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Public alert atomic clock radio
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Weather Radio these alerts are turned off. To change your alert settings,
please see ALERT SELECTION section. For a list of NWS alerts see


The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) radio station
(WWVB) is located in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It transmits an exact time
signal continuously throughout the most of the continental United States
at 60 KHz frequency. The Atomic Time Clock in your Weather Station can
receive this WWVB signal through the internal antenna from up to 2,000
miles away. Due to the nature of the Earth's ionosphere, reception can be
limited during the daylight hours. The radio controlled clock will search for
an alternate station that receives the atomic time signal from the NIST
Atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado.
The WWVB tower icon on the unit's display will flash indicating a radio
signal reception from the WWVB station. If the tower icon is not fully lit, or
if the time and date are not set automatically, please consider the
• During night-time hours, atmospheric disturbances are typically
less severe and radio signal reception may improve. A single
daily reception is sufficient enough to keep the clock accuracy
within 1 second.
• Make sure the unit is positioned at 8 feet (2 meters) distance
from any interference source such as a TV, computer monitor,
microwave, etc.
• Within concrete wall rooms such as basements or office buildings,
the received signal may be weakened. Always place the unit near
the window for better reception.
Once the atomic time signal is received, the date and time will be set
automatically, and the
icon will appear.
NOTE: At the time of the initial reception allow at least 24 hours for
the atomic time receiver to pick up the signal. In some cases,
depending on the location, it may take up to 72 hours
If the initial reception was not successful and the time signal has not been
received in this first 8 minutes, you may use the MODE button to set the
time and date manually. (Refer to the MANUAL SETTINGS section).
After the clock is set manually, place the main unit by the window for
better reception. The atomic clock receiver is programmed that it will
continue to search for the atomic time signal daily for every hour between
1:00 am and 4:30 am.
Once the time signal has been successfully received, the time and date
will be updated automatically.
To enable or disable the atomic time receiver:
• Press and hold UP - if atomic time reception is activated, a
circular tower icon will start flashing next to the clock icon. If
reception is disabled, the circular tower icon will disappear.
(without circle)
(one circle)


Immediately after batteries installation, the clock will beep and display all
available LCD segments for a moment. Immediately after the atomic time
signal receiver will start searching for the atomic time signal. It usually
takes between 5-8 minutes.
NOTE: Do not press any buttons on the unit during auto search as it
may interrupt product's operation, and you will need to start the set
up procedure again.
If the reception is successful and the atomic time signal is received, the
date and time will be set automatically, and the
the display.
NOTE: It is necessary to set your Time Zone, having in mind that the
Atomic Time Reception Strength
Undefined data
Reception failed for the past 24 hours
Weak signal, but can be decoded
Strong signal
icon will appear on



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