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Haier HHH1A-2G User Manual

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2009 Haier
Haier America Trading LLC
. All rights reserved


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Haier HHH1A-2G

  • Page 1 USER MANUAL Trainer HHH1A-2G Copyright 2009 Haier Haier America Trading LLC . All rights reserved...
  • Page 2: Preface

    PREFACE Congratulations on purchasing the Haier HHH1A-2G Trainer. The unique, easy-to-program features of your new Trainer will help enhance your next workout experience. IMPORTANT THIS PRODUCT IS FOR SPORT PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT MEANT TO REPLACE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE.
  • Page 3 10. Keep the device away from strong magnetic fields. 11. Do not disassemble or modify the device yourself. 12. Use only Haier authorized parts and accessories. Parts and accessories not approved for use with the device may damage the unit.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE ..........................2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION................ 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS ..................... 4 UNDERSTANDING YOUR HHH1A-2G TRAINER............7 Product Highlights....................7 Keys Functions......................7 Player and Accessories ..................... 8 GETTING STARTED......................9 Turning the Power On....................9 Turning the Power Off ................... 10 Key Lock........................
  • Page 5 FM RADIO MODE ......................25 Radio Screen......................25 Listening to FM Radio ................... 25 FM Radio Setup ...................... 26 FM Radio Station Scan ..................26 Auto Scan..................... 26 Manual Scan....................26 Status........................27 Add Preset ....................... 27 Delete Preset......................27 SETTINGS MODE......................28 Profile Editing ......................
  • Page 6 Logout ......................42 Exit the Software ..................42 Format Content (Run Data) of Device.............42 Load Songs from PC to the Device ............... 43 Drag and Drop .................... 43 DRM Type Transfer ...................43 Disconnect the device from PC................45 BATTERY POWER INDICATION AND LOW BATTERY WARNING..... 46 Charging your Player .....................
  • Page 7: Understanding Your Hhh1A-2G Trainer

    UNDERSTANDING YOUR HHH1A-2G TRAINER Product Highlights Pedometer Heart Beat Monitor Stopwatch Music Player Rhapsody Supported FM Radio ID3 Tag Supported DRM 10 Supported Music Library Mass Storage Device USB 2.0 High Speed Keys Functions Clip Option Display Mode Back Page...
  • Page 8: Player And Accessories

    Player and Accessories USER MANUAL Trainer HHH1A-2G USB cable (for PC connection HHH1A-2G and battery charging) Copyright 2009 Haier America Trading LLC. All rights reserved User Manual Earphones (contains HeartPal PC software)
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Slide and hold for three second to power ON 2. Your device will perform the following actions every time it is turned on. 2.1 Haier message will appear. Trainer 2.2 Load your music library Building Music Library...
  • Page 10: Turning The Power Off

    2.4 Bring up the music screen. Music Press to start Turning the Power Off To turn the device off, slide the power key from the locked position to the left and hold until a screen saying “Bye” appears. Shutting Down Slide and hold for three second to power OFF Note:...
  • Page 11: Using The Keys

    USING THE KEYS Mode / Back Page Key Press the key to: 1. Switch between five modes on your device: Music, Workout, Heart Beat, Radio Setting mode. 2. Go back to the previous screen. M (Option) Key Press the key to: 1.
  • Page 12: Navigating Through The Modes

    NAVIGATING THROUGH THE MODES Press the key to start scrolling through different mode selections. Advance to the next mode selection by pressing the key. The mode selections will be shown in the following sequence: Music mode Workout mode Heart Beat mode Radio mode Setting Music mode.
  • Page 13: Music Mode

    MUSIC MODE Music Press to start Song Screen Shuffle Song Lock Battery Status 0001 / 1000 Note: Artist Name Artist Name Shuffle ON Song Name Song Name Repeat one time 02:4 5 Repeat all Play Time Playing Repeat Shuffle Status Line Time Listening to Music...
  • Page 14 Press the key to select the option, and press the key to select a song. Press the key to play the selected song. 0001/ 1000 Artist Name Song Name 02:45 Press the key to increase or decrease the volume. The volume ranges from 1 to 10. Volume up Volume down Press the...
  • Page 15: Setting Up Music Play Sequence, Repeat Option And Equalizer

    Setting Up Music Play Sequence, Repeat option and Equalizer 1. Press the key for browsing up or down the list. 2. Press the key to confirm selection. Music Play all Artists Albums Songs Now Playing Repeat Music Play Sequence Play all: Play all songs in their loaded sequence in your device.
  • Page 16: Repeat Option

