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Siemens GS24NV23GB Instructions For Use Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Siemens GS24NV23GB

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    en Index Information concerning disposal ..Freezing fresh food ....Safety and warning information ..Freezing food .
  • Page 3: Information Concerning Disposal

    Information concerning Safety and warning disposal information Before you switch ON the x Disposal of packaging appliance Technical safety x Disposal of your old appliance If damage has occurred Warning...
  • Page 4: Important Information When Using The Appliance

    Important information when using the appliance Risk of explosion! Risk of low temperature burns! Risk of low temperature burns! Risk of electric shock! Children in the household Explosion hazard! General requirements...
  • Page 5: Connecting The Appliance

  • Page 6: Fascia

    Note ambient Fascia temperature and Fig. 2 ventilation On/Off button Switches the whole appliance on and The climatic class can be found on the off. rating plate. It specifies the ambient temperatures at which the appliance may Temperature selection button be operated.
  • Page 7: Switching On The Appliance

    Switching on Selecting the appliance the temperature Fig. 2 Fig. 2 Operating tips Warning signal Door warning signal Temperature warning Alarm Temperature Explanation button display illuminates flashes Temperature warning: Frozen food is not at risk of thawing. flashes flashes Thaw warning: Frozen food is at risk of thawing.
  • Page 8: Usable Capacity

    Alarm Temperature Explanation Usable capacity button display flashes illuminates Thaw warning: Information on the usable capacity can be found inside your appliance on the rating At some time the plate. freezer compartment was too warm. Fully utilising the freezer Frozen food is at risk of thawing.
  • Page 9: Freezer Compartment

    Freezing fresh food Freezer compartment Freezing food yourself Use the freezer compartment If you are freezing food yourself, use only fresh, undamaged food. S For storing frozen food The following foods are suitable for S Making ice cubes freezing: S For freezing food Meat and sausage products, poultry and game, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruit, cakes Ensure that the freezer compartment...
  • Page 10: Freezing Food

    Shelf life of frozen food Freezing food Max. freezer capacity Super freezing How to wrap food correctly: The following products are suitable for wrapping food: Switching on and off The following products are not Fig. 2 suitable for wrapping food: The following products are suitable for sealing the wrapped food:...
  • Page 11: Features Of The Freezer Compartment

    Fig. 8/B Features of the freezer 1. Remove the ice cube tray, fill ¾ full of water and re insert. compartment 2. When the ice cubes are frozen, (not all models) rotate the knobs on the ice cube trays several times to the right and release. The ice cubes loosen and fall into the Large freezer drawer storage container.
  • Page 12: Switching Off The Appliance

    Switching off the Cleaning the appliance appliance Attention! Fig. 2/1 Fig. 2/3 Disconnecting the appliance Proceed as follows: Defrosting Freezer compartment...
  • Page 13: Tips For Saving Energy

    Tips for saving energy Operating noises S Install the appliance in a cool, well Normal noises ventilated room, but not in direct sunlight and not near a heat source Humming - refrigerating unit is running. (radiator, cooker, etc.). Otherwise, Bubbling, gurgling or whirring noises - use an insulating plate.
  • Page 14: Eliminating Minor Faults Yourself

    Eliminating minor faults yourself Before you call customer service, please check whether you can eliminate the fault by yourself based on the following information. A technician who is called out for consultation purposes will charge the customer, even if the appliance is still under guarantee. Fault Possible cause Remedial action...
  • Page 15: Customer Service

    Fault Possible cause Remedial action Alarm display, Fault the freezer compartment To stop the flashing display and the warning Fig. 2/4 flashes, is too warm! signal, press the Alarm button 4. acoustic warning Frozen food is at risk! signal sounds. S Freezer compartment door is Close the door.
  • Page 17 2 - 6 4 - 8 6 - 1 2...
  • Page 19 Siemens Info Line 01805 2223* siemens info Siemens Electrogeräte GmbH Carl Wery Str. 34, 81739 München www.siemens 9000 534 984 (9002)

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