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Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 Getting Started

Fujitsu notebook quick start guide.
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Getting started with your new
Fujitsu LifeBook
This convenient guide will lead you through the start-up process in seven easy steps and will also offer some valuable tips.
Volume Control
Wireless LAN Switch
Touchpad Pointing Device
Fingerprint Recognition
Sensor/Also works as
Scroll Button
Stereo Speakers
1. What's in the Box
Check to see that all of the following are in the box:
❍ LifeBook notebook
❍ Lithium ion battery, pre-installed
❍ AC adapter with power cord
❍ Phone/modem (RJ-11) telephone cable
❍ Drivers and Applications Restore disc
❍ Recovery and Utility disc
❍ User's Guide
❍ International Limited Warranty Booklet and Registration
❍ Microsoft
associated product materials
❍ Microsoft
Applications Software CD
Depending upon your confi guration, the following
may also be included:
❍ PowerDVD (for Blu-Ray confi guration)
❍ CyberLink MakeDisc (for Genuine Windows Vista™
Home Premium)
❍ Additional Lithium ion battery
❍ Remote control and IR Reciever (for Genuine Windows Vista™
Home Premium and Genuine Windows Vista™ Ultimate)
❍ TV Tuner Express card and software CD (for Genuine Windows
Vista™ Home Premium)
2. Turn on Your Notebook
Plug the AC adapter into your notebook.
Plug the power cord into the AC adapter.
Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet.
Connect the phone cable or an ethernet cable (with internet access)
to your notebook and to a wall jack.
Press the power button.
The notebook is now on and the battery is being charged.
• The notebook will begin a power-on self test. Once successfully completed,
the operating system will begin the initialization process.
3. Start Genuine Windows Vista™
the fi rst time
Select Country of Region, Time and Currency, and Keyboard Layout,
then click next.
Read and accept the End User License Agreements (EULAs).
N6460 notebook
Display Panel Latch
Display Panel
Visual Optimizer
Player Buttons
Resume Button
Status Indicator Panel
When prompted, enter your User Name, Password and select
an icon for your account.
On next screen, name your computer and choose a desktop background.
When "Help protect Windows automatically" appears,
choose one of the settings.
On next screen, set time and date.
The "Thank you" screen follows, with an offer for free Norton
software. After Windows checks the system performance,
it will boot up for the fi rst time.
Important: During the setup procedure, do not disconnect the
power supply, press any buttons, or use any peripheral devices
such as a mouse, keyboard, or remote control.
NOTE: Steps 4 and 5 will cause the display to go blank for a
period of time. This is normal. DO NOT attempt to interface
with your LifeBook in any way while the display is blank.
4. Registering Genuine Windows
Vista™ with Microsoft
After Genuine Windows Vista initial boot, the "Welcome Center"
will appear. If the "Register Windows Online" icon is not seen in the
window, click on "Show all 14 items".
Click on "Register Windows Online" and follow the instructions.
5. Activate Additional Utilities
If you have the wireless LAN confi guration, please ensure the
wireless LAN switch is ON.
The fi rst time you boot up your system, you will see a "Primary
Settings for the PC" window. This window explains the installations
which will be performed by the Click Me! utility. If you click [Execute],
Click Me! will begin installing. If after clicking the button you receive
a "User Account Control" window, you will be asked for permission
to continue. Click [Yes] to continue. If you cancel, the "Click Me!"
icon will appear on your desktop for later installation.
6. Install Additional Software if needed
Insert application disc into media drive and follow on-screen instructions.
7. If you purchased the TV Tuner Option
Please see the TV Tuner User's Guide for detailed instructions.
DC Power Jack
S-Video Out Port
LAN Port
USB Ports
Following are some common indicators.
Status Indicators
Battery Charging
Red, solid: Between 0%
Green, solid: Fully charged
and 12% charged.
or no battery installed.
Red, blinking: There is a
Orange, solid: Being
problem with the battery.
Off: No battery is installed
Orange, blinking: Charging
or the system is shut off.
suspended because battery
Hard Drive/Optical
temperature too high.
Drive Access
Lets you know if your internal
Off: Not charging because
hard drive or optical drive
AC adapter is not connected.
are being accessed.
Battery Status
Green, solid: Between
Shows when you have
50% and 100% charged.
received new email.
Orange, solid: Between
13% and 49% charged.
ExpressCard Eject Button
Memory Stick/SD/xD Card Slot
Quick Tips
IEEE 1394 Port
Headphone Jack
It takes approximately 3 hours to
charge a battery if the notebook
Microphone Jack
is turned off or is in suspended
mode. In battery mode the
processor runs at half speed to
conserve battery life. SpeedStep
is always on. CPU speed will
USB 2.0 Port
change depending on the load.
Sub Woofer Air Chamber (bottom of unit)
Optimizing Battery Life
ExpressCard Slot
• Set power management setting
to Maximize Battery Life
PC Card Slot
• Adjust display brightness levels
PC Card Eject Button
to lowest comfortable setting
• Remove PC Cards and Express-
Cards when not needed
• Utilize Suspend mode when
not using your notebook
Optical Drive
• Turn off Wireless LAN
Optical Drive Eject Button
when not in use
• Close unused programs
• Remove unused USB
powered devices
• Read the Power Management
section in your User's Guide
for additional features
Adjusting display brightness
• Fn + F6 to decrease brightness
• Fn + F7 to increase brightness
USB Port
Look for the latest drivers on the
Drivers and Applications Restore
Disk. Right-click the FDU
Lock Slot
and select "update", or go to
Modem Port
External Video Port
Note: When using Windows Vista™ Media Center
Air Vents
Edition 2005 in full screen mode, the function
keys' status cannot be seen on the LCD panel.
If you "minimize" or "restore down" (shrink) the
window, the function keys' status will appear.
Top of Keyboard
Status Indicator
Number Lock
Visible: Activated.
Caps Lock
Visible: Activated.
Scroll Lock
Visible: Activated.


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