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Siemens Data Suite

age with which you can increase the
functionality of your mobile togeth-
er with a Windows® PC. Phone and
PC are connected using the data ca-
ble (accessories, p. 128). In order to
ensure fault-free data transfer the
phone must be in standby mode
(e.g., no active application and no
incoming call).
Siemens Data Suite
ules described briefly below. You can
purchase the software over the In-
Data Exchange Software
The Data Exchange software works
with Windows® Explorer like an ex-
tra drive and mirrors the contents of
the file system (p. 105) on your
You have these options:
• Access the data in the applications
on the phone and synchronise
these with the PC by easy drag and
• Convert voice phone messages
into the well-known WAV format.
Siemens Data Suite
is a software pack-
contains the mod-
When you access the file system, please
ensure that no files are deleted that are es-
sential to running applications on the mo-
bile phone, e.g. the "Licenses" folder.
Synctool (XTNDCon-
nect ® PC)
With this module you can synchro-
nise the Organiser databases on your
phone with your PC. The software
synchronises your phone automati-
cally with Outlook ® or Lotus Notes™.
A detailed list of the PIM versions
supported can be found in the online
help for the
Siemens Data
Bitmap Editor
You can use the Bitmap Editor to:
• Create a graphic to display instead
of the network operator's logo
(p. 67).
• Create a screensaver (p. 67) on
the PC and transfer this to your


Table of Contents

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