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Philips PFL4208D User Manual

Smart led tv with wi-fi.
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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at PFL4208D PFL4208S EN User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents   Important Connection issues       Network issues Safety   Contact Philips   Care   Specifications     Legal   Sustainability   Power and reception       Help and support Display and sound Display resolutions   Use your TV  ...
  • Page 3: Important

     When wall mounting the TV, use only a Contact Philips Consumer Care to have wall mount that can support the weight the TV checked before use. of the TV. Secure the wall mount to a ...
  • Page 4: Care

     Never place the TV on tall furniture, such as a bookcase, without anchoring Care both the furniture and TV to the wall or a suitable support.  Educate children about the dangers of Screen climbing on furniture to reach the TV. ...
  • Page 5: Legal

    TV. To secure problems as a result of the content in this the TV, purchase a Kensington anti-theft lock document. Errors reported to Philips will be (sold separately). adapted and published on the Philips support website as soon as possible.
  • Page 6: Open Source

    Open source This product contains software licensed Kensington and Micro Saver are registered under an open source license. For US trademarks of ACCO World acknowledgments and license texts, please Corporation with issued registrations and refer to the electronic in-product user pending applications in other countries manual.
  • Page 7: Sustainability

    PlayReady Final Products  Switch off inactive devices: Switch off connected EasyLink HDMI-CEC Content owners use Microsoft PlayReady ™ (Consumer Electronic Control) content access technology to protect their compliant devices that are inactive. intellectual property, including copyrighted While you watch TV, press the Green content.
  • Page 8: Help And Support

    To exit from the [Help] menu, press . Visit Philips website If you can't find what you need in the onscreen [Help], visit the Philips support website at At the Philips support website, you can also:  Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ...
  • Page 9: Use Your Tv

    1. Standby indicator LED and remote 2 Use your TV control sensor The standby LED indicates when your TV is in standby. Point the remote control at the TV controls sensor. Make sure that the line of sight between the remote control and the TV is not blocked.
  • Page 10 3. Select an onscreen button, then press OK. (Back): Return to the previous menu Smartphone control page or exit from a TV function. With the smartphone application 'Philips 15. CH +/-: Switch channels. MyRemote', you can use your smartphone 16. +/- (Volume): Adjust volume.
  • Page 11: Watch Tv

    Automatic switch off Watch TV You can save energy with this TV's energy efficiency settings, which are enabled by default. If there is no user interaction (such Switch TV on or off as pressing a remote control button or a control on the TV) for four hours, the TV will automatically switch to standby.
  • Page 12  Switch TV channels Switch between antenna and cable channels.  Rename channels.  Reorder channels.  Lock a channel.  Listen to digital radio. Filter channels LIST. 1. While you watch TV, press OPTIONS, then select [Filter]. 2. Press 3.
  • Page 13 Select a device from the Home menu Reorder channels 1. Press . After the channels are installed, you can 2. Select [Source], then press OK. reorder the channel list. 3. Select the device, then press OK. 1. While you watch TV, press LIST.
  • Page 14: View Program Guide

    Change picture format View program guide You can change the picture format to suit the video source. What you can do FORMAT. 1. Press 2. Select a picture format, then press OK. NonPublish You can view channel schedules and The available picture formats depend on the program synopses for digital TV channels video source: using program guides provided by the...
  • Page 15: Play Multimedia Files

    TV to your home Note: If you are viewing the program guide network. for the first time, follow the onscreen  For wireless networks: A Philips instructions to update the guide. wireless USB adapter PTA127 Customize Internet program guide ...
  • Page 16 Note: Browse USB device If the apparatus does not return to DLNA 1. Connect the USB device to the USB mode due to external electrical disturbances connector on the TV. (e.g. electrostatic discharge), user SOURCE, select [USB], and 2. Press intervention is required.
  • Page 17  [Media server]: When you play content View photos from a media server, you can select 1. Select in the top bar. another media server. 2. Select a photo thumbnail, then press OK.  [Shuffle on] / [Shuffle off]: Enable or Start a slideshow disable random play of video files.
  • Page 18: Smart Tv

