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System Hardware; General Comments - NEC Express5800 MC2400 Release Note

System release notes
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These System Release Notes cover the following topics:

General Comments

Documentation Errata
General Comments
The following general comments apply to this server.
Versions of the Network Operating Systems tested and recommended are:
This section contains advisories on the System Hardware,
Novell NetWare, and SCO.

System Hardware

The following advisory applies to the Expansion Board Slots:
When installing or removing an expansion board, it is recommended that
the board be held by its top edge or upper corners, aligned with its mating
connector on the system board (when installing), and pressed firmly into
or pulled firmly from its expansion slot. You might need to gently rock
the board side-to-side to align and seat or unseat it fully in or out of its
The following advisory applies to installing or removing a hard disk drive:
When installing or removing a hard disk drive, it is recommended that its
carrier handle be left in a straight outward position after it is opened, until
either the carrier is fully seated in its connector or removed from the drive
bay. To move a hard disk drive in or out of a bay, the outside edges of the
carrier's front panel should be used.
Windows NT® 4.0 Server with Service Pack 4
Novell® NetWare® 3.12
IntraNetWare 4.11 with Support Pack 5b
SCO OpenServer™ 5.04 with Maintenance Supplement 504C.
UNIXWare 7.1
Express5800 MC2400 System Release Notes 3