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Hd Dvd Disc Features; Compatibility Notes; Certain System Requirements - LG BH100 Owner's Manual

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HD DVD Disc Features
HD DVD video discs are high-density,
d scs
• There are 2 types of HD DVD disc; one is stan-
dard content disc and the other is advanced con-
tent disc. Standard content disc is pure extension
of DVD Video. Advanced content disc realizes
more interactivity in addition to the extension of
audio and video realized by standard disc.
_, The HD DVD disc standard has been approved
• by the DVD forum.
HD DVD (single layer): Maximum capacity of 15 GB
HD DVD (dual layer): Maximum capacity of 30 GB
A single layer single sided disc (15 GB) has
capacity of about maximum 8 hours in 1125 line
high definition picture; about maximum 48 hours
in 525 line standard definition picture (depending
on bitrate of pre-recerded contents).
• HD DVD Twin Format Discs have both HD DVD
and DVD layers on one side. HD DVD
DVD Discs have HD DVD material
on one side and standard DVD material on the
other side. Because this type of disc is a technol-
ogy currently in development,
such discs may not
operate properly in this player.
Q The some titles may played back with black "let-
terbox bars" because the title is recorded with
bars by the contents provider.
• This product fully supports standard Blu-ray discs
and can play high definition audio/visual content
from HD DVD discs. This product does not sup-
port interactive "iHD" features available from
many HD DVD discs.
Q Because BD-ROM and HD DVD are a new for-
mat, certain disc, digital connection and other
compatibility issues are possible. If you experi-
ence compatibility problems, please contact LG
Customer Service Center.
Q Viewing high-definition content and up-converting
standard DVD content may require an HDMI-
capable input or HDCP-capable
DVI input on
your display device.
Q Some BD-ROM, HD DVD and DVD discs may
restrict the use of some operation commands or
Q Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD (DTS only) capa-
bility is limited to 6 channels (5.1).
Certain System Requirements
For high definition video playback:
Q High definition display that has COMPONENT
HDMI input jacks.
Q BD-ROM or HD DVD disc with high definition
Q HDMI or HDCP capable DVl input on your display
device is required for some content (as specified
by disc authors).
,, For up-conversion
of standard definition DVD, an
HDMI or HDCP capable DVl input on your display
device is required for copy protected content.
For Dolby _ Digital Plus and DTS-HD multi-channel
audio playback:
Q AN Receiver or processor/amp
combination with
5.1 channel analog input.
Q Main, center, surround speakers and subwoofer
as necessary for chosen format.



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