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Installation; Mount The Woofer - Philips CSP550 User Manual

Car stereo speakers
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3 Installation

A depth of at least 52mm is required to mount
the woofer and a depth of at least 19mm is
required to mount the tweeter. Measure the
depth of the area where you are to mount
the woofer/tweeter, and ensure that the
woofer/tweeter does not obstruct any other
components of the car.
Make sure that nothing obstructs around the
mounting location of the door.
A hole for mounting may already be cut out of
the inner panel of the door (front or rear). In
this case, you need to modify the board only.
Ensure that the speaker terminals, frame or
magnet do not interfere with any inner parts,
such as the window mechanism in the door
(when you open or close the window), etc.
Also ensure that the speaker grille does not
touch any inner fittings, such as the window
cranks, door handles, arm rests etc.

Mount the woofer

Option 1: Mount on door
(front or rear)
You can mount the woofers on the front/
rear door of your car.
Turn off the car ignition key.
If the power is on, the click noise
generated by the connection may
damage the speakers.
Cut out the mounting template from the
packing box and paste it on the location
selected for mounting the woofer.
Mark the cut-off hole and the 4 bolt holes.
Cut out the marked area and drill the
bolt holes.
Remove the grille net.
Connect the woofers to the network
or car audio (see "Connect the woofer/
tweeter to the network" section).



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