Cisco MDS 8/12c User Manual

Cisco mds 8gb fabric switch for hp bladesystem c-class user guide (5697-0339, november 2010)
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Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP
BladeSystem c-Class User Guide
This document provides information about setting up, configuring, and maintaining the Cisco MDS 8Gb
Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class. It is intended for system administrators and technicians with
knowledge of SANs and Cisco switches.
Part number: 5697-0339
First edition: November 2010


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Cisco Cisco MDS 8/12c

  • Page 1 Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class User Guide Abstract This document provides information about setting up, configuring, and maintaining the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class. It is intended for system administrators and technicians with knowledge of SANs and Cisco switches.
  • Page 2 © Copyright 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Overview ............7 Switch features .
  • Page 4 Other HP websites ............. . 30 A Technical Specifications .
  • Page 5 Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class User Guide 5 3 Carton contents 4 Releasing the installation handle 5 Installing the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch into an interconnect bay 6 Installing an SFP 7 Identifying LEDs Tables 1 Optional hardware 2 Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch management features 3 Connecting via a management station...
  • Page 7: Overview

    1 Overview The Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class (referred to hereafter as the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch) is a FC switch that supports link speeds of up to 8 Gb. The Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch can operate in a fabric containing multiple switches or as the only switch in a fabric.
  • Page 8: Component Identification

    Component identification Figure 1 identifies the physical components of the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch. scale: 3/8" = 1" Figure 1 Identifying components External SFP ports (Two Midplane connector populated, six unpopulated Installation handle UID and Health LEDs) Port side of the switch Figure 1 identifies Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch external ports (ports EXT 1 through EXT 4 and ports EXT 5 through EXT 8).
  • Page 9: Switch Licensing

    • Redundant power and cooling • Redundant HP Onboard Administrator (OA) to ensure management access to the switch NOTE: The HP Onboard Administrator is the enclosure management module used to support and manage the HP BladeSystem c-Class and all managed devices used in the enclosure. Switch licensing The Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch integrates one of two license options that complement existing HP product lines:...
  • Page 10 Click the link. Table 1 Optional hardware Option Part number Short range 4Gb FC SFP, 4 pack 500m AE379A Short range 8Gb FC SFP+, 500m AJ906A Long range 8Gb FC SFP+, 10km AJ907A .5 m LC-LC Multi-Mode Fibre Channel Cable AJ833A 1 m LC-LC Multi-Mode Fibre Channel Cable AJ834A...
  • Page 11: Installation

    2 Installation Shipping carton contents The Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class kit shipping carton (Figure 3) contains: • One Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch with two or four SFPs installed. Models include: • One Cisco MDS 8Gb 12-Port Fabric Switch with eight internal and four external active ports and two 8Gb short range SFPs installed •...
  • Page 12: Installing The Switch

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to insert the dust covers that ship with your Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch into any ports where SFPs are not installed, to help contain air flow in the BladeSystem chassis. Installing the switch CAUTION: Properly ground yourself before handling the switch. Do not install multiple switches at the same time with default addresses as this results in an address conflict.
  • Page 13: Oa Power Verification

    Push firmly into the interconnect bay (see Figure E X T E X T E X T E X T E X T C is c o M D S 9 1 2 4 Figure 5 Installing the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch into an interconnect bay Press the installation handle into the latch to lock the switch in place.
  • Page 14 2 Installation...
  • Page 15: Login And Configuration

    3 Login and Configuration Setting the IP address Obtain the following items to set the IP address using a serial connection: • Computer with a terminal application such as HyperTerminal in a Windows environment or TERM in a UNIX environment •...
  • Page 16: Configuring The Switch

    Enter exit. Enter ip default-gateway <default-gw>. Enter exit to exit the configuration mode. The IP address is now reset. Enter show int mgmt 0 to verify your new settings. Configuring the switch The Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch must be configured to ensure correct operation within a network and fabric.
  • Page 17: Verifying Installed Licenses

    • DD is the date; valid values are 01 through 31. • YYYY is the year; valid values are 2000 through 2030. For example: switch# clock set 15:58:09 23 September 2002 For more information about changing time zones, see the clock command in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Fundamentals Configuration Guide.
  • Page 18: Verifying The Configuration

    switch(config-if)# no shutdown Verifying the configuration To verify a switch configuration, enter the following commands: switch# show interface ext1 switch# show module Backing up the configuration To backup a switch configuration, enter the following command: switch# copy running-config startup-config Recovering the admin password You may need to recover the admin password on the switch if the user does not have another user account on the switch with network-admin privileges.
  • Page 19 switch# config t switch(config)# snmp-server user admin auth md5 <new password> switch(config)# exit switch(config)# copy run start For more instructions, see the Cisco MDS 9000 Family Fabric Manager Fundamentals Configuration Guide and the Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Fundamentals Configuration Guide. Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class User Guide...
  • Page 20 3 Login and Configuration...
  • Page 21: Managing The Switch