    2. Select [Browse USB], then press OK. 2. On your TV, configure Smart TV. OPTIONS, select [DivX(R) 3. Press 3. Optional: On your PC, register with Philips VOD], and then press OK. to enjoy exclusive benefits and receive 4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Page 19 Note: The first time you start Smart TV, a Scroll pages prompt asks if you want to enable parental Press the Navigation buttons control to lock adult apps. If you lock an scroll up and down on a web page. adult app, advertisements and web pages Reload page that are not adapted for Smart TV remain...
  • Page 20: Interactive Tv

     Pay for a video-on-demand (VOD) Access a video store program 1. Press SMART TV.  Vote 2. Access the [App Gallery] to search for  Chat available video store apps in your country. 3. Select a store, then press OK to confirm. What you need The icon of the video store is added to the To enjoy this service, you need:...
  • Page 21: Use More Of Your Tv

    3 Use more of  The USB hard drive is formatted exclusively for this TV. Keep it your TV permanently connected to the TV. You cannot access the contents of the USB hard drive from another TV or PC.  Do not overload the USB port.
  • Page 22: Record Tv Shows

    Pause a live TV broadcast Record TV shows What you can do If your TV can receive program guides, you can record TV programs onto a USB hard drive. You can record both current TV programs as well as future TV programs. Note: ...
  • Page 23: Start Recording

     Start recording Do not overload the USB port. If you connect a USB hard drive device that consumes more than 500mA power, make sure that it is connected to its own external power supply. Note:  Make sure that the TV and the USB hard drive are switched off.
  • Page 24 Schedule a TV program recording Watch recordings You can schedule a recording of an upcoming program that will be broadcast 1. Press . today or up to eight days later. You can also 2. Select [Recordings], then press OK. schedule a timed recording that is not linked A list of recordings is displayed.
  • Page 25: Use Skype

    3. When prompted, add information about need to install or download any files for your name, Skype name, password and email using Skype. Simply connect a Philips address. TV video camera to use Skype. 4. Once complete, select [Create an account] and press OK.
  • Page 26 Contact info Manage contacts To view the details of a contact, select a You can add and view contacts that are contact. The contact details are displayed on online or offline. You can also block or the right of the TV screen. unblock a selected contact.
  • Page 27 Full screen view 1. In the Skype menu, select [Call phones], and then press OK. If your contact has a camera connected and 2. Select [Dial pad] to access the onscreen accepts the call, you can see the person on your TV, in full screen.
  • Page 28: Play Games

    Play games Manage voicemails If someone calls you on Skype and you are What you can do offline, they can leave a voice message in your Skype voicemail. On this TV, you can play regular games in Before you can receive voicemail, you need full-screen with optimized picture settings for to activate voicemail in your Skype account games.
  • Page 29: View Teletext

    Teletext language View Teletext For digital TV channels where the broadcasters provide different teletext Select a page languages, you can select your preferred primary and secondary language. While you watch channels that broadcast teletext, you can view the teletext. 1. Press . 2.
  • Page 30: Set Locks And Timers

    Set the clock manually Set locks and timers You can set the date and time manually. Before you start, set the clock mode to [Manual]. Clock 1. In the [Clock] menu, select [Date] or [Time], then press OK. You can display a clock on the TV. The clock 2.
  • Page 31: Child Lock

    Child lock To protect children from unsuitable TV programs, you can lock the TV or block age rated programs. Set or change the child lock code 1. Press . 2. Select [Setup] > [Channel settings] > [Child lock]. 3. Select [Set code] or [Change code]. 4.
  • Page 32: Change Your Tv Settings

    4 Change your TV  - [Digital Crystal Clear]: Fine-tune each pixel to match surrounding pixels settings and produce a brilliant, high-definition image. - [Advanced sharpness]: Enable superior sharpness, especially on lines Picture and sound and contours in the picture - [Dynamic contrast]: Dynamically enhance the details in the dark, medium, and Settings assistant...
  • Page 33 TV  [Bass]: Adjust the bass level of the to a Philips home theater. speaker and headphones. - [Audio out offset]: Adjust the  [Treble]: Adjust the treble level of the setting for audio output delay.
  • Page 34: Channels

    Install analog channels Reset picture and sound You can search and store analog TV You can restore the default picture and channels one by one. sound settings, while the channel installation Step 1: Select your system settings remain the same. Note: Skip this step if your system settings 1.
  • Page 35: Update Channel List

