Description Of The Machine - Miele G 7783 CD Operating Instructions Manual

Compact disinfector laboratory glasswasher
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Description of the machine

The G 7783 CD is a front-loading auto-
matic machine for the efficient washing
- neutralising - rinsing - final rinsing of
laboratory glassware. It can be oper-
ated on normal water supply. There are
"AD" (aqua destillata) programmes with
final rinses using purified water (dis-
tilled, R.O., or de-ionised).
On completion of the automatic pro-
gramme sequence, laboratory glass-
ware is cleaned to the standard re-
quired for analysis.
The electronic control unit offers a
choice of temperatures for the cleaning
and final rinsing phases. A combination
often preferred is cleaning - T
and final rinse T
With the SPECIAL "B" programme the
machine can thermally disinfect at
90°C with relevant holding times.
"Instrument disinfection in automatic
machines" is to be found under subsec-
tion 3.2.4. of paragraph 10c of
BSeuchG, according to the German
Federal Health Authority, Berlin (BGA).
The disinfection parameters of between
90°C and 93°C held for 10 minutes
apply to the effective areas A + B. Re-
duction factor 7 (by reduction factor
85° C
70 °C.
Description of the machine
The effective areas are defined as fol-
A = Suitable for destruction of vegeta-
tive bacteria, including myco-bacteria
and fungus and fungal spores.
B = Suitable for inactivation of viruses
Including HBV and HIV).
The SPECIAL "B" programme operates
at 90°C with 10 minutes holding time.
This machine is fitted with a TA drying
unit and water softener as standard.
Available at extra cost:
– Machine lid

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents