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Guía del usuario
Manual do usuário
User Guide
Radio Móvil
Rádio Móvel
Mobile Radio


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  • Page 1

    PRO7100™ Radio Móvil Rádio Móvel Mobile Radio contacto PRO7100 control Guía del usuario Manual do usuário User Guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Sending a Call ..... 13 CONTENTS Receiving a Call ....13 Computer Software Copyrights .

  • Page 3

    Safety and Warranty ....43 Safe and Efficient Operation of Motorola Two-Way Radios ....43 Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy .

  • Page 4: Computer Software Copyrights

    Motorola. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents or patent...

  • Page 5

    Notes English...

  • Page 6: Radio Overview

    RADIO OVERVIEW PARTS OF THE RADIO Red/Yellow/Green Channel Selector/ LED Indicators Menu Navigation Buttons (Up/Down) LCD Screen Programmable On/Off/Volume Menu Enter/Select Button 3 (P3) Menu Exit/Escape Knob (Interchangeable) Button Button Microphone Jack Programmable Button 4 (P4) Programmable Editing Programmable (Interchangeable) Button 2 (P2) Buttons Button 1 (P1)

  • Page 7: Optional Enhanced Keypad Microphone (rmn4026)

    Optional Enhanced Keypad Microphone This enhanced keypad microphone has three buttons (A, B, C) below the keypad that can be (RMN4026) programmed to conveniently activate select Your radio may be ordered with an optional radio features. DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) microphone that has a direct entry keypad. Keypad Programmable Buttons...

  • Page 8: On/off/volume Knob

    On/Off/Volume Knob Some buttons can access up to two features, depending on the type of button press: Turns the radio on or off, and adjusts the radio’s volume. • short press—quickly pressing and releasing the programmable buttons Channel Selector/Menu Navigation Buttons •...

  • Page 9

    Hold Down Function Indicator Short Press Long Press Page Button Sound a tone for adjusting Volume Set — — — your radio’s volume level. Direct Zone † — Direct entry to zone selection menu. — Access Takes you directly to a pre-programmed Home Revert —...

  • Page 10

    Hold Down Function Indicator Short Press Long Press Page Button † Speed Dial — Access your phone list directly. — Toggle silent monitor operation (also turn off Turn on open Monitor open squelch monitor squelch — — when it has been monitor.

  • Page 11: Push-to-talk (ptt) Button

    Push-to-Talk (PTT) Button Up Key Down Key Press and hold down this button to talk; Used for channel scrolling. When in Menu release it to listen. Mode, used for menu navigation. Microphone Right Key Hold the microphone 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 Moves the cursor right or inserts a space when cm) from your mouth, and speak clearly into it.

  • Page 12: Use With Enhanced Keypad Microphone (rmn4026)

    Use with Enhanced Keypad Microphone (RMN4026) These keys are used to: • Dial a phone number • Make a radio call • Enter information when programming radio lists • Directly access preprogrammed features Each key can generate several different characters. For example, to enter the character “C,”...

  • Page 13

    Entering Characters Using the Keypad Number of Times Key is Pressed < > & À Á Â Ç à á â ç È É Ê è é ê ë Ì Í ì í î ï Ñ Ò Ó Ô ñ ò...

  • Page 14: Lcd Screen

    LCD Screen Symbol Indication Phone Mode is selected. Phone An Emergency Alert is being sent. The top screen row displays radio status Emergency information: A Selective Call or Call Alert has been received. Symbol Indication Call Received The Companding The Scan feature is feature is activated.

  • Page 15: Audio Indicators For Programmable Buttons

    AUDIO INDICATORS FOR Symbol Indication PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS The radio is not transmitting through a Low-High Tone Talkaround repeater. The radio is in Program List editing mode. High-Low Tone Programming Mode Indicates signal In addition to having associated visual strength. The more bars, indicators, some programmable buttons use Signal Strength the stronger the signal.

