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Bosch UFLED Installation Manual

Aegis ufled.
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Installation Manual


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   Summary of Contents for Bosch UFLED

  • Page 1

    AEGIS UFLED UFLED Installation Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    AEGIS UFLED Table of Contents | en Table of Contents Safety Safety precautions Important safety instructions Important notices Notifications Certifications FCC & ICES compliance UL certification Bosch notices Overview Features Lens / Beam pattern matching Achievable distances Installation Setting up Connections 3.2.1...

  • Page 4: Safety

    | Safety AEGIS UFLED Safety Safety precautions DANGER! High risk: This symbol indicates an imminently hazardous situation such as “Dangerous Voltage” inside the product. If not avoided, this will result in an electrical shock, serious bodily injury, or death.

  • Page 5: Important Notices

    10. Attachments, changes or modifications - Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer. Any change or modification of the equipment, not expressly approved by Bosch, could void the warranty or, in the case of an authorization agreement, authority to operate the equipment.

  • Page 6

    Disposal - Your Bosch product was developed and manufactured with high-quality material and components that can be recycled and reused. This symbol means that electronic...

  • Page 7: Notifications

    AEGIS UFLED Safety | en Notifications NOTICE! Class 3R notification for 850 nm models The product is tested and compliant to IEC/EN 60825-1 (2001) under normal operating conditions, and is classified as a Class 3R LED product. The measured output under the thermal hazard test (Class 1/3R) was 36.9 mW, peak at 850 nm...

  • Page 8: Certifications

    | Safety AEGIS UFLED Certifications This product complies with European Directive 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC Low Voltage Directive meeting the following standards: Safety Electrical Safety: IEC/EN60598-2-5 C22.2 No. 250.0-08 UL 1598 UL 2108 Eye Safety: IEC/EN60825-1 Radiated and Conducted EN55022:1998...

  • Page 9

    AEGIS UFLED Safety | en – increase the separation between the equipment and receiver; – connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected; – consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

  • Page 10: Ul Certification

    | Safety AEGIS UFLED éliminer les interférences éventuelles en prenant une ou plusieurs des mesures suivantes: – Modifier l'orientation ou l'emplacement de l'antenne réceptrice; – Éloigner l'appareil du récepteur; – Brancher l'appareil sur une prise située sur un circuit différent de celui du récepteur;...

  • Page 11

    AEGIS UFLED Safety | en Disclaimer Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (“UL”) has not tested the performance or reliability of the security or signaling aspects of this product. UL has only tested fire, shock and/or casualty hazards as outlined in UP's Standard(s) for Safety for Information Technology Equipment, UL 60950-1.

  • Page 12: Bosch Notices

    | Safety AEGIS UFLED Bosch notices Copyright This manual is the intellectual property of Bosch Security Systems and is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Trademarks All hardware and software product names used in this document are likely to be registered trademarks and must be treated accordingly.

  • Page 13: Overview

    AEGIS UFLED Overview | en Overview Features The AEGIS UFLED range of infrared and white light illuminators for CCTV, features patent-pending illumination technology and installation friendly design. – Patent pending Constant Light technology automatically compensates for LED degradation to deliver a constant level of lighting performance for the life of the illuminator –...

  • Page 14: Achievable Distances

    | Overview AEGIS UFLED Achievable distances Illumination distance achievable depend on the characteristics of the CCD camera and lens used. Product Code Wave- Beam Achievable Distance length Angle UFLED10-8BD 220 m (720 ft) 40 m (125 ft) UFLED20-8BD 150 m (490 ft)

  • Page 15: Installation

    Set up the unit correctly to obtain the best performance. Optimum results are achieved by setting up at night and viewing the results on a monitor. Use the illustration below to assist with installation. Figure 3.1 Installing an AEGIS UFLED lamp Nearest point Furthest object CAUTION! When the unit has been operating for a while it becomes hot.

  • Page 16

    | Installation AEGIS UFLED Attach the illuminator to a pan and tilt unit, wall bracket or camera housing as required. Connect the illuminator to a 12–24 VDC or to a 24 VAC (±15%, 50/60 Hz) power supply. Commission the mains supply, camera, and monitoring control equipment.

  • Page 17: Connections

    AEGIS UFLED Installation | en Connections Figure 3.2 AEGIS Illuminator Rear Panel Photocell IR Power Adjustment Pressure Equalization Power Input 12 VDC/24 VAC Vent Day/Night Camera Photocell Sensitivity Switching Adjustment Telemetry Input Bosch Security Systems Installation Manual F.01U.123.987 | 1.0 | 2010.04...

  • Page 18

    | Installation AEGIS UFLED Figure 3.3 Wiring diagram Type of Connection Cable Color AC/DC Power In Brown cable Telemetry White cable Volt Free Day/Night Switching 6 Black Blue F.01U.123.987 | 1.0 | 2010.04 Installation Manual Bosch Security Systems...

  • Page 19: Telemetry Input Connection

    AEGIS UFLED Installation | en 3.2.1 Telemetry input connection The illuminator can be activated remotely by a remote switching device, camera signal or PIR. The telemetry input connection is a Normally Open (NO) contact that is switched by a volt-free contact across pins 1 (brown) and 3 (blue) of the connector cable.

  • Page 20: Power Adjustment

    | Installation AEGIS UFLED Note: Potentiometer Factory set at mid-point 500 Lux ON and 850 Lux OFF (approximately). Check the photocell functions by covering with black tape and having the telemetry link closed. The photocell operation has an in-built delay of up to 5 seconds.

  • Page 21: Looping Multiple Illuminators

    Installation | en 3.3.2 Looping Multiple Illuminators Multiple illuminators can be linked for synchronous illuminator switching. Use link cable (UFLED-CL-1M) between the DAY/ NIGHT CAMERA output and the TELEMETRY input as shown in the diagram below. UFLED Illuminator 1 UFLED Illuminator 2...

  • Page 22: Specifications

    Bosch PSU-224-DC100 Other compatible power supplies may be used, ensure the above voltage and power requirements are met. – Telemetry Cable Bosch UFLED-CI-1M Universal 5 m cable for telemetry. – Link Cable Bosch UFLED-CI-1M Dedicated 1 m cable to synchronize multiple illuminators F.01U.123.987 | 1.0 | 2010.04...

  • Page 23: Dimensions

    AEGIS UFLED Specifications | en Dimensions 89.5 (3.52) 152.0 (5.98) (in.) Bosch Security Systems Installation Manual F.01U.123.987 | 1.0 | 2010.04...

  • Page 24

    | Specifications AEGIS UFLED F.01U.123.987 | 1.0 | 2010.04 Installation Manual Bosch Security Systems...

  • Page 26

    Bosch Security Systems, Inc. © Bosch Security Systems, Inc., 2010...

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