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Philips 32PFL66x6H User Manual

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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at 32PFL66x6H 37PFL66x6H 40PFL66x6H 46PFL66x6H 55PFL66x6H 32PFL66x6K 37PFL66x6K 40PFL66x6K 46PFL66x6K 55PFL66x6K 32PFL66x6T 37PFL66x6T 40PFL66x6T 46PFL66x6T 55PFL66x6T 32PFL5806K 40PFL5806K 46PFL5806K EN User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Get started Troubleshooting TV tour Contact Philips Important General TV Environmental efforts TV channel Position the TV Picture Help and support Sound HDMI Use your TV Controls Network Watch TV Product specifications Watch a connected device Ambilight Power and reception...
  • Page 3: Get Started

    1 Get started TV tour Remote control To open or close the Find menu. In the Find menu, access the channel list. To adjust the volume. To open or close the Adjust menu. In the Adjust menu, access a range of frequently used settings.
  • Page 4 Connect devices To return to the previous menu page or to exit from a TV function. Press and hold to return to watching TV. To select a red menu option, access digital Interactive TV services*, or watch TV For the best picture and sound quality, demonstration clips.
  • Page 5: High Definition Tv

    TV. Net TV offers movies, pictures, music For more information about the availability and much more. of HD channels in your country, contact Read more in Use your TV > Browse Net your Philips dealer or visit TV (Page 20).
  • Page 6: Important

    When wall mounting the TV, use only a the power outlet immediately. Contact wall mount that can support the weight Philips Consumer Care to have the TV of the TV. Secure the wall mount to a checked before use. wall that can support the combined ...
  • Page 7: Environmental Efforts

    Risk of injury, fire or power cord damage! Energy efficiency  Never place the TV or any objects on the power cord. Philips continuously focuses on lowering the  Disconnect the TV from the socket and environmental impact of our innovative aerial before lightning storms. During consumer products.
  • Page 8: Position The Tv

     Power management: The advanced Your product contains batteries covered by the European Directive 2006/66/EC, which power management of this TV ensures cannot be disposed of with normal the most efficient use of its energy. household waste. Please inform yourself To view how your personalised TV about the local rules on separate collection settings affect the TV's relative power...
  • Page 9: Wall Mount

    TV mounting that results in accident, injury or damage. Before you mount the TV:  Purchase a Philips TV mount or a compatible TV mount.  For certain models, remove the wall mount plugs from the back of the TV.
  • Page 10: Help And Support

    (available in certain countries only) Contact Philips If you like, you can contact Philips Consumer Care in your country for support. You can find the contact number in the leaflet accompanying the TV.
  • Page 11: Use Your Tv

    2 Use your TV Indicators Controls TV controls 1. Ambient sensor / remote control sensor Ambient sensor is available on certain models only. Remote control +/-: Increase or decrease volume. 2. AMBILIGHT: Switch Ambilight on or off. Ambilight is available on certain models only. (Home): Access the Home menu.
  • Page 12 Caution: The battery contains perchlorate (Home): Access the Home menu. (Navigation buttons): Navigate material, handle it with care. For information, through menus and select items. CH - / CH + (Previous/Next): Switch channels, navigate through menu pages, tracks, albums or folders. If your remote control signal is weak, replace 7.
  • Page 13: Watch Tv

    You can also view a slideshow of the images in your smartphone on the TV. To download the application 'Philips My Remote', visit the Apple Apps store or the Android Market. Follow the instructions provided at the applications store.
  • Page 14: Adjust Tv Volume

    Switch the TV on  Press the power switch at the base of the TV to the ON position.  If the TV is in standby, press on the remote control. Note: There is a short delay before the TV responds.
  • Page 15: View Programme Guide

    Manage channel lists View programme guide You can view all channels or only your The programme guide displays information favourite channels in the channel list. about digital TV channels, for example:  Channel schedules FIND. The While you watch TV, press ...
  • Page 16: Watch A Connected Device

    The available picture formats depend on the Use smart picture settings video source: Select your preferred picture setting.  [Auto fill]: Adjust the picture to fill the 1. While you watch TV, press ADJUST. screen (subtitles remain visible). 2. Select [Smart picture]. Recommended for minimal screen 3.
  • Page 17 .  Press and hold to exit content Caution: Philips is not responsible if the USB browser. storage device is not supported, nor is it Press OPTIONS to access or exit the responsible for damage or loss of data in the following picture options: device.
  • Page 18: Ambilight

     [Slideshow transition]: Set the transition from one picture to the next.  [Set as Scenea]: Set the selected picture as wallpaper on TV. Ambilight What you can do *Available on certain models only. Ambilight gives a more relaxed viewing experience.
  • Page 19: Browse Pc Through Dlna

