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Before You Call - Frigidaire 318203657 Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire cooktop use & care manual


Table of Contents
do not remove any parts from the cooktop
until they have completely cooled and are safe
to handle. do not operate the surface Burners
without the Burner caps and Burner Heads
properly in place.
to clean the surface Burner caps and Burner
Heads- Use a soap-filled scouring pad or a mild abrasive
cleanser to clean the surface Burner Caps. The ports
(or slots) around the Burner Heads must be routinely
checked. If residue remains in these ports (or slots), use
a small-gauge wire or needle to clean the slots or holes.
For proper flow of gas and ignition of the burner—do
not alloW sPills, Food, cleaning agents
or anY otHer material to enter tHe gas
oriFice Holder oPening. alWaYs keep the
surface Burner Caps in place whenever the gas Burners
are in use or not.
to Clean the Burner Grates- Be sure burners and
grates are cool before you place your hand, a pot
holder, cleaning cloths or other material on them. The
cast iron burner grates can be washed in hot soapy
water. Rinse thoroughly and dry the grates with a cloth -
don't put them on the cooktop while still wet. Be sure the
grates are positioned securely over the burners.
Before you call for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. The list includes common
occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance.
surface burners do
not light.
surface burner
flame burns half way
Surface burner flame
is orange.

BeFore You call

PossiBle cause/solution
Surface Control knob has not been completely turned to LITE. Push in and turn the Surface
Control knob to LITE until burner ignites and then turn control to desired flame size.
Be sure gas supply valve is open.
Burner ports or slots are clogged. With the burner off, use a small-gauge wire or needle to
clean ports or slots.
Power cord is disconnected from outlet (electric ignition models). Be sure cord is plugged
securely into outlet.
Electrical power outage (electric ignition models). Burners can be lit manually. See Setting
Surface Controls in this Owner's Guide.
Burner ports or slots are clogged. With the burner off, clean ports with a small-gauge wire
or needle to clean ports or slots.
Moisture is present after cleaning. Lightly fan the flame and allow burner to operate until flame
is full. Dry the burners thoroughly following instructions under General Cleaning.
Dust particles in main line. Allow the burner to operate a few minutes until flame turns
In coastal areas, a slightly orange flame is unavoidable due to salt air.
care & cleaning
To remove burned on food, place the grates in a covered
container or plastic bag. Add 1/4 cup ammonia and soak for
30 minutes. Wash, rinse well and dry. An abrasive cleaner
can be used for stubborn stains.
to clean the cooktop and contoured areas of the
cooktop- If a spill occurs on the porcelain cooktop,
blot up spill with an absorbent cloth. Rinse with a clean,
damp cloth and wipe dry. Do not use harsh abrasive
cleaners on the cooktop. They can scratch the porcelain.
Completely rinse any mild cleaners used from the surface
or the porcelain cooktop may become damaged during
future heating. DO NOT use spray oven cleaners on the
care and cleaning oF stainless
(Stainless Steel models only)
Some models are equipped with stainless steel exterior
parts. Special care and cleaning are required for
maintaining the appearance of stainless parts. Please
refer to the table provided at the beginning of the
general care & cleaning section in this Use & Care
(solutions to common Problems)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents