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Yamaha YHR-567 Owner's Manual page 8

Owners manual
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Pull out each of the valve slides between 1/
5-2/5 inch. When pulling out the slides,
make sure that the lever corresponding to
the slide is depressed.
When the hand stopping technique is used,
the 4th valve on the YHR-332 lets you use
regular fingerings in combination with this
technique. Also, when setup as shown in
the illustration below, it can be used in the
same way as the 2nd valve, lowering the
pitch a half-step.
* What is Gestopft or hand stopping?
This is a technique used on F Single or
Double Horns(using F side) where the
hand is placed further into the bell to raise
the horn's pitch by a half-step and change
the tone of the instrument. But doing so
requires the player to transpose the score
down a half step to produce the correct
pitch. The 4th valve on the YHR-322
compensates for the difference in pitch
when using the hand stop technique, so
you can read the score as is and still get
the correct pitch.



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