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Philips FlexCare Data List

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ProResults brush head - two sizes
- Standard is ideal for complete cleaning.
- Compact provides precision clean.
Three modes: Clean, Sensititive, Massage
FlexCare offers a variety of brushing options that
can be adapted to personal oral care needs to
remove significant amounts of plaque and improve
gum health.
Two routines:
- MaxCare three-minute routine
Provides a thorough, full-mouth clean.
- GoCare one-minute routine
Provides a quick clean, great for in
between regular brushings.
Vibration canceling system
80 percent less vibration compared to
Philips Sonicare Elite makes for a better
brushing experience.
Visit for more information and to learn about other Sonicare products.
Philips Sonicare
Philips Sonicare, the Number 1 sonic toothbrush brand recommended by dental
professionals worldwide presents FlexCare, featuring innovative technology that
provides superior oral health by adapting to individual oral care needs. FlexCare
offers personalised care settings including three modes and two routines along
with an ergonomic design that results in a better brushing experience. FlexCare
comes with a first-of-its-kind built-in UV sanitiser that helps to eliminate germs
commonly found in the damp, warm environment of a bathroom. FlexCare is a
complete oral health care system.
Built-in UV sanitiser
One push of a button helps eliminate millions of
germs on your rechargeable brush head in only
ten minutes.
Improves oral health
Use of FlexCare safely and gently contributes to
significant plaque removal and improved gum
health. It's proven to remove more plaque than a
manual toothbrush.
Ergonomic design
FlexCare's toothbrush handle has a smaller design
(30 percent smaller than Philips Sonicare Elite).
It's also water tight and hermetically sealed to
prevent moisture, including saliva, from getting
into the handle.
Two-year warranty from Philips.



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