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S t y l i s t i c S T S e r i e s T a b l e t D o c k
The front portion of the base should not
be used as a handle. It is designed to
support the system when it is installed in
the Tablet Dock.
Use these instructions when you want to remove your
system from the Tablet Dock.
Memory modules can be severely damaged
by electrostatic discharge (ESD). To minimize
risk to the module, before docking or
undocking your system, touch a grounded
metal object to discharge static electricity in
your body.
The system can be removed from the
Tablet Dock whether the system is operat-
ing or not.
1. If you are running a CD or DVD in the Tablet Dock
optical drive, be sure to stop the drive before
undocking the system.
2. Press the lock release button on the top of the right
side (above the lock handle). While holding it down,
pull the lock handle upwards to unlatch the back
latches from the system. (See Figure 5 for location)
3. Pull the system out, then upwards, away from the
platform as shown in Figure 5. The system is now
Figure 5. Undocking the system
Lock Release
With the Tablet Dock, you have the option of viewing
the display either in Portrait (vertical) or Landscape
(horizontal) mode.
To change the position of the display, simply grasp the
edge of the system and turn it in the direction shown in
Figures 5 and 6.
If the display is in portrait position, turn the display
to the right, as shown in Figure 6.
If the display is in landscape position, turn the
display to the left, as shown in
Figure 7.
Figure 6. Changing Display from Portrait to Landscape Mode
Figure 7. Changing Display from Landscape to Portrait Mode



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