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Installation - Pioneer DVR-A05 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd-r/rw cd-r/rw writer
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1 Turn off the power of the personal computer and remove the power cord from the
AC outlet, then remove the cover or the front panel.
2 Remove the blank panel installed on the front of the 5.25 inch slot.
3 Install the fixing slide rails on the drive. (When slide rails are required, please contact
your shop or the computer manufacturer.)
4 Insert the drive into the slot.
5 When fixing is required, please refer to the instruction manual for the computer.
÷ Please use screws with a length of 5 mm (3/16 in.) or less for mounting. Using
longer screws may cause damage on the drive.
÷ When the mounting screws are loose etc., the vibrations from disc rotation may
generate ripping noise, to prevent it the screws should be tightened securely.


Table of Contents