    5. When you have selected the correct ATTENTION: This feature is intended for channel frequency, select [Done], then press dealers and service personnel. You can copy channel lists from one Philips 6. Select an option, then press OK. TV to another through a USB storage ...
  • Page 36: Language Settings

    Step 1: Check the country setting 4. Make sure that the country setting is the 1. Switch on the first TV (with the channels same as the first TV. that you want to copy to the second TV). 5. Press 6.
  • Page 37: Universal Access Settings

    1. While you watch TV, press . Universal access settings 2. Select [Setup] > [Channel settings] > [Languages]. 3. Select [Primary audio language] or Switch on [Secondary audio language] and select from Some digital TV broadcasters provide special the available languages. audio and subtitle features for people who 4.
  • Page 38: Other Settings

    Type of speech Visually impaired access 1. Press . To make sure that a visually impaired audio 2. Select [Setup] > [Channel settings]. OPTIONS, language is available, press 3. Select [Languages] > [Visually impaired] then select [Audio language]. Languages that >...
  • Page 39: Update Software

    If an error occurs during the upgrade, the ZIP file format: for example, retry the upgrade from the beginning. If WinZip® for Microsoft® Windows®, the error reoccurs, contact Philips or StuffIt® for Macintosh®. Consumer Care. Note: Do not use a USB hard drive.
  • Page 40: Reset All

    We  Philips may occasionally push a software strongly recommend that you update the upgrade to your TV over the Internet. software when prompted. Follow the onscreen instructions to Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Page 41: Connect Your Tv

    Other solutions video. For sound, also connect to Audio are possible. For more examples, visit Left/Right.  The Y Pb Pr connection can handle Tip: If your device has only composite or high-definition (HD) TV signals.
  • Page 42: Connect Antenna

    Connect antenna Connect the antenna to the TV. TV ANTENNA Connect devices Blu-ray or DVD disc player Connect the disc player with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI Connect the disc player with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV. AUDIO L/R YPbPr...
  • Page 43 TV receiver Connect the digital TV receiver with an antenna cable to the TV. TV ANTENNA Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI Connect the digital TV receiver with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV.
  • Page 44 Video recorder Connect the recorder with an antenna cable to the TV. TV ANTENNA Connect the recorder with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI Connect the recorder with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV. AUDIO L/R YPbPr...
  • Page 45: Game Console

    Game console Connect the game console with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI Connect the game console with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the AUDIO L/R YPbPr Home theater Connect an HDMI-ARC compliant home theater with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI...
  • Page 46 Connect the home theater with an HDMI cable and a coaxial audio cable to the TV. Digital HDMI Audio Out Connect the home theater with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the AUDIO L/R YPbPr Digital camera Connect the digital camera with a USB cable to the TV.
  • Page 47 Digital camcorder Connect the digital camcorder with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI Connect the digital camcorder with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV. AUDIO L/R YPbPr...
  • Page 48: Connect More Devices

    Connect more devices USB storage device Connect the USB flash drive with a USB cable to the TV. Connect the USB hard drive with a USB cable to the TV. Computer Connect the computer with an HDMI cable to the TV. HDMI...
  • Page 49 Connect the computer with a DVI-HDMI cable and an audio cable to the TV. HDMI AUDIO IN DVI/VGA Video call camera Connect the Philips TV video camera - PTA317 (sold separately) with a USB cable to the TV.
  • Page 50: Watch Connected Devices

    2. Press OPTIONS. compatible with Philips EasyLink. 3. Select [Scan connections], then press OK. 4. Follow the onscreen instructions. After you switch on Philips EasyLink, the following features are available: Change device settings One-touch play Change the device type When you play an HDMI-CEC compliant...
  • Page 51: What You Need

    System audio control Tips: If you connect an HDMI-CEC compliant  To switch back to TV control, press , device that includes speakers through the then select [Watch TV]. HDMI ARC connector, you can choose to  To control another device, press , hear the TV audio from those speakers then select the device from the Home instead of the TV speakers.
  • Page 52 Retain picture quality 3. Select one of the following, then press If your TV picture quality is affected by the  [On]: Hear the TV audio through the picture-processing features of other devices, connected HDMI-ARC compliant you can switch on Pixel Plus Link. device.
  • Page 53: Connect To A Network And The Internet

