Introduction; Product Features; Battery Installation - Honeywell PCR507W - NOAA Weather Alert/All Hazard S.A.M.E FM Radio User Manual

Public alert atomic clock radio
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Thank you for selecting the Honeywell Public Alert Atomic Clock Radio.
This product combines a Public Alert Weather Radio and an Atomic
Projection Clock (PCR507W) with FM Radio. The Weather Radio
(National Weather Radio) operates at a NWR (National Weather Radio)
frequencies and can receive NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Association) messages advising or warning you about the hazardous
weather and other events within a 40-mile radius.
The FM band range of the Atomic Clock with FM Radio is from 87.5 to
108.1 MHz and (PCR507) projects precise atomic time and indoor
temperature onto the wall or the ceiling.
In this package you will find:
• One Public Alert Clock Radio
• One 9v AC/DC adapter
• One User Manual
Please keep this manual handy as you use your new item. It contains
practical step-by-step instructions, as well as technical specifications and
precautions you should know.


Weather Radio
• NOAA SAME technology
• Public alert certified device
• AC/DC adapter included for operation
FM Radio
• FM radio station auto-tuning
• Memory storage of 18 preset radio stations
• Sleeping timer setting
• Radio alarm
Atomic Clock
• Precise time and date set via RF signals from the US Atomic
• Indoor temperature
• Projects atomic time and indoor temperature on to the ceiling or
the wall (PRC507W)
• Focus adjustment (PRC507W)
• Control image with 180° rotation or flip (PRC507W)
• Calendar displaying date with month and day in English, Spanish
or French
• 12 or 24 hour time format
• Dual crescendo time alarm with programmable snooze
• Temperature unit selection in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Blue backlight
• AC/DC adapter included. Required for weather radio &
continuous projection (PRC507W)


• Open the battery compartment door
• Install 6 batteries (UM-3 or "AA" size 1.5V) matching the polarity
as shown in the battery compartment.
• We recommend using alkaline batteries
• Avoid using rechargeable batteries. (Rechargeable batteries
cannot maintain correct power requirements).
• Replace the battery compartment door.



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