  • Page 16: Getting Started

    ADJUSTING THE VOLUME GETTING STARTED Turn the On/Off/Volume Control knob TURNING THE RADIO ON OR OFF clockwise to increase the volume, or counterclockwise to decrease the volume. – – button Hold down the Volume Set (see page 4). You will hear a continuous tone. Turn the On/Off/Volume Control knob to the desired volume level.

  • Page 17: Selecting A Zone

    SELECTING A ZONE Method 3 A zone is a group of up to 16 channels. Before Press v to select the previous zone. If you can access a channel in a zone, you must pressed while the first zone is selected, the select the zone in one of three ways: radio will wrap around to the last zone.

  • Page 18: Sending A Call

    Method 2 (if programmed by your dealer [see If your system uses the request-to-talk feature, pages 4 -5]). use the following method to send a call: 1 Press the Home Revert button. Turn your radio on. to select the desired channel. Method 3 (if programmed by your dealer [see pages 4 -5]).

  • Page 19

    Notes English...

  • Page 20: Radio Calls

    RADIO CALLS Press the PTT to send the call. The radio sounds a continuous tone. MAKING A SELECTIVE CALL Press the PTT to talk; release it to listen. You can make a selective call to a particular radio When finished with the call, or group of radios, provided the signaling protocol supports it.

  • Page 21: Sending A Call Alert Page

    ™ SENDING A CALL ALERT PAGE If the Call Alert page is received, You can alert another person by sending a Call you will see A A A A c c c c k k k k n n n n o o o o w w w w l l l l e e e e d d d d g g g g e e e e Alert page.

  • Page 22: Radio Check

    RADIO CHECK Press the PTT. This feature allows you to determine if a radio You will see C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l I I I I n n n n P P P P r r r r o o o o g g g g is in range without disturbing the user of the If the Radio Check is received, radio.

  • Page 23: Sending A Message

    To send an electronic (data) message: to locate the desired status in the preprogrammed list. to enter Menu Mode. – – when using the enhanced keypad microphone only, until M M M M e e e e s s s s s s s s a a a a g g g g e e e e enter the number of the status you wish to to select M M M M e e e e s s s s s s s s a a a a g g g g e e e e...

  • Page 24: Receiving A Message

    RECEIVING A MESSAGE Emergency Alerts have priority over all other calls. When your radio receives a message: The E symbol will appear on the display when • You will hear two alert tones. your radio is in the Emergency Alert state. •...

  • Page 25: Selective Radio Inhibit

    SELECTIVE RADIO INHIBIT Note: Your radio cannot receive any calls while you are editing. Your radio is equipped with a security feature that can temporarily render the unit inoperative To edit a Call List entry: when an inhibit signal is sent from the base to enter Menu Mode.

  • Page 26: Repeater Or Talkaround Mode

    to return to E E E E d d d d i i i i t t t t E E E E n n n n t t t t r r r r y y y y ? ? ? ? until R R R R p p p p t t t t r r r r / / / / T T T T a a a a l l l l k k k k a a a a r r r r n n n n d d d d –...

  • Page 27: Name And Call/message Tone Tagging

    To tag a specific user’s name or message: until U U U U t t t t i i i i l l l l i i i i t t t t i i i i e e e e s s s s to enter Menu Mode.

  • Page 28

    to return to to confirm the selection. N N N N a a a a m m m m e e e e T T T T o o o o n n n n e e e e T T T T a a a a g g g g C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l T T T T o o o o n n n n e e e e T T T T a a a a g g g g You will see M M M M s s s s g g g g T T T T o o o o n n n n e e e e T T T T a a a a g g g g...

  • Page 29

    Notes English...

  • Page 30: Scan

    You can start or stop a scan operation either SCAN pressing the preprogrammed Scan button (see Your radio can monitor multiple channels in a page 4) to start or stop scanning; scan list. Your dealer can program up to 16 –or–...

  • Page 31: Talkback

    TALKBACK Restoring a Channel to the Scan List To restore a previously deleted channel to the The Talkback feature allows you to respond to a scan list, restart the scan operation or turn your transmission while scanning. If a transmission on radio off and on again.

