Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus Owner's Manual

Garrett metal detectors master hunter owner's manual.
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Master Hunter
CX Plus

   Summary of Contents for Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus

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    Owner’s Manual Master Hunter ® CX Plus ™...

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    Your Master Hunter CX Plus is engineered with mi- croprocessor based technology and is backed by more than 40 years of metal detection research and development by Garrett’s leading team of engineers.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    equipped with a 7”x10” PROformance searchcoil. Again, welcome to the Garrett treasure hunting fam- ily. In becoming a part of this great tradition and hobby, you have made the right start to successful treasure hunting. ® Master Hunter Parts Assembly Features Touchpad Controls...

  • Page 4: Parts

    ® MASTER HUNTER CX PLUS Lower Control Stem Searchcoil Housing Upper Stem Knob Spring Threaded Clip Bolt Side Panel Controls Headphone Screen Touchpad Controls Handle Grip Battery Jack Cover PARTS Before assembling your CX Plus metal detector ensure you have the complete set of parts, which include: •...

  • Page 5: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY No tools are required to assemble the Master Hunter CX Plus. Hand tighten all necessary parts. 1. Compress the button end of the spring clip and insert, button end first into the lower stem of your detector so that the buttons pop out of the holes as they do in the upper stem.

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    1. LCD - The LCD on the Master Hunter CX Plus provides extensive visual information for the detec- tor operator. Battery condition is reported continu-...

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    targets. The detector automatically adjusts to re- port this information correctly whenever the Pinpoint touchpad is pushed and released, regardless of which size searchcoil is being used. Large or very deep objects may not be accurately measured. The LCD indicates the probable identification of all targets, whether announced by an audio response or not.

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    activated. As you begin scanning with the search- coil in a normal manner, ground balance adjustment is quickly and automatically achieved. Repeat this procedure at any time to achieve precise ground bal- ance. 3. PINPOINT / DEPTH - Press and hold to activate the pinpointing function of your Master Hunter CX Plus after you have discovered a target.

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    It is recommended that you begin hunting with both controls set at the Initial Setting (>) indicators. 1. FERROUS RANGE - Allows adjustment for the elimination of targets in the iron range up to but not including aluminum pulltabs. Targets located and accepted in this range will cause your audio signal to grow louder.

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    Discriminate Mode Whenever you turn on your Master Hunter CX Plus by pressing the POWER touchpad, you have activat- ed the Discriminate (trash elimination) mode. When operating in this mode, the CX detects only selected metal objects. Garrett’s two Multi-Range Discrimination controls permit you to select targets you desire.

  • Page 11: Headphone Jack

    When headphones are not in use, always leave the rubber plug in place. The Master Hunter CX Plus utilizes a battery pack that requires six (6) “C” cell standard or NiMH re- chargeable batteries. It is recommended that top quality, heavy duty or alkaline batteries be used.

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    Remove hand and continue sliding cover until it snaps. Please note that your Master Hunter CX Plus will lose its Audio Threshold and Sensitivity settings when the battery pack is re- moved for approximately four minutes.

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    This will enable a treasure hunter to learn about the discriminating capabilities of the CX Plus before tak- ing it into the field. The following tests should be per- formed with the search coil perpendicular to a bench, floor or other non-metallic surface: 1.

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    results and use this when searching in the field. Again never rotate either control knobs any farther clockwise than is absolutely necessary to eliminate targets you do not wish to detect. As you operate and use your CX Plus, you will quick- ly grow more proficient in its use.

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    The drawing illustrates what types of targets can be accepted and rejected in the two ranges. Synchro- nized audio signals indicate the section in which tar- gets have been detected: Ferrous Reject: Audio threshold is maintained. No change in sound. Ferrous Accept: Normal increase of sound indicates acceptable target.

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    Press the All Metal touchpad to activate the All Metal mode. In this mode the Master Hunter CX Plus will respond with an increase in sound to the presence of any metal or conductive mineral target beneath its searchcoil. For maximum depth and best operation over highly mineralized ground, always operate in the All-Metal mode.

  • Page 17: Features

    Electronic Pinpointing Precise pinpointing in either mode is available with this feature of your Master Hunter CX Plus. When you press the Pinpoint touchpad and hold it, you can place the searchcoil directly over your target. Move it around slightly, and maximum sound will be heard when the target is directly beneath your searchcoil.

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    erating in an All Metal mode, and you can hold the searchcoil perfectly still with the detector producing a constant sound. For most effective electronic pinpointing, place the searchcoil on the ground to the side of your target. Press and hold the Pinpoint touchpad. Scan back and forth across the target, maintaining searchcoil contact with the ground.

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    ™ Gold and other precious metals can be found in vari- ous forms with a Master Hunter CX Plus. You will most likely be searching for nuggets, but gold can also be found as lode or hard rock deposits in a vein, usually mixed with other minerals.

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    rienced success in using the Discriminate mode to you should investigate this target more closely and locate large nuggets, the detector will respond more identify the metal causing your audio to increase. effectively to tiny nuggets in the All Metal Mode. Heavy ground mineralization could also limit depth of detection in the Discriminate Mode.

  • Page 21: Batteries

    Always remember that your CX Plus is a sensitive instrument. It is built to withstand rugged treatment in the outdoors. Use your Garrett detector to the fullest extent, yet always protect and handle it with reasonable care. • Avoid extreme temperatures as much as possible, such as storing the detector in an automobile trunk during the summer or winter months.

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    UPS Blue (air) or air freight. RECOMMENDED READING Your Garrett Master Hunter CX Plus represents the highest quality in metal detector manufacturing. Complement it with quality accessories such as these from Garrett: •...

  • Page 23: Searching

    Allows you to hear faint signals that may denote deep targets. Also reduces background noise. • Master Hunter CX Armrest Assembly (Part No. 1601870). Use for additional stability and comfort while searching. Since Garrett’s CX Plus is one of the world’s premier metal detectors, you will be especially interested in The New Successful Coin Hunting, by Charles Garrett, filled with “how to”...

  • Page 24: Ram Books Order Form

    ning is Easy. Since the CX Plus can be use to find gold nuggets, you will be interested in You Can Find Gold with a Metal Detector. All hobby- ists should learn about this interesting and exciting aspect of metal detecting. RAM BOOKS ORDER FORM Please send me the following RAM books:...

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    Add $2.00 for first book, and $1.00 for each additional book ordered (maximum $.00) for handling and shipping charges. Total for books $______________ .% Tax $______________ (TX/CA residents) Handling Charge $______________ TOTAL $______________ Payment Options: ___ Enclosed check or money order ___ I prefer to order through: ___ American Express ___ MasterCard...

  • Page 26: Warning

    NOTES: Warning! When searching for treasure with your Garrett detec- tor, observe these precautions: • Never trespass or hunt on private property without permission. • Avoid areas where pipelines or electric lines may be buried. • National and state parks / monuments, etc. are absolutely off-limits.

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    1881 W. State Street Garland, Texas 75042 Toll Free:1.800.527.4011 Tel: 972.494.6151 Web: ©2007 Garrett Metal Detectors 1529210.E.0707...

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