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The Art Of Performance
2 0 1 3 C A T A L O G


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    The Art Of Performance 2 0 1 3 C A T A L O G...

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    Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Coupe Honda Jet The Honda name is legendary. With engines forged and tested on racetracks and So, it’s little wonder that we just received the National Marine Manufacturers roadways around the globe, Honda is the world’s largest engine manufacturer.

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    Honda BF250 All boaters shown are wearing personal flotation devices.

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    AMP+, an idle charging system. The BF250 won the 2011 IBEX Innovation Award. We won our eighth consecutive NMMA CSI award. 2012 We won our ninth consecutive NMMA CSI award. Honda Marine continues to support the U.S. Coast Guard’s Homeland Security Initiative.

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    90% or higher in customer IBEX Innovation Award for outboard manufacturer who can say so. We’ve When you buy any new Honda 2 to 250 satisfaction based on information engine technology. The award recognizes always known that four-strokes reduce...

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    High rpm horsepower is achieved by EXCLUSIVE not require the added expense of cooling fan draws Honda’s Variable Valve Timing & Lift engaging the third rocker arm on a high- gateway devices, required by most cooling air over Electronic Control (VTEC®) system...

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    H o n d a Te c h n o l o g y a n d I n n o v a t i o n Honda Technology continues on the following pages.

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    4-Front Corrosion Protection EXCLUSIVE more horsepower. BF250 BF90, BF75, BF60, BF50, BF40. Current two-strokes Your Honda can continue to look and and competitive Power And Economy Through More Cooling. Longer Life. perform like new with our protection four-strokes are Superior Combustion.

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    Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Ignition Autostart Enrichment the compact fingertip-starting, PTT switch and engine Honda Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Just like a fuel injection system, 24-valve SOHC alert lamps provide added safety and Injection (PGM-FI) delivers the...

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    VTEC Technology (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control, or VTEC®) uses Sea Chaser Bay Runner 250LX/Honda BF250 3 intake cam lobes. For low speed With a unique blend of automotive to a wide variety of brand name operation, the cam and marine engine technologies, marine electronics.

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    B F 2 5 0 Everglades 295cc/Honda BF250s...

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    An outing with a reliable Honda is always a round-trip ticket. you want it, that’s VTEC®, the intake vents, removes moisture, and modern replacement for displacement. then inducts it into the throttle body, thus producing more horsepower. Lean Burn Control ™...

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    B F 2 5 0 Hurricane SunDeck Sport 231/Honda BF250...

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    Honda’s world-renowned console or cuddy cabin, two of automotive engineering excellence. the best choices for safe returns Then there’s our patented 4-FRONT from the sea are the Honda BF225 . It includes Corrosion Protection ™ and BF200. Both feature a Large a “Double Sealed”...

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    B F 2 2 5 / B F 2 0 0 SAFE Boats International RB-S/Honda BF225s...

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    A great day on the lake begins with Honda. Bass fishermen, multi-purpose and Valve Timing & Lift Electronic deck boat owners will appreciate the Control (VTEC®) gives you a broader, powerful possibilities you get with flatter torque curve and smoother...

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    B F 2 2 5 / B F 2 0 0 Alumacraft Trophy 195/BF200...

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    Honda’s exclusive Dual Stage performance and peace of mind are Induction (B F150 and BF135), a the Honda B F150, BF135 and BF115. variable air intake manifold that delivers They ’re the choice of center console, top performance at every rpm range.

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    B F 1 5 0 / B F 1 3 5 / B F 1 1 5 Pioneer 197 Sportfish/Honda BF150s...

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    Whatever your taste, three reliable All three engines also feature Honda’s workhorses you can always count on are exclusive Engine Command the Honda BF150, BF135 and BF115.

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    B F 1 5 0 / B F 1 3 5 / B F 1 1 5 Columbia 2018 Fisherman XL/Honda BF150...

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    The BF90 and BF75 are the first mid- boat where it belongs: on the water. It’s what every boat owner wants. range Honda engines to offer PGM-FI. The BF90 and BF75 are one of the Our Multi-Port Electronic Fuel lightest 4-strokes in their class and...

