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   Summary of Contents for Siemens GS..N SERIES

  • Page 1 Freezer GS..N.. User manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    en Table of Contents Safety and warning information .... 3 Freezing fresh food ......12 Information concerning disposal ..5 Super freezing ........13 Scope of delivery ........6 Thawing frozen food ......13 Installation location ......... 6 Interior fittings ........13 Ambient temperature and ventilation ..
  • Page 3: Safety And Warning Information

    switch off the appliance and enTable of Contentse n I n s t r u c t i o n f o r U s e ■ Safety and warning pull out the mains plug, information inform customer service. ■ The more refrigerant an Before you switch ON the appliance contains, the larger...
  • Page 4 Keep plastic parts and the Important information when ■ door seal free of oil and using the appliance grease. Otherwise, parts and Never use electrical ■ door seal will become appliances inside the porous. appliance (e.g. heater, electric Never cover or block the ice maker, etc.).
  • Page 5: Information Concerning Disposal

    Do not store bottled or General regulations ■ canned drinks (especially The appliance is suitable carbonated drinks) in the for freezing food, freezer compartment. Bottles ■ and cans may burst! for making ice. ■ Never put frozen food straight This appliance is intended for ■...
  • Page 6: Scope Of Delivery

    * Disposal of your old Scope of delivery appliance Old appliances are not worthless After unpacking all parts, check for any rubbish! Valuable raw materials can be damage in transit. reclaimed by recycling old appliances. If you have any complaints, please This appliance is labelled in contact the dealer from whom you accordance with European...
  • Page 7: Ambient Temperature And Ventilation

    Distance from wall Ambient temperature Fig. # and ventilation A gap is not required between the appliance and side wall. The containers and shelves are still fully extendable. Ambient temperature The appliance is designed for a specific Reversing the door climate class.
  • Page 8: Connecting The Appliance

    Connecting Getting to know your the appliance appliance After installing the appliance, wait at least 1 hour until the appliance is switched on. During transportation the oil in the compressor may have flowed into the refrigeration system. Before switching on the appliance for the first time, clean the interior of the appliance (see chapter “Cleaning the appliance”).
  • Page 9: Switching The Appliance On

    Controls Operating tips Fig. " After the appliance has been switched ■ on, it may take several hours until On/Off button the set temperature has been Serves to switch the whole reached. Do not put any food appliance on and off. in the appliance beforehand.
  • Page 10: Alarm Functions

    Alarm functions Usable capacity Fig. " Information on the usable capacity can be found inside your appliance on the rating plate. Fig. , Door alarm The door alarm (continuous sound) Fully utilising the freezer switches on if the appliance door is open volume for longer than one minute.
  • Page 11: Freezer Compartment

    Freezer compartment Freezing and storing food Use the freezer compartment Purchasing frozen food To store deep-frozen food. ■ To make ice cubes. ■ Packaging must not be damaged. ■ To freeze food. ■ Use by the “use by” date. ■ Temperature in the supermarket Note ■...
  • Page 12: Freezing Fresh Food

    Packing frozen food Freezing fresh food To prevent food from losing its flavour or drying out, place in airtight containers. Freeze fresh and undamaged food only. 1. Place food in packaging. To retain the best possible nutritional 2. Remove air. value, flavour and colour, vegetables should be blanched before freezing.
  • Page 13: Super Freezing

    Caution Super freezing Do not refreeze thawing or thawed food. Only ready meals (boiled or fried) may Food should be frozen solid as quickly be refrozen. as possible in order to retain vitamins, nutritional value, appearance and flavour. No longer store the frozen produce for the max.
  • Page 14: Switching Off And Disconnecting The Appliance

    Freezer calendar Switching off and Fig. )/A disconnecting the To prevent the quality of the frozen food from deteriorating, do not exceed the appliance storage duration. The storage period depends on the type of produce. The Turn off appliance figures next to the symbols indicate the permitted storage period of the produce Fig.
  • Page 15: Cleaning The Appliance

    Interior fittings Cleaning the appliance All variable parts of the appliance can be taken out for cleaning (see chapter Interior fittings). Caution Cleaning the ice maker Do not use abrasive, chloride or acidic ■ Clean the ice maker regularly. This will cleaning agents or solvents.
  • Page 16: Operating Noises

    To avoid increased power Bubbling, humming or gurgling noises ■ Refrigerant is flowing through the tubing. consumption, occasionally clean the back of the appliance. Clicking Motor, switches or solenoid valves are If available: ■ switching on/off. Fit wall spacers to obtain the indicated energy rating of the appliance (see Cracking Installation instructions).
  • Page 17 Fault Possible cause Remedial action Displays do not illuminate. Power failure; the fuse has Connect mains plug. Check whether the power been switched off; the mains is on, check the fuses. plug has not been inserted properly. Freezer compartment door The evaporator (refrigeration To defrost the evaporator, remove the frozen was open for a long time;...
  • Page 18: Appliance Self-test

    Appliance self-test Customer service Your appliance features an automatic Your local customer service self-test program which shows you can be found in the telephone directory sources of faults which may be repaired or in the customer-service index. Please by customer service only. provide customer service with the appliance product number (E-Nr.) and production number (FD).
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  • Page 22 9000703436 (9411)

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