    Songs: Select to play all songs or a particular song. Songs Play all Song 001 Song 002 Now Playing: Go to playback screen of the current playing song. Repeat Option Select repeat play settings: 1. Repeat Off: The device will not repeat songs played. 2.
  • Page 17: Workout Mode

    WORKOUT MODE Workout Press to start In this mode, the device will measure and capture your workout information: the number of steps you take, running/walking distance, speed, and calories burned. Since the counters are activated as soon as you select the Workout mode, you should begin to jog or walk.
  • Page 18: Counter Screens

    Counter Screens Press the key to scroll through four different counter screens in sequence (Distance -> Steps -> Speed -> Clock) to view the different counters. Distance screen Step screen Lock Title Battery status Steps Distance 00 00 00 Cal:0000 Distance by run Distance by walk 0.00mi...
  • Page 19: Stopwatch

    Stopwatch In the Distance / Steps / Speed screen, press the (Split) key to log the current elapsed time. The logged time can only be seen at the bottom right hand corner of the Distance / Steps screen (marked by an “s”, the calorie counter will not be displayed) while the elapsed time counter at the left continues to count.
  • Page 20: Review The Saved Information

    Review the Saved Information You may review your workout information saved, either once it's downloaded to your PC or on the device. View Record 1. At the Workout mode screen, press the key to enter the options menu and choose View Records (saved workout information).
  • Page 21: Select Workout Program

    Select Workout Program Select Mode Select Mode Basic Advanced You can set the heart beat measurement ON & OFF while the pedometer and stopwatch remains active. Program Descriptions Information Basic Optimum for self-training with Default for Workout mode time and distance monitoring. Advanced Multi-counter for fitness and The device will automatically...
  • Page 22: Heart Beat Mode

    HEART BEAT MODE HeartBeat Heartbeat Sensor Press to start Note: Consult your physician or healthcare provider to help you determine your maximum heart beat rate, resting heart beat rate, and target heart beat rate, required exercise frequency and appropriate duration. Heart Beat Screens Title Title...
  • Page 23 1. Press the key to start the sensor. An animation will appear prompting you to place your thumb on the lens of the sensor. 2. The device will begin measuring your heart beat rate and the heart icon will blink. 3.
  • Page 24: Review The Saved Heart Beat Measurements

    Note: If the heart icon does not blink, or an error message shows up, you may have pressed on the lens too hard, not covering the lens entirely with your thumb or moved your thumb away from the lens during the measurement process. Repeat from Step 1 of “Taking your Heart Beat Rate”...
  • Page 25: Fm Radio Mode

    FM RADIO MODE Radio 87.5MHz Note: The earphones must be inserted into the earphones jack of the device to receive FM radio signals. Radio Screen Preset Station Screen Manual Station Screen Title Title Battery status Battery status Lock Lock Radio Radio Channel Preset...
  • Page 26: Fm Radio Setup

    3. Press the key to listen to the next preset station, press to listen to the previous preset station. 4. Press the key to mute the radio station. FM Radio Setup At the Radio mode screen, press the key to setup the FM radio. Radio Options CH01...
  • Page 27: Status

    Status Select Manual status or Preset status as the default setting of the Radio mode. Status Manual Preset Manual status: You can select radio stations manually. Preset status: You can select and play radio stations in the preset channel list only. Add Preset Add a radio station to the preset channel list.
  • Page 28: Settings Mode

    SETTINGS MODE Settings Press to enter In this mode, you may setup the device to your favorite setting, enter your personal health information and calibrate it to your stride length (the distant traveled with one step) for more accurate distance measurements. At the Settings mode screen, press the key to see the setting list.
  • Page 29: Calibration

    Calibration The distance counter relies on the step counts and your stride length (the distance traveled with one step). While the device has a default stride length, this “Calibration” setup for accurate distance measurements using your stride length (i.e. step counts multiply by stride length).
  • Page 30: Language

    Language: Select the language to be used in all screens: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or French (optional). Language English Tra.chiness Sim.chines French Display Display timer: Set the duration (5s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s, 120s or Always On) in which the screen stay on.
  • Page 31: Units

    Units The distance units can be set as Miles (default) or Kilometers. The unit of measurements (Metric/ Imperial) in all screens in the device will be changed according to this setting. Units Kilometers Miles System Info Version: Firmware version (for upgrade and problem reporting purpose) Capacity: Built-in memory size in the device Free Mem: Memory space left for storing songs and saving workout and heart beat measurement records.
  • Page 32: Connection To Compute