    Allow. Play (uPnP) router. A green tick appears next to the device.  A Philips wireless USB adapter or a  By default, Windows Media Player LAN cable that connects your TV to shares files from these folders: My your home network.
  • Page 20: Browse Net Tv

    Find out more on Net TV services at the connected to the home network, and the Net TV forum website, media server software is properly set up. 1. Switch on the computer and the router. 2. Switch on your TV. 3. Press...
  • Page 21: What You Need

    OK. The registration menu is 2. On your TV, configure Net TV. displayed. 3. On your PC, register with Philips to enjoy 3. To register with Club Philips, select exclusive benefits and receive updates on [Register], then press OK.
  • Page 22: Rent Online Video

    Access website To scroll through an Internet page, use the Navigation buttons to jump from highlight 1. Select an Internet App, then press OK. to highlight. 2. Use the Numeric buttons on the TV Reload page remote control to enter a web address. If a page does not load correctly, reload it.
  • Page 23 Rent a video Follow the instructions described here. If you insert the card incorrectly, you might damage To rent a video, select its icon on the video store page and press OK. In most cases you the card. All existing content on the SD card is erased before you download rented can rent a video for one day or for a couple videos.
  • Page 24: Use More Of Your Tv

    USB hard disk to the TV and USB hard disk until this process is complete. format it. Caution:  Philips is not responsible if the USB hard device is not supported, nor is it responsible for damage or loss of data in the device. ...
  • Page 25: Record Tv Shows

     Pause a live TV broadcast Switch the TV to standby.  Switch to another channel.  Switch source to watch from a connected device - a Blu-ray disc player or digital receiver. To change playback speed Press repeatedly. To jump back to the beginning of the TV broadcast Press the left navigation button repeatedly until you reach the beginning of the...
  • Page 26: Start Recording

    Caution:  2. Switch on the TV and the hard disk, if it Philips is not responsible if the USB hard has an external power source. device is not supported, nor is it responsible for damage or loss of data 3.
  • Page 27 If your TV remote control does not have a Set a timed recording button: To manually set a recording that is not linked to any programme: and select [Programme guide]. 1. Press 1. From the programme guide page, press 2. With the current TV programme selected, OPTIONS, select [Manual record], and OPTIONS and select [Record].
  • Page 28: Enjoy Hbbtv

    Delete a recording Access HbbTV To delete an existing recording: When you tune to a TV channel that offers 1. Select the recording in the list and press HbbTV, the interactive pages will open OPTIONS. automatically or, at some point, you will be 2.
  • Page 29: View Teletext

    Teletext language View Teletext Some digital TV broadcasters provide several teletext languages. You can set your primary Select a page and secondary language. 1. Select a channel that has teletext feature, 1. Press . then press TEXT. 2. Select [Setup] > [Channel settings] or 2.
  • Page 30: Set Locks And Timers

    1. In the [Clock] menu, select [Date] or Teletext 2.5 [Time], then press OK. Teletext 2.5 offers more colours and better 2. Use the Navigation buttons to make your graphics than normal teletext. If Teletext 2.5 selection. is broadcast by a channel, it is switched on 3.
  • Page 31: View Subtitles

    Parental rating Subtitle language Some digital broadcasters rate their You can change the subtitle language on programmes according to age. You can set some digital channels. your TV to display only programmes with 1. Press . age ratings lower than your child's age. 2.
  • Page 32: Use Easylink

    To switch on auto subtitle shift, see Use compatible with Philips EasyLink. more of your TV > Use EasyLink > Maximize display for video with subtitles After you switch on Philips EasyLink, these (Page 34). features are available: One-touch play...
  • Page 33 Switch on connected device to standby. To switch on or off EasyLink Other EasyLink buttons are available through Note: If you do not intend to use Philips the On-Screen Remote Control (OSRC). Easylink, switch it off. To access the OSRC 1.
  • Page 34: Retain Picture Quality

    ADJUST to receive audio from 1. Press audio mode. the connected Philips EasyLink device. Retain picture quality If available, audio only mode is enabled. 2. Accept the prompt on the TV to turn off If your TV picture quality is affected by the the TV screen.
  • Page 35: Set Up Your Tv

    4 Set up your TV  [PC mode]: Allow picture settings to be changed when a PC is connected to the TV through HDMI. If enabled, you can select [Picture Settings assistant format] > [Unscaled] which provides maximum detail for display of PC Use the settings assistant to guide you content.
  • Page 36: Channels

    Audio settings Channels Select audio language If the TV channel has multiple or dual sound Reorder and rename broadcast, you can select the preferred Reorder channels audio language. While you watch TV, press OPTIONS. After the channels are installed, you can ...
  • Page 37: Update Channel List