    4 Managing the Switch Use the management tools built into the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch (see Table 2) to monitor the fabric topology, port status, physical status, and other information used for performance analysis and system debugging. When running IP over FC, these management tools must run on both the Fibre Channel host and the switch and must be supported by the Fibre Channel host driver.
  • Page 22: Replacing The Switch

    Grasp the bail, and gently but firmly pull the transceiver out of the port. Repeat this procedure for the remaining ports as required. To install a replacement SFP: Make sure that the bail is in the unlocked position. Orient the SFP with the appropriate port (Figure C is Figure 6...
  • Page 23: Powering On And Off

    If you want all ports to be shut when restoring the switch configuration, edit the last backed up switch configuration file and change all the interface ports to shutdown. For example: switch# interface bay1 switch# port-license acquire switch# no shutdown <- change to shutdown Save the switch configuration file after making your edits.
  • Page 24: Boot Tasks

    Review the switch system log for errors. Any errors detected during POST are written to the system log, accessible through the show logging logfile command. For information about all referenced commands and accessing the error log and error messages, see the Cisco NX-OS System Messages Reference.
  • Page 25: Led Patterns

    LED patterns Table 4 summarizes LED color and meaning. Table 4 Port link status LED patterns LED color Status of Hardware Solid green Link is up. Steady flashing green Link is up (beacon used to identify port). Flashing green Link is up (traffic on port). Solid amber Link is disabled by software.
  • Page 26 4 Managing the Switch...
  • Page 27: Support And Other Resources

    5 Support and Other Resources Intended audience This guide is intended for system administrators and technicians with knowledge of: • Configuration aspects of customer SAN fabric • Customer host environment, such as Microsoft Windows or Linux • CLI commands • Cisco Fabric Manager GUI for configuring the switches through a supported web browser Document conventions and symbols Table 5...
  • Page 28: Contacting Hp Technical Support

    Contacting HP Technical Support Be sure to have the following information available before you call HP: • Technical support registration number (if applicable) • Product serial number • Product model name and number • Applicable error messages • Third-party hardware or software •...
  • Page 29: Downloading Cisco Nx-Os Software

    Downloading Cisco NX-OS Software Customers with a software support agreement can download the most current Cisco NX-OS software, view support entitlements, and manage release notification profiles from the HP SUM website These features are part of the support agreement available on the HP ITRC website
  • Page 30: Other Hp Websites

    Other HP websites For additional information, see the following HP websites: 5 Support and Other Resources...
  • Page 31: A Technical Specifications

    A Technical Specifications General specifications Table 6 lists general specifications for the Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch. Table 6 General specifications Specification Description Configurable port types F_Port, FL_Port, and E_Port Media types Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) laser. 8/4/2Gb short wave up to 500 m (1,640 ft.) and 8/4/2Gb long wave up-to 10 km EMC emissions An operating SAN Switch conforms to the emissions requirements...
  • Page 32: Weight And Physical Dimensions

    Weight and physical dimensions Table 7 lists physical properties. Table 7 Physical dimensions Dimension Measurement Height 29.3 mm (1.15 in) Width 208 mm (8.19 in) Depth 280 mm (1 1.02 in) Weight 1.27 kg (2.8 lb) Environmental requirements To ensure proper operation, the switch must not be subjected to environmental conditions beyond those for which it was tested.
  • Page 33: B Regulatory Compliance And Safety

    The end user of this product should be aware that any changes or modifications made to this equipment without the approval of Hewlett-Packard could result in the product not meeting the Class A limits, in which case the FCC could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 34: Laser Device

    Laser device All HP systems equipped with a laser device comply with safety standards, including International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 825. With specific regard to the laser, the equipment complies with laser product performance standards set by government agencies as a Class 1 laser product. The product does not emit hazardous light.
  • Page 35: Bsmi Notice

    • EN55024 (IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, • IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-4-8, IEC61000-4- 1 1) – Electromagnetic Immunity • EN61000-3-2 (IEC61000-3-2) — Power Line Harmonics • EN61000-3-3 (IEC61000-3-3) — Power Line Flicker • EN60950 (IEC60950) — Product Safety • Also approved under UL 60950/CSA C22.2 No. 60950–00, Safety of Information Technology Equipment.
  • Page 36: Safety

    Safety Battery replacement notice Replacement is to be done by an HP authorized service provider using the HP spare part designated for this product. For more information about battery replacement or proper disposal, contact an HP authorized service provider. WARNING! The switch contains an internal lithium manganese dioxide, a vanadium pentoxide, or an alkaline battery pack.
  • Page 37: Grounding Methods

    To prevent electrostatic damage, observe the following precautions: • Avoid hand contact by transporting and storing products in static-safe containers. • Keep electrostatic-sensitive parts in their containers until they arrive at static-free workstations. • Place parts on a grounded surface before removing them from their containers. •...
  • Page 38: Dutch Notice