    CONNECTION TO COMPUTE Minimum System Requirement You can connect the device to a PC via the provided USB 2.0 cable for charging and file transfer purposes. Your PC system must meet the following minimum requirements: - Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista. Other operating systems are not supported. - CD-ROM drive - USB 1.1 port or above (USB 2.0 is recommended) Connect the Device to PC...
  • Page 33: Pc Software - Heartpal

    There will be an additional icon in "Removable Disk" type, which represents the device. PC Software - HeartPal Install HeartPal software 1) Please insert the supplied CD and install the HeartPal software. 2) Follow the instruction and complete the installation.
  • Page 34: Start Heartpal

    Start HeartPal Please connect the device to your PC using a USB cable. On Windows desktop, click Start -> HeartPal -> HeartPal Create new account On HeartPal initial page, click “Sign up”. The “New Account” page will show. Please fill in all fields and then click the button.
  • Page 35: My Home

    Upload data from device to PC With successful login/signup, the upload data page will come up. Click to upload data from device to PC if there is any. It also enables HeartPal to save changes made in your account to the device. Click to skip uploading data from device to PC.
  • Page 36: My Runs

    My Runs Click the button along the bottom to go to My Runs page. Weeks Click the button to show run data by weeks. Months Click the button to show run data by months. Click the heart rate button to show heart rate data. Click the calories button to show calories data.
  • Page 37: My Goal

    My Goal My Goal Click the button along the bottom to go to My Goal page. Create new goal 1. Select type of goal: distance, time or calories. 2. Enter/modify the target number for the type of goal. 3. Enter/modify the “Start At” date. 4.
  • Page 38: My Music

    Delete goal 1. Select the goal record on the right side of the page that needs to be deleted. Clicked button. Delete Goal Status Finished Goal is shown with a “check”. finished 2days start at 10-07-08 at 12-07-08 Delete 10km Unfinished and expired goal is shown finished 7days...
  • Page 39: My Community

    My Community My Community Click the button along the bottom to go to My Community page. Click the World Events links button will bring up World Events page. Click the Fitness information & link button will bring up Fitness information & link page. Click the Health care tips button will bring up Health care tips page.
  • Page 40 My Community – Fitness information & link http://waling Click the button will bring up the web page shown on the button My Community – Health Care Tips http://waling Click the button will bring up the web page shown on the button.
  • Page 41: My Profile

    My Profile Edit and Save Profile 1. Make modification on the information in the profile. 2. Remember to enter the password entries. If not changing password, just enter the existing password in the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” entries. Save 3.
  • Page 42: My Support

    My Support My Suport Click the button along the bottom to go to My Support page. This page shows the current version of the software. Remove Account Click the button. This will bring up the confirmation page. Remove Account 2. Click the button to confirm.
  • Page 43: Load Songs From Pc To The Device

    Load Songs from PC to the Device Drag and Drop After the device is connected to the PC for uploading/downloading, simply “drag and drop” to copy / move the music / data files between PC and the device. 1. Use the USB cable to connect the device to your PC. 2.
  • Page 44 i. Drag your files to the sync list in the left pane. Click "Start Sync" to begin synchronization. ii. Select a playlist from the drop down menu of "Sync List", then click "Start Sync". Files in the list will be transferred to your device. Tips: For further details on media files transfer using WMP 10, please go to the "help"...
  • Page 45: Disconnect The Device From Pc

    Disconnect the device from PC 1. Double click the hardware icon on the task tray of your computer as shown below: 2. Click the popup message as shown below and a window will appear. 3. Select your device and click "ok" to confirm the disconnection. 4.
  • Page 46: Battery Power Indication And Low Battery Warning

    BATTERY POWER INDICATION AND LOW BATTERY WARNING The battery sign in the upper right hand corner of the display gives you an indication of estimated power left. 100% power 70% power left 50% power left 30% power left flashing 10% power left Charge your player immediately when the battery sign flashes.
  • Page 47: Trouble Shooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING Symptom Diagnostics The device will not turn on The battery level is too low. Please charge the device. Reset the device. (Please refer “Reset Your Player” in this section ) The device cannot be If connected to USB hub, make sure the hub is charged when connected to self-powered Disconnect and reconnect the device to the PC.
  • Page 48 The display is weak. The battery level is too low. Charge the device. The workout values Improper wear of the device (Please refer to “Wearing displayed seems wrong. your device” section.) When the device is placed in a bag and the bag moves irregularly.
  • Page 49: Reset Player

