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Haier ibiza Rhapsody HHS1A-2G User Manual

Haier ibiza rhapsody hhs1a-2g: user guide


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User manual
it is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.


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  • Page 1 User manual HHS1A-2G it is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Computer system requirements...6 Secure music transfer requirements...6 Using the armband...6 Connecting to the computer...7 Charging the player...7 Managing files on your Haier Player...8 Using Windows Explorer...9 Deleting files from the player...9 Disconnecting the player from the PC...10 General controls...10 Turning the player on and off...10 Locking the player controls...10...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    • Read and keep these guidelines. • Follow all warnings and instructions carefully. • Do not use the Sport MP3 Player in or near water. • To clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth only. • Use only in accordance with this manual and the Sport MP3 Player User Guide.
  • Page 4 45°C (-4° to 113°F). Parked cars can get extremely hot in the summer, so be sure to take your Sport MP3 Player device out of the car when you leave it. Recommended temperature for using the Sport MP3 Player is between 0° and 35°C (32°...
  • Page 5 Make sure you read this guide carefully and follow all instructions. Keep this guide in a safe place. If you need to replace this guide, contact Haier customer service or visit Repairs: Do not repair or alter this product on your own! Attempts to fix this product may result in electric shock or other hazards.
  • Page 6: Before You Begin

    Before you begin Dear Haier Customer, Thank you for purchasing the This product will play mp3 and Windows Media™ audio (WMA) content as well as content purchased from most online music download services. Copyright warning This player is for your personal use only.
  • Page 7: Connecting To The Computer

    Before you begin Connecting to the computer • Connect the player to your computer with the USB cable provided. The player will turn on automatically. • The player will be connected in MSC (Mass Storage Class) mode. It will appear as a drive letter on your computer and behave as a detachable drive for file transfer in one or both directions.
  • Page 8: Managing Files On Your Haier Player

    1. Launch 'MediaConverter' by double-clicking the application icon on your desktop or from the Start Menu. 2. Plug-in your Haier MP3 Sports Player. The player’s device icon will appear on the application screen. 3. Drag & drop media files directly to the player’s icon.
  • Page 9: Using Windows Explorer

    Managing files on your Haier Player Using Windows Explorer To copy files in Windows XP with Windows Media Player 10 installed: 1. Open the player in Windows Explorer. 2. Drag and drop music files onto the Media folder. To copy files in Windows Vista or Window XP with Windows Media Player 11 installed: 1.
  • Page 10: General Controls

    General controls Turning the player on and off To turn the player on, press and hold MENU. Press and hold MENU again to turn the player off. Follow the diagram to open the USB or earphone jack cover. Locking the player controls To lock the player controls to prevent them from being activated accidentally, press and hold To unlock the controls, press...
  • Page 11: Using The Menus

    Using the menus Menu types The player has two types of menu: Player menu The player menu appears when you turn on the player or if you press /MENU while listening to the player. It lets you: • Browse for and play music, video and picture files •...
  • Page 12: The Home Menu

    Using the menus The Home menu The top-level or “Home” menu is always displayed when you press /MENU. The menu options are: Now Playing Available only during playback. Press the currently playing file. Music Press Music menu and choose an artist, album, genre, year, or individual title.
  • Page 13: Music

    Music Playing music files The player sorts your music files by artist, album, track name (title), genre and year. 1. Press MENU to display the Home menu, then press + or – to select Music. 2.To start playback at a particular artist, album, title, genre or year, press to enter the Music menu.
  • Page 14: Pictures

    Pictures Playing picture files 1.Press MENU to display the Home menu, then press + or – to select Pictures. 2.Press to enter the Pictures menu and choose a particular image. Picture viewing controls Goes back, skips backward Advances, skips forward Starts/pauses slideshow if it is activated, shows/hides the Option menu...
  • Page 15: Videos

    Videos Playing video files 1. Press MENU to display the Home menu, then press + or – to select Videos. 2.Press to enter the Videos menu and choose a particular video. Video playback controls Skips to the previous file*, press and hold to scan backward within a file Skips to the next file, press and hold to scan forward within a file...
  • Page 16: Radio

    Playing FM radio To turn the radio on: 1. Press /MENU to display the player menu. 2. Press + or – to select Radio and press to enter the radio menu. 3. While Listen is highlighted, press start listening. The frequency screen appears. To tune the radio: Press and hold until "Searching"...
  • Page 17: Improving Fm Radio Sound

    Playing FM radio 4. Press to choose the desired station preset number. The preset number shows at the top left of the screen. Preset number Improving FM radio sound If stereo reception is noisy, you can often reduce the noise by switching to mono. To switch between stereo and mono: 1.
  • Page 18: Favorites

    Favorites Creating a "Favorites" playlist You can create a playlist of your favorite music, adding new files to the playlist as you listen to them. This function is not available for other media formats such as videos, pictures and recordings. To add the currently playing music file in the playlist: 1.
  • Page 19: Sports

    Sports Stopwatch For single lap timing: 1. Press START/STOP to show the stopwatch. 2. Press START/STOP again to start the stopwatch. 3. Press START/STOP to pause the stopwatch and again to resume timing. 4. Press LAP/RESET to reset the stopwatch when it is stopped.
  • Page 20: Sports Mode

    Sports 5. Press + or – to highlight Period or Voice and then press to change the settings. • Period: Every 1, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes (count up), last 1, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes (count down) or Off •...
  • Page 21: Personal Info

    Sports To reset the pedometer: 1. Press MENU to display the Home menu. 2. Press + or – to select Sports. 3. Press + or – to highlight Pedometer and then press 4. Press + or – to highlight Reset and press reset the pedometer.
  • Page 22: Settings

    Settings Changing the player's settings To change the player settings: 1. Press MENU to display the Home menu. 2. Press + or – to select Settings and press enter the settings menu. 3. Press + or – to select a setting and then press to change it.
  • Page 23: Unit

    Settings Unit To switch between English (Imperial) and metric units when entering personal information. Refer to page 26 for details. Protocol To switch between MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) modes when connected to your PC. To enable function of transferring subscription music content, select MTP mode.
  • Page 24: Additional Information

    Additional information Tips and troubleshooting Cannot delete files on the player. • For any files you have transferred to the player, you may delete them while you have connected the player with your computer. Highlight the unwanted file in the player's file directory on your computer and press the delete key on your computer to delete the file.
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Additional information Cannot playback tracks on the player. • Make sure audio tracks are encoded in the mp3 or Windows Media formats at supported bitrates. • Bitrates support by the player: mp3 – 32 to 320 kbps wma – 48 to 192 kbps •...
  • Page 26: Sport Mp3 Player Warranty

    Remove or delete any private or personal files and data before you send the Sport MP3 Player device to Haier or bring it in for service. Failure to follow the instructions stated...
  • Page 27 FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA OR CONTENT AS A RESULT OF REPAIR OR REPLACING PARTS ON YOUR SPORT MP3 PLAYER PRODUCT. After the Warranty Period is over, Haier may charge you for any work in diagnosing problem on and/or servicing an Sport MP3 Player product.
  • Page 28 Responsible Party: Haier America Trading LLC Address: 1356 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 USA Telephone No.: 877-339-3639 Warning: Changes or modifications to this device that are not expressly approved by Haier America may void your authority to operate this equipment.

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