  • Page 32: Adding Or Deleting Channels In A Scan List

    Adding or Deleting Channels in a Scan List 10 If you added a channel, To add or delete channels in a scan list: you will see E E E E n n n n t t t t r r r r y y y y S S S S a a a a v v v v e e e e d d d d –...

  • Page 33: Prioritizing A Channel In A Scan List

    Prioritizing a Channel in a Scan List Setting Priority Channels You may want to check the activity on one or Note: You cannot reprioritize a Priority 1 two channels more frequently than others. You channel to Priority 2. can do this by assigning them priority: to enter Menu Mode.

  • Page 34

    to prioritize that channel. to return to E E E E d d d d i i i i t t t t P P P P r r r r i i i i o o o o r r r r i i i i t t t t y y y y ? ? ? ? –...

  • Page 35

    Notes English...

  • Page 36: Phone

    PHONE ) to select P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e You will hear a series of tones indicating that If your radio has access to a telephone system, an access code is being sent automatically.

  • Page 37: Modifying The Phone List

    MODIFYING THE PHONE LIST K Note: To redial the last number dialed (if not using Speed Dial), do not choose a You can modify a phone list in one of the number. Proceed to step 7. following ways: Alternatively, if you entered your •...

  • Page 38: Deleting An Entry

    y or z until A A A A d d d d d d d d E E E E n n n n t t t t r r r r y y y y ? ? ? ? to return to A A A A d d d d d d d d E E E E n n n n t t t t r r r r y y y y ? ? ? ? –or–...

  • Page 39: Editing An Entry

    to select the entry. y or z until you see the entry you want to edit. D D D D e e e e l l l l e e e e t t t t e e e e ? ? ? ? You will see again to confirm the deletion.

  • Page 40: Editing An Access/deaccess Code (when Using The Enhanced Keypad Microphone Only)

    Editing an Access/Deaccess Code (when to edit another code. using the enhanced keypad microphone – or– only) Hold down to exit Menu Mode. To edit an access/deaccess code: ) to enter Menu Mode. y or z until P P P P r r r r o o o o g g g g r r r r a a a a m m m m L L L L i i i i s s s s t t t t s s s s ) to select P P P P r r r r o o o o g g g g r r r r a a a a m m m m L L L L i i i i s s s s t t t t s s s s y or z until...

  • Page 41

    Notes English...

  • Page 42: Audio/tone Settings

    AUDIO/TONE SETTINGS 5 ) to select the feature. You will see the feature’s current setting. You can customize the audio and tone feature 6 y or z for available settings. (Refer to the settings on your radio. table below.) 1 ) to enter Menu Mode. to select the desired setting.

  • Page 43

    Audio/Tone Settings Feature What it Does Settings Assigns a specific tone to all calls from a specific user Name Tone Tag Standard (see page 22 for details). Alert #1 – #7 Assigns a specific tone when receiving a specific type of Call Tone Tag Standard radio call (see page 23 for details).

  • Page 44: Utilities

    UTILITIES y or z until you see the feature you want to change (see table below). You can customize some of your radio’s ) to select the feature. You will see the features by: feature’s current setting. ) to enter Menu Mode. y or z for available settings.

  • Page 45

    Utilities Features Feature What it Does Settings Allows you to select the language displayed on the display. Language English Selection Spanish Portuguese French Activates/deactivates the option board installed in your radio. Option Opt Board On board Opt Board Off Displays the radio’s software version number. Software ——...

  • Page 46: Setting The Time

    SETTING THE TIME When a setting (e.g., “hour”) is blinking, you can change it with y or z. To set the time: ) to enter Menu Mode. Hour 3:05 PM (AM or PM) y or z until U U U U t t t t i i i i l l l l i i i i t t t t i i i i e e e e s s s s Minutes (AM/PM or 24 hr) ) to select...

  • Page 47: Displaying The Time

    DISPLAYING THE TIME SELECTING THE DISPLAY LANGUAGE To display the time: To select the display language: 1 ) to enter Menu Mode. 1 ) to enter Menu Mode. 2 y or z until U U U U t t t t i i i i l l l l i i i i t t t t i i i i e e e e s s s s 2 y or z until U U U U t t t t i i i i l l l l i i i i t t t t i i i i e e e e s s s s 3 ) to select...