    To disable automatic updates Hide or unhide In the [Channel installation] menu, select Hide channels [Automatic channel update] > [Off]. To prevent unauthorised access to channels, To manually update channels hide them from the channel list. 1. Press . FIND. 1.
  • Page 38 Notes Install analogue channels  If the reception is poor, reposition your You can search and store analogue TV antenna and repeat the procedure. channels manually.  If you receive the channel with DVB-C, Step 1: Select your system select [Automatic] in [Symbol rate Note: Skip this step if your system settings mode] unless your cable provider are correct.
  • Page 39: Menu Language

    4. Select [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Preferences] > [Channel list copy] > You can copy channel lists from one Philips [Copy to TV], then press OK.The channel TV to another through a USB storage device. You do not need to search for list is copied to the TV.
  • Page 40: Set Universal Access

     Yellow - [Headphones]: Hear visually Set universal access impaired audio from headphones only. (if applicable)  Green - [Speakers]: Hear visually Switch on impaired audio from speakers only. Some digital TV broadcasters provide special  Blue - [Speakers + headphones]: Hear audio and subtitle features for people who visually impaired audio from speakers are hearing or visually impaired.
  • Page 41: Update Software

    Wait for the TV to switch back on. Do not on your product. Philips cannot be held use the power switch on the TV or the liable or be made responsible for problems remote control.
  • Page 42: Reinstall The Tv

    2. Select [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Reinstall TV], then press OK. 4. At the Philips Support site, find your 3. Follow the onscreen instructions. product and locate the [Help] file for your TV. The file (a *.upg file) is compressed into a *.zip archive.
  • Page 43: Connect Your Tv

    5 Connect your About cables Cable quality Overview Before you connect devices to the TV, check the available connectors on the device. Connect the device to the TV with the highest quality connection available. Good quality cables ensure a good transfer of picture and sound.
  • Page 44: Connect Devices

    SCART A SCART cable combines video and audio Use this connection to display PC content signals. on the TV. SCART connectors can handle RGB video For video and sound, use the VGA and signals but cannot handle high-definition AUDIO IN connectors. (HD) TV signals.
  • Page 45: Tv Receiver

    Blu-ray or DVD disc player Connect the disc player with an HDMI cable to the TV. Connect the disc player with a component cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV. TV receiver Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver with an antenna cable to the TV. (SAT is available on certain models only.)
  • Page 46 Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver with an HDMI cable to the TV. Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver with a SCART cable to the TV. Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver with a component cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV.
  • Page 47 Recorder Connect the recorder with an antenna cable to the TV. (SAT is available on certain models only.) Connect the recorder with a SCART cable to the TV. Connect the recorder with a component cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV.
  • Page 48: Game Console

    For the best gaming experience, set the TV Game console to game mode. The most practical connectors for a game ADJUST. 1. Press console are on the side of the TV. However, 2. Select [Smart picture] > [Game], then you can also use the connectors at the back press OK.
  • Page 49 Home theatre system Connect the home theatre with an HDMI cable and an optical or coaxial audio cable to the TV. (Optical audio output is available on certain models only.) Connect the home theatre with a SCART cable to the TV. Connect the home theatre with a component cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV.
  • Page 50 Digital camera Connect the digital camera with a USB cable to the TV. Digital camcorder Connect the digital camera with an HDMI cable to the TV. Connect the digital camcorder with a component cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV.
  • Page 51: Connect More Devices

    Connect more devices External hard disk Connect the external hard disk with a USB cable to the TV. Computer Connect the computer with an HDMI cable to the TV. Connect the computer with a DVI-HDMI cable to the TV.
  • Page 52 Connect the computer with a VGA cable and an audio cable to the TV. Net TV keys on your keyboard Keyboard and mouse  Enter : OK to confirm an entry. USB keyboard  Backspace : return to the previous *Available on certain models only.
  • Page 53: Computers And The Internet

     Computers and the To connect your TV to the Internet, you also need a high-speed connection Internet to the Internet. Note: This DLNA1.5 network feature supports these computer operating systems: What you can do Microsoft Windows XP or Vista, Intel Mac Browse PC OSX or Linux.
  • Page 54 Note: The routers with WPS and the strongest signal are shown first in the list on screen.  The wireless network operates in the same 2.4GHz frequency spectrum as Select the router you need. If you are common household devices, such as connecting a WPS router, select [WPS] on Dect phones, microwave ovens or the TV.
  • Page 55 For the availability of the wireless USB discs may not be projected. adapter, check with your local retailers or  The TV shows PC media files with a buy online at small delay. Install Wi-Fi MediaConnect (with CD-  Wi-Fi MediaConnect is available for PC ROM) only.
  • Page 56: Common Interface

