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Motorola Droid Pro User Manual

Motorola mobile phone user guide
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  • Page 1 USER GUIDE...
  • Page 3 1.6 W/kg (FCC). The limits and guidelines include DROID Pro by Motorola a substantial safety margin designed to assure the You work. You have a life. DROID Pro by Motorola helps safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. The you handle it all, hassle free.
  • Page 4 Your phone the important keys & connectors Notes: Power Key • All screen shots in this guide are simulated. 3.5mm Press=Sleep/ Headset Actual displays may vary. Wake up. Connector Hold=Turn • Instructions to perform tasks in this guide may on/off. change depending on the software version on Message Light 11:35...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Text entry ..........20 Tips &...
  • Page 6: Let's Go

    Caution: Please read the battery use and safety text in Let’s go the important legal and safety information packaged let’s get you up and running with your phone. Tip: To save battery life, see “Battery tips” on page 22. Assemble & charge Note: Your phone comes with a SIM card pre-installed Cover off SIM in...
  • Page 7 Follow the setup wizard to create or log in to your Cool content & more Gmail account. Browse and download thousands of the coolest apps on Note: If you have an existing Gmail account, your the planet from Android Market™. Look in “Apps & contacts from that account are synced to your phone.
  • Page 8: Touchscreen & Keys

    Drag Touchscreen & keys To scroll through a list or Displaying 297 contacts a few essentials move slowly, drag across the In case of emergency touchscreen. Try it: In the Touch tips home screen, touch Abe Baudo Contacts, then drag your Here are some tips on how to navigate around your Contacts list up or down.
  • Page 9 You can also zoom in or out by pinching your fingers Key tips together or moving them apart on the screen. Menu, home, & back Home Key Back Key Search Key Menu Key To zoom, touch with two fingers, then move them apart.
  • Page 10 wake up the touchscreen, just press the Power/Lock Key Rotate the screen again, or open the phone. When you turn the phone, the touchscreen can rotate to To change how long your phone waits before the screen stay right-side up: >...
  • Page 11: Home Screen

    Home screen To... quick access to the things you need most Wake up your phone. Turn Press the on a sleeping touchscreen. Power/Lock Key or Quick start: Home screen open the phone. The home screen gives you all your latest information in See recently used apps.
  • Page 12 Motorola widgets, and more. Flick the home screen left and right • resize widgets to see more panels or to add widgets or shortcuts. , touch and hold a corner until you feel a vibration, then drag. Use & change your home screen...
  • Page 13: Apps & Updates

    Smartphone status & notifications Apps & updates The status bar at the top of get the app you want November 16, 2011 11:35 the screen has icons that Verizon Wireless Clear tell you about messages Quick start: Apps & updates Notifications and smartphone status.
  • Page 14 Tip: Choose your apps and updates carefully, from Choose carefully Market, as some may impact your trusted sites like Apps are great. There's something for everyone. Play, phone’s performance—see “Choose carefully” on communicate, work, or have fun. But remember, choose page 12.
  • Page 15 Your smartphone downloads any updates over your of those forums. mobile network. Remember, these updates can be Motorola Mobility, Inc. and Verizon Wireless are not quite large (25MB or more) and may not be available responsible for your use of those applications or in all countries.
  • Page 16: Calls

    In-call options Calls it’s good to talk Connected 00:12 Verizon Wireless Call Timer Kristine Kelley Mobile (555) 555-7931 Quick start: Calls Chicago, IL Dialing options Phone. From the home screen, touch Recent End Call Calls List Touch to hang up. Touch to open, then touch an Dial Pad...
  • Page 17 To use the speakerphone, touch Speaker. • End calls Note: Using a mobile device or accessory while driving Touch End Call. may cause distraction and may be illegal. Always obey the laws and drive safely. Recent calls Add call End call Dialpad Tip: You can touch Home or Back...
  • Page 18 Conference calls Cool down To start a conference call, call the first number. After the In very limited circumstances, such as where your call connects, touch Add Call. Dial the next number, or phone has been exposed to extreme heat, you may see select it from contacts or favorites.
  • Page 19: Contacts

    • Use a memory card In case of emergency You can transfer contacts from your old phone to your new Motorola phone using your memory card. See Create Contacts “Transfer contacts using your Memory Card” on Abe Baudo page 17.
  • Page 20 Import the contacts from your memory card, Create contacts Contacts, then press Menu touch > Contacts > Find it: and choose where to store Import/Export. the contact Where are contacts saved? Your smartphone saves Call or email contacts new contacts in its memory and on the Google Server or Contacts Find it: Backup Assistant™, if you have a subscription.
  • Page 21 > Edit or You can put your Contacts into groups that you create Touch the contact, then touch Menu Delete. (like “friends” , “family” , or “work”). Then, you can find contacts faster by showing one group at a time. Contacts Google contact from
  • Page 22: Text Entry

    Text entry To... think keyboard, now think smaller Copy Touch and hold text, then touch Select word or Select selected text Typing tips all. Touch and hold again, then To... select Cut or Copy. Enter alternate Press Alternate . Press Paste cut or copied Touch and hold location to...
  • Page 23: Tips & Tricks

