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Wine Cellar Features And Use - Haier HW24WF10NG User Manual

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Wine Cellar Features And Use

Initial Setup
Electronic Controlled Units:
Once you have plugged the unit into an electrical outlet, let the unit run
for at least 30 minutes to acclimate itself before making any adjust-
ments. During this time the Red Wine light may stay on.
Temperature Adjustments:
Electronic Control Unit: See fig. # 1
• The wine cellar is preset from the factory to automatically
accommodate temperature requirements for red or white wines.
If you store mostly white wines, press the "White Wine" button and the
wine cellar will maintain an average temperature between
45˚ to 50˚ F . Pushing the "Red Wine" button will yield an
average temperature between 55˚ to 60˚ F.
• The wine cellar can be set to any temperature you desire to
accommodate your wine storage requirements. To set the
temperature, press both the "White Wine" and "Red Wine" buttons
simultaneously and hold for approximately 3 seconds. Now you are
in temperature set mode. Decrease the temperature by pushing the
"White Wine" button and increase the temperature by pressing the
"Red Wine" button. Pressing the appropriate button 3 times will
adjust the temperature 3 degrees, press 4 times equals 4 degrees, 5
times equals 5 degrees, and so on. Once you have selected the
temperature you desire, push the "Light/Set" button. Now the wine
cellar is programmed and the LED readout will return to current
internal temperature reading .


Table of Contents

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