    Connect Connect to a network and the Internet Internet What you can do View Media Router If you connect the TV to a home network, you can play photos, music and videos from You can connect this TV to your home your computer.
  • Page 54 Start wireless setup read the router manual. 1. Switch on your wireless network router. Set secured connection with WPA 2. Connect the Philips USB adapter PTA127 encryption to a USB connector on the TV. If you have WPA security on your router, The wireless installation starts automatically.
  • Page 55: Network Settings

    Set secured connection with WEP encryption If you have WEP security encryption, the TV asks for the WEP encryption key in hexadecimal numbers. 1. Locate the hexadecimal key in the router software on your PC and make a note of the first key in the WEP keys list.
  • Page 56: Troubleshooting

    TV may updated are also available at the site. Full need to be checked by Philips Consumer instructions on how to upgrade your TV Care. This troubleshooting procedure is not...
  • Page 57: Channel Issues

     Loud speakers, unearthed audio devices, neon lights, high buildings, and Channel issues other large objects can influence reception quality. If possible, try to You want to install TV channels: improve the reception quality by See Change your TV settings > Automatic changing the antenna direction or installation (Page 34) for instructions on moving devices away from the TV.
  • Page 58: Sound Issues

     Sound issues If you use an HDMI-to-DVI adapter or HDMI to DVI cable, make sure that an additional audio cable is connected to There is picture but no sound from the TV: AUDIO L/R or AUDIO IN (mini-jack If no audio signal is detected, the TV only).
  • Page 59: Network Issues

    Smart TV does not work: Check that the router is properly connected If you wish to speak with or email a Philips to the TV, and that your router has open representative, contact the Philips Consumer access to the Internet. If your router has a Care in your country.
  • Page 60: Specifications

    800 x 600 - 60 Hz For power consumption, see the 1024 x 768 - 60 Hz product specifications at 1280 X 720 - 60 Hz 1280 X 768 - 60 Hz The power rating stated on the product...
  • Page 61 Supported audio/video formats Maximum Max. Frame Rate Max. Bit Rate Media File Extensions Container Video codec Audio codec HTML5 YouTube resolution (fps) (Mbps) server HTML MPEG-1 1920x1088 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i MPEG-1 (L1&L2), MPEG-2 1920x1088 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i .mpg MPEG-1,2,2.5 L3, .mpeg MPEG-4 ASP...
  • Page 62 Supported audio/video formats Maximum Max. Frame Rate Max. Bit Rate Media File Extensions Container Video codec Audio codec HTML5 YouTube (fps) (Mbps) server HTML resolution MPEG-2 1920x1088 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i MPEG-1 (L1&L2), MPEG- .asf 1,2,2.5 L3, AAC/HE-AAC MPEG-4 ASP 1920x1088 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i .wmv...
  • Page 63: Connectivity

     Headphones: stereo 3.5mm mini-jack Character encoding  Windows-1250 (CP-1250): Central Europe and Eastern Europe Latin Help version (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian) UMv 420813130301 - 20130118  Windows-1251 (CP-1251): Cyrillic  Windows-1252 (CP-1252): Western Europe Latin ...
  • Page 64: Index

    • 52 connectivity • 63 Auto switch off, devices • 51 connectivity guide • 8 C  connectors • 41 contact Philips • 8 cables • 41 controls • 9 channel list • 12 channel list, copy • 35 D ...
  • Page 65 TV, USB hard drive • 21 home network • 53 PC, display resolutions • 60 home theater, connect • 45 Philips video camera • 49 I  picture format • 14 install channels, automatic • 34 picture settings • 32 Interactive TV •...
  • Page 66 program guide, Internet • 15 Skype, video call • 26 Skype, voice call • 26 R  Skype, voicemails • 28 rear controls • 9 sleep timer • 30 record TV, one-touch • 23 Smart TV • 18 record TV, USB hard drive • 22 Smart TV, apps •...
  • Page 67 TV guide • 14 TV guide, broadcaster • 14 TV guide, Internet • 15 TV receiver, connect • 43 TV speakers, mute • 11 U  universal access, enable • 37 universal access, hearing impaired • 37 universal access, visually impaired • 38 update, source list •...
  • Page 68 All registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Philips and the Philips’ shield emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. and are used under license from Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.

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