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    Boosted Low Speed Torque, meaning quick performance and acceleration when making hole shots. Standard on the BF90, this Honda exclusive provides a superior blend of power, torque and fuel efficiency at any speed. It uses an oxygen sensor to automatically adjust the air/fuel mix according to speed and load.

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    Meet the sleek addition to our The BFP60 Power Thrust model speed, the BF60 can run on up to 10% legendary line-up: the Honda BF60 . with a unique gear case and larger less fuel than comparable outboards, It gives you the best maneuverability...

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    Variable T rolling Control Allows you to reduce your trolling speed in 50 rpm increments simply by touching a button—from 1000 all the way down to 750 rpm. Sylvan Mirage/Honda BF60...

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    Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) 27 pounds lighter than all engines in their for easy starts, instant throttle response, horsepower class, and because they’re slower trolling speeds and overall from Honda, they’re loaded with extras. better fuel economy. Features like BLAST (Boosted Low ™...

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    B F 5 0 / B F 4 0 Caimen East Cape/Honda BF50...

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    The end result is more good times and less worry and stress. If dependability Honda BF30 has a color, it has to be Honda silver. For mid and smaller horsepower needs, 3 to 3 Induction System that there’s plenty of punch in the Honda provides smooth, quiet operation.

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    B F 3 0 / B F 2 5 Apex Quest/Honda BF25...

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    Portable, fuel efficient and powerful. For smaller 12- to 16 -foot boats, the Honda BF20 or BF15 are as convenient as you can get. At just 104 pounds, they’re the first outboards to weigh less than most conventional 9.9 HP engines. Yet they’re all Honda, meaning quiet, reliable, fuel efficient and loaded with features.

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    B F 2 0 / B F 1 5 / B F 9.9 / B F 8 Caribe L-9/Honda BF9.9...

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    BF2.3 come with Twist Grip Throttles for precise control and are backed by Honda’s True 5 Warranty. Honda BF5 Features Include: SHALLOW WATER DRIVE • FOLD-DOWN TILLER HANDLE • FUEL TANK & FUEL HOSE (BF5) • INTEGRAL FUEL TANK (BF2.3) • TWO SHAFT LENGTHS EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH •...

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    B F 5 / B F 2 . 3 Honda BF2.3...

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    220 kg/485 lbs. 220 kg/485 lbs. (XX-type) 282 kg/622 lbs. 277 kg/610 lbs. CARB 2013 RATING † BF250, BF225, BF200, BF150, BF135 and BF115 counter rotation models available. All Honda outboards are power rated with NMMA procedures. Specifications are subject to changes.

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    Te c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s MID-RANGE SERIES BF90 BF75 BF60 BFP60 BF50 BF40 BF30 BF25 4-Stroke SOHC 4-Stroke SOHC 4-Stroke SOHC 4-Stroke SOHC 4-Stroke SOHC 4-Stroke SOHC 4-Stroke SOHC...

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    50 kg/110 lbs. 44 kg/98 lbs. 44 kg/98 lbs. 27.5 kg/61 lbs. 14 kg/31 lbs. (X-type) 52 kg/115 lbs. 48 kg/107 lbs. 48 kg/107 lbs. CARB 2013 RATING All Honda outboards are power rated with NMMA procedures. Specifications are subject to changes.

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    Smoker Craft 172 Ultima/Honda BF90...

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    All accessories are available to purchase through any authorized Honda Marine dealer. For more information on Honda’s complete line of Parts & Accessories, see your Honda Marine dealer or go to GAUGES • CONTROL BOXES • CONTROL CABLES • KEY SWITCH PANELS • ELECTRIC HARNESSES...

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    Silver means more than reliability. It also means your satisfaction. When you power up with a Honda behind you, you’re getting more than a lovingly crafted piece of machinery. You’re also getting the support of over 1,000 Honda Marine dealers.

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    American Honda Motor Co., Inc., or the individual copyright owner of such images. All rights reserved. HONDA, the HONDA MARINE logo, Honda Marine model names and their trade dress are trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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