  • Page 48: Safety And Warranty

    National and International Standards 2 1995 E Electromagnetic Fields High and Guidelines Frequency (10kHz to 300GHz) Your Motorola Two-Way Radio, which generates and radiates radio frequency (RF) Proceedings Safety Considerations for electromagnetic energy (EME), is designed to of SC211/8 Human Exposure to E.M.F.s...

  • Page 49: Electromagnetic Interference/compatibility

    ELECTROMAGNETIC OPERATIONAL WARNINGS INTERFERENCE/COMPATIBILITY W A R N I N G Note: Nearly every electronic device is Vehicles with an Air Bag susceptible to electromagnetic Do not place a radio in the area over an air bag interference (EMI) if inadequately or in the air bag deployment area.

  • Page 50: Blasting Caps And Blasting Areas

    Blasting Caps and Blasting Areas Mobile Radio Operation and EME Exposure To avoid possible interference with blasting To assure optimal radio performance and that operations, turn off your radio when you are human exposure to radio frequency near electrical blasting caps, in a blasting area, electromagnetic energy is within the guidelines or in areas posted: “Turn off two-way radio.”...

  • Page 51: Mobile Antenna Installation

    Product Accessories One (1) Year Motorola, at its option, will at no charge either Note: Refer to Table 1 on page 45 for rated repair the Product (with new or reconditioned power and minimum distant values for parts), replace it (with a new or reconditioned transmitting antennas.

  • Page 52

    MOTOROLA BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES IN for any ancillary equipment not furnished by EXCESS OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE MOTOROLA which is attached to or used in PRODUCT, FOR ANY LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF connection with the Product, or for operation of...

  • Page 53

    Product to verify any warranty service location. Warranty service will be claim. provided by Motorola through one of its Product which has had the serial number authorized warranty service locations. If you first removed or made illegible.

  • Page 54

    PATENT AND SOFTWARE PROVISIONS: over the lifetime of the Product or parts as established by MOTOROLA. MOTOROLA will defend, at its own expense, any MOTOROLA will have no liability with respect to suit brought against the end user purchaser to the...

  • Page 55

    MOTOROLA patent rights or copyrights. VI. GOVERNING LAW: This Warranty is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois, USA. English...

  • Page 56: Accessories

    HLN8097‘ Removable Slide Mount Many of the available accessories are listed RLN4779 Key Lock Mount below. For a complete list, see your Motorola RLN4782 DIN Mounting Kit (in dash) dealer. RKN4077 Remote Mount Cable - 3 m...

  • Page 57: Antennas

    ANTENNAS CONTROL STATION HAD4006A VHF 136-144 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof Mount GPN6145 Desktop Power Supply 1-25W (EMC) HAD4007A VHF 146-150.8 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof HPN4002 Desktop Power Supply 1-25W Mount GPN6149 Desktop Power Supply 25-45W (EMC) HAD4008A VHF 150.8-162 MHz, 1/4 Wave Roof HPN4001 Desktop Power Supply 25-45W Mount...

  • Page 58

    1. Turn radio on and select appropriate zone and channel. ™ 2. Press PTT, hold the microphone 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) from your mouth, PRO7100 Quick Reference Card and speak clearly into it. 3. Release PTT to listen.

  • Page 59

    Menu Navigation Chart (Refer to Menu Navigation guidelines— lower, left-hand corner of this page) System Radio Rptr/ Audio/ Program Phone Zone Utilities Message Message Status Scan Call Talkarnd Tones Lists (p. 31) (p. 12) (p. 39) (p. 25) (p. 15) (p.

  • Page 60

    A, Motorola, Radios Profesionales, Serie PRO, PRO7100, Tan Dedicado Como Lo Es Usted, y Call Alert son marcas de Motorola, Inc. © 1999 Motorola, Inc. Todos los derechos reservados. Impreso en los EE.UU. A, Motorola, R‡dios Profissionais, SŽrie PRO, PRO7100, T‹o Dedicado Quanto ƒ...

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