    Turn the power on to complete reset. LIABILITY EXEMPTION STATEMENT Haier America Trading LLC will not be responsible for any security risks exempted from or not mentioned in this information manual. All the information included in this manual was produced with our careful caution, but there may still be some errors and mistakes.
  • Page 50: Regulatory Information

    REGULATORY INFORMATION Declaration of conformity Trade name: Haier America Trading LLC Model: HHH1A-2G For customers in USA or Canada This device complies with part 15 of FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference.
  • Page 51: Disposal Of Your Old Product

    DISPOSAL OF YOUR OLD PRODUCT Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product, it means the product is covered by European Directive 2002/96/EC. To prevent any potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, please act according to your local rules regarding the disposal of this device.
  • Page 52: Specification

    SPECIFICATION Product Model HHH1A-2G Size ( W x H x D) 55 x 36 x 20mm Weight Flash Memory Display OLED Display Playable Format MP3, WMA FM Frequency 87.5MHz – 108MHz Battery Type Built-in Re-chargeable Li-Polymer Battery (140mAH, 3.7V) Charging...
  • Page 53: Rhapsody Information

    RHAPSODY INFORMATION Rhapsody system requirements for your computer: • Windows Vista or XP • The latest version of Windows Media Player To download and install Rhapsody software from the web: Visit this url: (placeholder) 1. Sign up and create a Rhapsody account 2.
  • Page 54 To transfer music to your [player] 1. Sign in to Rhapsody on your computer and connect your device. 2. Drag and drop music from My Library, the Music Guide, or the Playlists/Mixer area to the [player] icon in the Sources area. You can also add Rhapsody Channels from My Channels or the Channel Guide.
  • Page 55: Trainer Warranty Information

    TRAINER WARRANTY INFORMATION Trainer Important Safety Information Product Guide Read this guide carefully and keep it in a safe place. Following all guidelines is important for your health and safety when using the Trainer. Important Safety Information • Read and keep these guidelines. •...
  • Page 56 Trainer Earphones and Volume Control Damage to Hearing: The Trainer can operate at volumes loud enough to cause damage to your hearing. To avoid this and protect your hearing, follow these guidelines: Keep the volume low. Set the volume at a level where you can hear noises around you clearly. You should be able to hear someone nearby speaking in a normal tone of voice.
  • Page 57 Hearing Loss Symptoms If you experience any of these hearing loss symptoms, stop using the Trainer and have your hearing checked by an audiologist: • Hearing loss • Ringing in the ears • Your speech sounds quiet or muffled to you •...
  • Page 58 Keep this guide in a safe place. If you need to replace this guide, contact Haier customer service or visit Repairs: Do not repair or alter this product on your own! Attempts to fix this product may result in electric shock or other hazards.
  • Page 59 Follow all directions in this manual and the Trainer User Guide for proper use of the Trainer. Do not use near any source of heat, such as fire or ovens. Use only accessories and attachments provided or recommended by Haier. Clean gently with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Page 60 Haier, (5) to the appearance of the product or the exterior of the product, which has been damaged or defaced, altered or modified in design or construction, (6) to any and all of the...
  • Page 61 You must have the proof of purchase with you. If you ship this product to a service center, make sure that it is carefully packaged. Remove or delete any private or personal files and data before you send the Trainer device to Haier or bring it in for service.
  • Page 62 HAIER DOES NOT HAVE ANY WARRANTY REGARDING ITS WARRANTY SERVICE(S). HAIER DISCLAIMS ALL DUTIES (IF APPLICABLE) OF WORKMANLIKE EFFORT OR LACK OF NEGLIGENCE, EXCEPT FOR THE SENTENCE ABOVE. The Limited Warranty detailed above does not cover your data on the Trainer, or any separate content or software (whether or not it is packaged and included with the Trainer product).
  • Page 63 For information about Trainer, read all documentation included with the product. If you still have a question, go to to search the information base, and to get support using chat or e-mail. In the United States, call: Haier America, New York, NY 1-877-337-3639...
  • Page 64 Responsible Party: Haier America Trading LLC Address: 1356 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 USA Telephone No.: 877-339-3639 Warning: Changes or modifications to this device that are not expressly approved by Haier America may void your authority to operate this equipment.

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