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Caution In Exchanging A Bottom Case; Replace Procedure Of Main Board - JVC MP-XP5220KR Service Manual

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1.3 Caution in exchanging a bottom case

1.3.1 As for COA LABEL
Neither "LE40888-001A/COA LABEL PRO" nor "LE40888-002A/COA LABEL HOME" can be reused.
COA LABEL is also necessary in exchanging a bottom case.
1.3.2 As for serial label
"Serial label" where model name and serial number are written is not dealt with as service parts.
Please reuse it.
Please remove a label with exfoliation agent:
*How to remove a label
(1) Drip a few drops of exfoliation agent on an attached spatula.
(2) Immediately after (1), turn over the label from its edge with the spatula while dripping the exfoliation agent on a label by using
the spatula.
(3) If adhesive agent still remains in the surface of the bottom case, please drip a few drops of exfoliation agent on the agent and
wipe it with clean tissue paper.

1.4 Replace procedure of main board

1.4.1 Parts are put and substituted from former main board to a new main board.
* The [15-100324200 / AWARD BIOS LABEL] is pasted and substituted.
* The [13-N6K10P220 / SD DUMMY CARD] is replaced.
* The [07-016402032 / BATT-LI] is put and substituted.
* The [04-132051170 / MODEM 56K] is put and substituted.
* The [14-140522020 / WIRE CABLE FOR MDC] is put and substituted.
* The [HDD] is put and substituted.
* The [13-N6K10M122 / FAN HEAT SINC BLOCK] is put and substituted.
* The [04-001212250 / SDRAM] is put and substituted. (Only when SDRAM is installed)
* The [13-N6K10C020 / GASKET] is pasted and changes.
* The [13-N6K10L252 / COAXIAL MYLAR] is pasted and changes.
* The [13-N6K10L160 / THERMAL PAD RAM] is pasted and changes.
1.4.2 Adjust it after exchanging the substrate.
* Make the version of BIOS equal to former main board.
The version of BIOS of a new main board is 0200.
Follow it when the up-grade of BIOS is hoped to the customer.
* Set the clock of BIOS.
Because the coin type battery has not placed to the main board, the clock is not accurate.
1.4.3 Do the operation check after exchanging the substrate.
Execute the operation check following "Operation check item list after the repair is completed".
1-8 (No.G1004)
Parts number -- UN-001



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