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GE 175D1807P596 Owner's Manual page 8

General electric dryers owner's manual
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About the dryer features.
Wrinkle Care Option (onsome models)
Usethis option to minimize the wrinkles
in clothes. It provides approximately
15 minutes of no-heat tumbling after
the clothes are dry.
This option can only be used with the
If Uou are using the CYCLE SIGNALknob
and you select the WRINKLECAREoption,
a signal will sound at the end of the drying
time and several times during the WRINKLE
CAREcycle. This will remind Uouthat it istime
to remove the clothes.
If WRINKLE CAREis not on, the dryer will stop
once the timer reaches the WRINKLE CARE
mark on the cycle dial.
Cgcle Signal Option (onsomemodels)
This signal will sound just before the end
of the cgcle to remind you to remove the
clothes. On some models, the signal sound
levelcannot be adjusted,
If Uou selected the WRINKLECAREoption,
the signal will sound at the end of the drying
time and will sound several times during the
WRINKLECAREcurie. This will remind gou
that it is time to remove the clothes.
• Remove garments promptly at the sound
of the signal. Place clothes on hangers so
wrinkles won't set in.
• Use the Cycle Signal especially when
drying fabrics like polyester knits and
permanent press. Thesefabrics should
be removed so wrinkles won't set in.
Cycle Signal ton some models)
At the end of each cgcle, there is
A reminder signal will sound periodicallu
approximately 15 minutes of no-heat
during this time to remind you to remove
tumbling after the laundry is dry.
the laundry.
Drum Lamp (on somemodels)
Beforereplacing the light bulb, be sure to
unplug the dryer power cord or disconnect
the dryer at the household distribution panel
bg removing the fuse or switching offthe
circuit breake_ Reach above dryer opening
from insidethe drum. Removethe bulb and
replace with the same size bulb.
Drying Rack (onsomemodels)
A handg drying rack mag be used for drying
delicate items such as washable sweaters.
Hook the rack over the lint filter so the rack
extends into the dryer drum.
• The drying rock must be used with the
• Do not use this drying rack when there
are other clothes in the dryer.
Stainless Steel Drum (onsomemodels)
The stainless steel used to make the dryer
drum provides the highest reliabilitg available
in a GEdrye_ If the dryer drum should be
scratched or dented during normal use,
the drum will not rust or corrode. These
surface blemishes will not affect the function
or durabilitg of the drum.


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