    Dutch notice Verwijdering van afgedankte apparatuur door privé-gebruikers in de Europese Unie Dit symbool op het product of de verpakking geeft aan dat dit product niet mag worden gedeponeerd bij het normale huishoudelijke afval. U bent zelf verantwoordelijk voor het inleveren van uw afgedankte apparatuur bij een inzamelingspunt voor het recyclen van oude elektrische en elektronische apparatuur.
  • Page 39: Finnish Notice

    Finnish notice Laitteiden hävittäminen kotitalouksissa Euroopan unionin alueella Jos tuotteessa tai sen pakkauksessa on tämä merkki, tuotetta ei saa hävittää kotitalousjätteiden mukana. Tällöin hävitettävä laite on toimitettava sähkölaitteiden ja elektronisten laitteiden kierrätyspisteeseen. Hävitettävien laitteiden erillinen käsittely ja kierrätys auttavat säästämään luonnonvaroja ja varmistamaan, että laite kierrätetään tavalla, joka estää...
  • Page 40: Greek Notice

    Greek notice Hungarian notice Készülékek magánháztartásban történ selejtezése az Európai Unió területén A készüléken, illetve a készülék csomagolásán látható azonos szimbólum annak jelzésére szolgál, hogy a készülék a selejtezés során az egyéb háztartási hulladéktól eltér módon kezelend . A vásárló a hulladékká vált készüléket köteles a kijelölt gy jt helyre szállítani az elektromos és elektronikai készülékek újrahasznosítása céljából.
  • Page 41: Latvian Notice

    Latvian notice Nolietotu iek rtu izn cin šanas noteikumi lietot jiem Eiropas Savien bas priv taj s m jsaimniec b s Š ds simbols uz izstr d juma vai uz t iesai ojuma nor da, ka šo izstr d jumu nedr kst izmest kop ar citiem sadz ves atkritumiem. J s atbildat par to, lai nolietot s iek rtas tiktu nodotas speci li iek rtotos punktos, kas paredz ti izmantoto elektrisko un elektronisko iek rtu sav kšanai otrreiz jai p rstr dei.
  • Page 42: Portuguese Notice

    Portuguese notice Descarte de Lixo Elétrico na Comunidade Européia Este símbolo encontrado no produto ou na embalagem indica que o produto não deve ser descartado no lixo doméstico comum. É responsabilidade do cliente descartar o material usado (lixo elétrico), encaminhando-o para um ponto de coleta para reciclagem.
  • Page 43: Spanish Notice

    Spanish notice Eliminación de residuos de equipos eléctricos y electrónicos por parte de usuarios particulares en la Unión Europea Este símbolo en el producto o en su envase indica que no debe eliminarse junto con los desperdicios generales de la casa. Es responsabilidad del usuario eliminar los residuos de este tipo depositándolos en un "punto limpio"...
  • Page 44 B Regulatory Compliance and Safety...
  • Page 45: Glossary

    Glossary This glossary defines terms used in this guide or related to this product. It is not a comprehensive glossary of computer terms. AL_PA Arbitrated loop physical address. A unique 8-bit value assigned during loop initialization to a port in an arbitrated loop. See also non-participating mode.
  • Page 46 E_Port Expansion port. A type of switch port that can be connected to an E_Port on another switch to create an ISL. See also U_Port. End-to-end credit. The number of receive buffers allocated by a recipient port to an EE_Credit originating port.
  • Page 47 G_Port Generic port. A port that can operate as an E_Port or F_Port. A port is defined as a G_Port when it is not yet connected or has not yet assumed a specific function in the fabric. See also E_Port, F_Port, U_Port. hard address The AL_PA that an NL_Port attempts to acquire during loop initialization.
  • Page 48 Management Information Base. An SNMP structure to help with device management, providing configuration and device information. See also SNMP. The transmission of data from a single source to multiple specified N_Ports (as multicast opposed to all ports on the network). N_Port Node port.
  • Page 49 RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks. A collection of disk drives that appear as a single volume to the server and are fault tolerant through mirroring or parity checking. The rate at which requests arrive at a servicing entity. request rate route With respect to a fabric, the communication path between two switches.
  • Page 50 transmission word A group of transmission characters. trap (SNMP) The message sent by an SNMP agent to inform the SNMP management station of a critical error. See also SNMP. U_Port Universal port. A switch port that can operate as a G_Port, E_Port, F_Port, or FL_Port. A port is defined as a U_Port when it is not connected or has not yet assumed a specific function in the fabric.
  • Page 51: Index

    Index port channel ports admin password external recovery internal switch, port side types boot specifications POST specifications powering off and on command line interface conventions SFPs document replacing text symbols supported SFPs, supported shipping carton contents document SNMP conventions specifications environmental supported HBAs supported SFPs...
  • Page 52 Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class User Guide...

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