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Body Maintenance; Rotor Maintenance - Yamaha YHR-567 Owner's Manual

Owners manual
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■ Caring for your instrument after playing
To keep your instrument both looking and playing well, make sure you take proper
care of it after you have finished playing. When caring for the instrument, place it
on a table or, hold it securely in your hands, taking care not to drop it.
Valve Slide Maintenance
Remove the valve slides to remove any
* Removing the valve slide without holding the
corresponding lever down creates a drop in
air pressure within the pipe, creating a
suction that can result in poor rotor function
or damage to the inside of the pipe.
If the instrument has a water key, remove
moisture from the water key too.
* The valve slides are made of brass or
nickel silver, which are both excellent at
resisting corrosion. However, corrosion
may appear if moisture is left in the
instrument for an extended period of time.
Please use caution.

Body Maintenance

Use a polishing cloth to gently wipe the
instrument's surface. If dirt or tarnish is obvi-
ous, the following products can be used.
For lacquer finishes...
Polishing cloth + lacquer polish
For silver plate...
Silver cloth + silver polish
For a beautiful shine, buff the instrument with
a silicone cloth.
■ Once a Week Maintenance

Rotor Maintenance

Remove the cap on the rotor valve and ap-
ply a little rotor spindle oil to the rotor bear-
* After applying the oil, remove the excess
oil. After applying oil, replace the cap and
move the lever a few times to distribute the
oil evenly.



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