

    11. Addresses In both multi and single unit installations, when more than one indoor unit is installed in the same room with a compatible remote control, addresses can be set up to avoid crosstalk. By setting the address switches on the receivers and matching them with the number of addresses on the remote control, up to six indoor units can be controlled separately with the remote control.
  • Page 17 Address Display on the • • • • • Remote Control CZ-RWSU2 For 1, 2 and 3, set the switch on the right and for 4, Position of The position of the 5 and 6, to the left. receiver’s receiver’s address •...
  • Page 18 11. Addresses (Cont.) Setting Addresses (CZ-RWSY2/CZ-RWSK2) (Setting the address of the indoor unit) 1. First of all, set the address for the remote control with Setting Remote Control Address (See Page EN-14). 2. Press [Emergency Operation] of the indoor unit for four seconds or more. When you do this, the lamps of the display will blink one after another.
  • Page 19: Emergency Operation

    • When the remote control is broken. • When the remote control is lost. Figures: CZ-RWSU2, CZ-RWSY2 and CZ-RWST2 are of receivers (inside indoor unit), CZ-RWSL2 is of the operation panel (inside indoor unit) and Indoor Unit (CZ-RWSK2) is of its front panel.
  • Page 20 12. Emergency Operation (Cont.) Note • The Test Run/On and Test/On switches are for use when the unit is installed and test run. It is not for normal use. Stop ALL • If the [Normal/Stop ALL] switch is on , the unit cannot receive signals from the remote control. CZ-RWSC2/CZ-RWSL2 1.
  • Page 21: Miscellaneous Settings

    13. Miscellaneous Settings A variety of changes can be made to settings, depending on the indoor unit being used. Operation mode indicator, time display (24 hour, AM/PM), Heat Max Temp • (These settings are saved in nonvolatile memory in the remote control, so even when its batteries are changed, the settings do not have to be made again.) •...
  • Page 22: Before Requesting Service

    14. Before Requesting Service Before requesting service, please check the followings. Problem Cause Solution The unit doesn’t work even The power to the indoor unit is not ON. Make sure the power to the indoor unit is when is pressed on the remote control.
  • Page 23: Specifi Cations

    15. Specifi cations CZ-RWSU2/CZ-RWST2/CZ-RWSC2/CZ-RWSY2/CZ-RWSK2 Dimensions 182 mm (H) X 61 mm (W) X 18.5 mm (D) Wireless Remote Control Power source Two AAA alkaline batteries Clock Accuracy ±30 seconds per month (at 25 °C) CZ-RWSU2/CZ-RWST2/CZ-RWSC2/CZ-RWSY2 CZ-RWSU2 200 mm (H) X 200 mm (W) X 25 mm (D)

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