    Multi-touch (Touch Screen) KEYPAD Tips & tricks Enter text a letter at a time. As you type, your phone a few handy hints suggests words from your dictionary and chosen language. Your phone also automatically enters General tips apostrophes in some words, like “dont. ” You can also •...
  • Page 24: Digital Living

    Battery tips Digital living Want to extend your battery life? Try these: connect and enjoy • To select a battery profile that suits your phone use, Note: Copyright—do you have the right? Always follow > Settings > Battery & data touch Menu the rules.
  • Page 25: Photos & Videos

    Copy media to server: Sync the media files on your • Photos & videos smartphone with other devices. see it, capture it, share it! Copy media to phone: Copy a picture from one • smartphone to another. Photos • Share media: Allow other devices to access media files on your smartphone.
  • Page 26 5MP, unless you change it. (See “Camera settings” on Camera settings page 24.) > Settings to open In the viewfinder, touch Menu Open your gallery by touching Launcher icon the camera menu and adjust these settings: Gallery and touch a photo to view options: >...
  • Page 27 > Delete. • delete the video, touch Videos Record & share videos Video options Find it: Launcher icon Camcorder > You can make adjustments to optimize your video. Touch one of the buttons on the right side of the viewfinder to make changes (you may need to touch the screen to QVGA 06:54:34 make the buttons appear):...
  • Page 28 View photos & videos View photos & videos Find it: Launcher icon Gallery Tip: Turn the phone sideways for a widescreen view. > The Gallery first displays photos and videos as 3:00 PM thumbnails. Scroll through the thumbnails by flicking Gallery them up or down.
  • Page 29: Music

    Manage photos & videos Music Find it: Launcher icon Gallery > when music is what you need... Touch and hold a picture or video thumbnail, then select Quick upload, Share, Edit, Delete, or More (Set as, Quick start: Music Print). Find it: Launcher icon Music >...
  • Page 30 What music transfer tools do I need? Get music To put music on your computer and then load it on your Transfer music from your computer to your smartphone phone, you need: using a USB cable. See “USB connection” on page 43 to learn how.
  • Page 31 • Fast forward/rewind: Touch and hold To add a song to the playlist you're playing, press > Add to playlist in the music player. Menu • View playlist: Touch To edit, delete and rename playlists, touch and hold the • Shuffle: Touch playlist in the music library.
  • Page 32: Messaging

    Messaging Read & reply to messages Find it: Launcher icon Messaging > sometimes it’s best to text, or IM, or email . . . > Universal Inbox Note: Universal Inbox shows all of your messages Quick start: Messaging together—text, email, and social networking messages. Find it: Launcher icon Messaging >...
  • Page 33 To change your settings, touch Launcher icon Send & receive attachments Messaging > Menu > , then touch: To send a file in a message, open a new message and Manage accounts to add or remove an account. > Insert. •...
  • Page 34: Social Networking

    Networking and Social Status widgets on your home Social networking screen. my life, your life Twitter messages will always appear as “read” on your phone, but your phone notifies you when you receive a Your social networking account new message. You can set up a social network account that integrates Tip: To download updates faster, use “Wi-Fi”...
  • Page 35: Web

    Connect Your phone uses the mobile phone network (over the air) surf the web with your phone or a Wi-Fi connection to automatically access the Web. Note: Your service provider may charge to surf the Web Quick start: Browser or download data. Browser Find it: >...
  • Page 36 Browser options YouTube™ Press Menu to see browser options: Share videos with YouTube users everywhere. You don’t need a YouTube account to browse and view videos. options Find it: Launcher icon YouTube > New Window Open a new browser window. Note: To create an account or sign in, press Menu >...
  • Page 37: Personalize

    Add widgets Touch and hold the empty spot on your screen. Ringtones Touch Motorola widgets or Android widgets and To personalize your ringtones: choose a widget. > Settings > Sound > Phone Find it: Menu...
  • Page 38 • To play tones when using dial pad, touch Menu Programmable side key > Settings > Sound > Audible touch tones. You can set the key on the side of your phone to open • To play sound on a screen selection, touch Menu the feature you use most.
  • Page 39: Location

    > More > Help. For help, press Menu Location Tip: Want to know what’s in your immediate area? Try toss away your maps Places to see listings for Google Places™. Touch Restaurants, ATMs, Gas Stations, and more based on Google Maps™ your current location.
  • Page 40 Touch Select from Contacts, then touch a contact. Hide your location Or, touch Add via email address, then enter an email To hide your location from a friend, press Menu address. > Latitude to show your friend’s list. Touch your contact Touch Yes.
  • Page 41: Bluetooth® Wireless

    Press Menu & off & to scan. > Bluetooth settings. Device name Touch Bluetooth to turn on and scan. If Bluetooth Motorola Phone power is already on, touch Scan for devices. Discoverable Make device discoverable Touch a device to connect.
  • Page 42: Wi-Fi

    Reconnect devices Wi-Fi To automatically reconnect your phone with a paired home, office, or hotspot device, simply turn on the device. To manually reconnect your phone with a paired device, Quick start: Wi-Fi touch the device name in the Bluetooth devices list. >...
  • Page 43 Turn Wi-Fi on or off Wi-Fi hotspot > Settings > Wireless & Find it: Touch Menu Note: You need to subscribe to Wi-Fi hotspot service to networks > Wi-Fi use this feature. Contact your service provider. Note: To extend battery life, turn off Wi-Fi power when You can set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide not in use.
  • Page 44: Memory Card & File Management

    Security—Select WPA2. Enter a unique password. • Memory card & file Other users can access your Wi-Fi hotspot only if they management enter the correct password. copy photos, music, and more to your phone • Broadcast Channel—Select a channel that minimizes potential interference.
  • Page 45 Follow any prompts you see to complete the installation. This may take a few minutes. With your smartphone showing the home screen, connect a Motorola micro USB data cable from your smartphone’s micro USB port to a USB port on your computer. Your smartphone should show in the status bar.
  • Page 46: Tools

    See, hear, speak, feel, and use. Accessibility features are your home screen by touching there for everyone, helping make things easier. and holding an empty space. Then touch Motorola widgets > Note: For general information, accessories, and more, Calendar. visit
  • Page 47: Management

    Your calculator has basic and advanced views. To change Management > Advanced panel/Basic views, press Menu stay in control panel. To clear history, press Menu > Clear history. Wireless manager > Settings > Wireless & networks Find it: Menu Tasks Find it: Launcher icon Tasks Manage all your wireless connections: Wi-Fi,...
  • Page 48 Using your computer: this feature is turned on. Go to On your computer, go to for rates, countries, and check the coverage limitations and features. “Software” links. If an update is available, simply follow the installation instructions. Manually switch network mode (outside the U.S.)
  • Page 49: Security

    Note: You can make emergency calls on a locked Security smartphone (see “Emergency calls” on page 16). A help keep your phone safe locked smartphone still rings, but you need to unlock it to answer. Quick start: Security Lock pattern >...
  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    Password lock Troubleshooting > Settings To set the password, press Menu we’re here to help > Location & security > Set up screen lock > Password. Backup Assistant Enter a password (up to eight characters), then confirm Backup Assistant is a free service from Verizon Wireless that saves your phone’s address book to a secure server.
  • Page 51 If you have questions or need assistance, go to, where you can select from a number of customer care options. You can also contact the Motorola Customer Support Center at 1-800-734-5870 (United States), 1-888-390-6456 (TTY/TDD United States for hearing impaired), or 1-800-461-4575 (Canada).
  • Page 52: Safety, Regulatory & Legal

    The following battery use and safety information applies to all Motorola mobile devices. If Battery Use & Safety • Remove the battery and inspect it to confirm that it has a “Motorola Original” hologram; your mobile device uses a non-removable main battery (as stated in your product •...
  • Page 53: Third Party Accessories

    It is your mobile device’s warranty. For a list of Motorola accessories, visit always a good idea to hold the screen away from your eyes, leave the lights on in the room,
  • Page 54: Glass Parts

    2.5 cm (1 inch) from your body when transmitting. • Using accessories not supplied or approved by Motorola may cause your mobile device to exceed RF energy exposure guidelines. For a list of Motorola-supplied or approved accessories, visit our website at:
  • Page 55: Follow Instructions To Avoid Interference Problems

    Additional information can be found at Regulatory Information European Union Directives Conformance Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with national and international regulatory Statement requirements. For full compliance statements and details, please refer to the regulatory information in your printed product guide.
  • Page 56: Industry Canada Notice To Users

    See 47 CFR Sec. 15.19(a)(3). • All other relevant EU Directives Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. Any changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. See 47 CFR Sec.
  • Page 57: Emergency Calls

    Motorola understands that privacy and data security are important to everyone. Because Privacy & Data Security • Get to know your Motorola mobile device and its features such as speed dial, some features of your mobile device may affect your privacy or data security, please follow redial and voice dial.
  • Page 58 To care for your Motorola mobile device, please observe the following: available. • Keep software up to date—If Motorola or a software/application vendor releases a liquids patch or software fix for your mobile device that updates the device’s security, install it as Don’t expose your mobile device to water, rain, extreme humidity, sweat, or...
  • Page 59: California Perchlorate Label

    Software Copyright Notice Motorola products may include copyrighted Motorola and third-party software stored in Some Motorola phones are measured for compatibility with hearing aids. If the box for your Hearing Aid Compatibility semiconductor memories or other media. Laws in the United States and other countries particular model has “Rated for Hearing Aids”...
  • Page 60: Product Registration

    OSS Information Service & Repairs Motorola related to software used in this Motorola mobile device, you may send your request in writing to the address below. Please make sure that the request includes the model If you have questions or need assistance, we're here to help.
  • Page 61: Products And Accessories

    What Will Motorola Do? abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of Motorola, are Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any excluded from coverage.
  • Page 62: What Other Limitations Are There

    You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products, Accessories or Software, at your 1-800-461-4575 (Canada) expense, to a Motorola Authorized Repair Center. To obtain service, you must include: (a) a Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available copy of your receipt, bill of sale or other comparable proof of purchase;...
  • Page 64