TP-Link TL-PA511 User Manual

Av500 mini powerline adapter.
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AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter
Rev: 1.0.0


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    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Rev: 1.0.0 1910010503...

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    Specifications are subject to change without notice. is a registered trademark of TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. No part of the specifications may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.

  • Page 3: Fcc Statement, Ce Mark Warning

    FCC STATEMENT This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions 1. Do not open this product or attempt to service it; it may expose you to dangerous high voltage or other risks. 2. Do not operate this product near water. 3. Do not place or operate this product near a radiator or a heat register. 4.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction ...........................1 1.1 LED Indicator..........................2 1.2 Physical Interface ........................3 Chapter 2 Connecting Mechanism......................4 2.1 Introduction ..........................4 2.2 Connection Instruction........................4 2.3 Hardware Connection – Computer .....................4 2.4 Hardware Connection – Internet....................5 Chapter 3 Installing Management Utility ....................7 Chapter 4 Using the Management Utility.................... 11 4.1 Main ............................

  • Page 6: Chapter 1 Introduction

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Chapter 1 Introduction This device is an AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter which transforms your house’s existing electrical wiring into a ubiquitous networking infrastructure. Simply plug this AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter into an ordinary AC power outlet which will easily extend your Cable/xDSL broadband connection or existing Ethernet (LAN) network to any other electrical outlet in any room of a house without the need of any new cabling.

  • Page 7: Led Indicator

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter 1.1 LED Indicator The LED indicator displays information about the device’s status. Item Status Indication The adapter is on. Blinking The adapter is in power-saving mode. Power LED The adapter is off. Green Data rate is more than or equal to 80Mbps.

  • Page 8: Physical Interface

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter 1.2 Physical Interface There are four physical interfaces on this Mini Powerline Adapter. Power Plug Pair Button Ethernet Port Interface Description A 10/100Mbps Ethernet port for connecting the adapter to the PC or Ethernet Port the broadband device with a network cable.

  • Page 9: Chapter 2 Connecting Mechanism, Introduction, Connection Instruction, Hardware Connection – Computer

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Chapter 2 Connecting Mechanism 2.1 Introduction The Powerline Adapter supports up to 500Mbps data rate. With this high speed connection rate, this Powerline Adapter allows you to set up a high speed home network by using your home existing electrical wiring.

  • Page 10: Hardware Connection – Internet

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter The hardware connection mechanism is shown below: Note: Do not connect the Powerline adapter to any extension lead, power strip, extension cord or surge protector, as this may degrade the network performance. 2.4 Hardware Connection – Internet This section describes how to connect the Powerline Adapter into your existing ADSL broadband connection via ADSL Ethernet port.

  • Page 11

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter The hardware connection mechanism is shown below:...

  • Page 12: Chapter 3 Installing Management Utility

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Chapter 3 Installing Management Utility Please verify that no other Powerline Adapter or any Encryption Management Utilities are installed before installing the provided software. If other Powerline Utilities are installed, uninstall them and restart your personal computer before installing this provided software.

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    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter...

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    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter...

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    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Step 3: After the installation, a shortcut to the “TL-PA511 Powerline Utility” application icon is provided on the windows desktop.

  • Page 16: Chapter 4 Using The Management Utility, Main

    Double click on the “TL-PA511 Powerline Utility” from your windows desktop, and the following screen will display. This Management Utility consists of five property sheets, i.e., “Main”, “Privacy”, “QoS”, “Diagnostics”...

  • Page 17

    NVM: None-volatile memory. It is used for upgrading the firmware. If you want to upgrade the version of firmware for the device, please select appropriate Firmware and PIB files together. New firmware versions and PIB files are posted at and can be downloaded for free.

  • Page 18: Rename

    The parameter information of PIB will restore to the factory defaults after resetting the Powerline Adapter. To upgrade the device's firmware, follow these instructions: Download PIB file and firmware upgrade file from TP-LINK website ( Enter the path name or click Browse… to select the downloaded files on the computer into the corresponding blanks.

  • Page 19: Enter Password

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter 4.1.2 Enter Password To set or change your Powerline Adapter’s password, click and select the Powerline Adapter you wish to change from the list, then click on the “Enter Password” tab, and the following screen will display.

  • Page 20: Add Device

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter 4.1.3 Add Device The following dialog box will pop up when clicking the “Add” button under the Main configuration homepage. The dialog box allows you to enter both the selected device’s name and password. Note that the Powerline Adapter must be present on the power grid in order to activate the set password and added to the local network.

  • Page 21: Reset, Privacy

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter 4.1.4 Reset This Management Utility allows you to reset the Powerline Adapter to its default settings by clicking the Reset button on the Main page. 4.2 Privacy The Privacy configuration page provides a means for managing the local network and providing additional security for the logical network and also to select the devices that has to be included in the network.

  • Page 22

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Set Local Device Only: Click this tab to change the network name of the local Powerline Adapter device only. All Powerline Adapter devices seen on the Main configuration homepage prior to this will be no longer present in the new network, effectively making the local devices not to communicate to the devices which were in the old logical network.

  • Page 23: Diagnostics

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter 4.3 QoS The third tabbed window, labeled “QoS” for Quality of Service, is shown in the following figure. QoS requirements are different for various data types such as streaming video or music, voice and raw data.

  • Page 24

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter The Diagnostics information displayed can be saved to a text file. One can email the saved text file to the local supplier when there’s technical support required or print the saved text file as reference during a technical support conference.

  • Page 25: About

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Device Last known rate Device Last Known Network name Device last seen date on the network The diagnostics information displayed can be saved to a text file for later use, or can be printed as a reference for a technical support call.

  • Page 26: Chapter 5 Advanced Feature: How To Use The Pair Buttons, Pair (secure With 128 Bits-aes)

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Chapter 5 Advanced Feature: How to Use the Pair Buttons 5.1 Pair (Secure with 128 bits-AES) The Homeplug AV standard uses 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to safely transmit data between powerline adapters. For the powerline adapters to communicate with each other they all need to use the same Network Membership Key (NMK).

  • Page 27

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Join an existing secured Powerline AV Network: Powerline adapter A and Powerline adapter B form a HomeplugAV Network, Powerline adapter C wants to join this network. Step 1. Press and hold the Pair button on Powerline adapter C for one second.

  • Page 28: Appendix A: Troubleshooting Guide

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Appendix A: Troubleshooting Guide The Troubleshooting Guide provides answers to common problems regarding the Powerline Adapter. 1. The Power LED does not light up. Ans. Check the following: a) Make sure that the Powerline Adapter is properly plugged into a power outlet.

  • Page 29: Appendix B: Specifications

    TL-PA511 AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Appendix B: Specifications General Standards HomePlug AV, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u Modulation Technology OFDM, 1024/256/64/16/8-QAM, QPSK, BPSK and ROBO Data Rate 500Mbps Range 300meters in house LEDs Power, Powerline, Ethernet 1 Ethernet LAN Port Interface 128-bit AES...

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