    1. Switch off the TV. Common interface 2. Follow the directions printed on the CAM and insert the CAM into the Common Interface at the side of the TV. What you can do 3. Push the CAM in as far as it will go, then To watch some digital TV programmes, you wait for the CAM to be activated.
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    TV at contraction of the TV as it cools and warms You can also contact Philips Consumer Care up. This does not affect performance. in your country for support. You can find the...
  • Page 58: Picture

    An "e-sticker" banner displaying Picture information appears on the TV display: The TV is in [Shop] mode. To remove the The TV is on, but there is no picture or the e-sticker, set the TV to [Home] mode, then picture is distorted: restart the TV.
  • Page 59: Hdmi

    HDMI Network There are problems with HDMI devices: Net TV does not work  If the connection to the router is properly Note that HDCP (High-bandwidth set up, check the router connection to the Digital Content Protection) support can Internet. delay the time taken for a TV to display content from a HDMI device.
  • Page 60: Product Specifications

    For power consumption, see the Dynamic Bass Enhancement product specifications at  Mono / Stereo / NICAM The power rating stated on the product Display resolutions typeplate is the power consumption for this product during normal household use (IEC Computer formats - HDMI 62087 Ed.2).
  • Page 61: Multimedia

     Multimedia Ethernet UTP5 Supported image files  JPEG (*.jpg) Supported multimedia connections  USB (FAT or DOS-formatted; Mass Storage Class compliant with 500mA only)  SD card slot Supported audio/video files Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters. Supported audio/video files Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters.
  • Page 62: Connectivity

    Bottom (PFL66x6T) Connectivity  Network: Ethernet  DIGITAL AUDIO OUT: Optical Rear (PFL66x6H, PFL66x6K, and  HDMI 2: HDMI PFL58x6K)  HDMI 1 ARC: HDMI Audio Return  EXT 1 (RGB/CVBS): SCART Channel  EXT 2: Component video (Y Pb Pr), ...
  • Page 63 Use your TV legend to note the weight of the TV without the stand. Use your TV legend to note the weight of the TV with stand. Use your TV legend to note the dimensions of your TV (with and without the stand).
  • Page 64: Help Version

    Use your TV legend to note the thickness of your TV (with and without the stand). Help version UMv 3139 137 04124 - 20110815...
  • Page 65: Index

    HDMI - 43 connect, USB - 17 HDMI ARC - 43 connectors - 4 hearing impaired - 40 contact information, on Internet - 10 help, onscreen - 10 contact Philips - 10 high-definition (HD), content - 5 controls - 11...
  • Page 66 home menu - 3 home mode - 9 recording, TV shows - 25 recordings, manage - 27 recycle - 7 install channels - 37 register product - 10 install channels (automatic) - 37 reinstall TV - 42 install channels (manual) - 38 remote control - 11 remote control, batteries - 12 remote control, onscreen - 33...
  • Page 67 teletext 2.5 - 30 teletext, digital text - 29 teletext, dual screen - 29 teletext, enlarge - 29 teletext, language - 29 teletext, search - 29 teletext, subpages - 29 universal access, enable - 40 universal access, hearing impaired - 40 universal access, visually impaired - 40 USB keyboard - 52 USB mouse - 52...
  • Page 68 Any operation expressly prohibited in market products that cause no adverse health this manual, or any adjustments and effects. Philips confi rms that if its products are assembly procedures not recommended handled properly for their intended use, they or authorised in this manual shall void the are safe to use according to scientifi...
  • Page 69: Declaration Of Conformity

    Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further DLNA , the DLNA Logo and DLNA developments in standardisation for early CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks integration in its products.
  • Page 70: Digital Tv Switchover

    Info for UK only. Information about how to re-tune your TV during the digital TV switchover. How the switchover affects Television in the UK is going digital, bringing us all more choice and new services. Starting in your TV equipment: late 2007 and ending in 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV Your new TV has a digital tuner built in, which...
  • Page 71 How to re-tune: Digital UK, the body leading the digital TV 1. Press h on the remote control. switchover, will advise you when you need to re-tune during the switchover. 2. Select Setup and press OK. If you do not re-tune your channels when 3.
  • Page 72: Contact Information

    North: 0 800 331 6015 Slovensko 0800 004537 Bezplatný hovor Italia 800 088774 Numero Verde Slovenija 080080254 lokalni klic Қазақстан +7 727 250 66 17 local This information is correct at the time of print. For updated information, see
  • Page 73 © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Document order number 313913704124...