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Miele DA 2050 Operating And Installation Manual

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Operating and installation instructions
Cooker hood
DA 2050
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents
or damage to this appliance,
it is essential to read these
instructions before it is installed
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 07 772 300



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  Summary of Contents for Miele DA 2050

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Cooker hood DA 2050 en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to this appliance, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. M.-Nr. 07 772 300...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caring for the environment ......... . 3 Warning and Safety instructions .
  • Page 3: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing material Disposal of your old appliance The transport and protective packing Electrical and electronic appliances has been selected from materials which often contain materials which, if are environmentally friendly for handled or disposed of incorrectly, disposal, and should be recycled.
  • Page 4: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Any other usage is not supported by This appliance complies with all the manufacturer and could be relevant local and national safety dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable requirements. Inappropriate use for damage resulting from incorrect or can, however, lead to personal injury improper use or operation of the and damage to property.
  • Page 5: Technical Safety

    Technical safety Installation, maintenance and repairs may only be carried out by a Before installation, check the cooker Miele authorised person in accordance hood for visible signs of damage. with current national and local safety Under no circumstances should you regulations.
  • Page 6 Warning and Safety instructions Do not connect the appliance to the Using at the same time as other mains electricity supply by a heating appliances that depend on multi-socket unit or an extension lead. the air from the room These do not guarantee the required safety of the appliance (e.g.
  • Page 7: Correct Use

    Warning and Safety instructions Correct use In order to ensure safe operation, and to prevent gases given off by the Never use an open flame beneath heating appliances from being drawn the cooker hood. To avoid the danger back into the room when the cooker of fire, do not flambé...
  • Page 8: Correct Installation

    All ducting, pipework and fittings into the appliance and hindering its must be of non-flammable material. smooth operation. These can be obtained from the Miele The filters should be regularly Spare Parts department or from cleaned or changed as appropriate.
  • Page 9: Modes Of Operation

    Modes of operation The cooker hood works with . . . air extraction: . . . air recirculation: The air is drawn in, cleaned by the (requires a conversion kit and charcoal grease filter and then directed outside. filters: see "Technical Data") If the on-site ventilation system does The air is drawn in and cleaned first by not have a non-return flap, then the...
  • Page 10: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance Lighting switch Fan switch Hob lighting Charcoal filters Special accessory for recirculation mode Grease filter...
  • Page 11: Operation

    Operation To switch the lighting on and The hob lighting can be switched on and off independently of the fan. "0" - lighting off "1" - lighting on To switch the fan on ^ Turn switch for the fan to "1". To select a power level You can select one of three power levels with switch...
  • Page 12: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care A range of Miele branded cleaning and – abrasive cleaning agents, e.g. conditioning agents are available to powder cleaners or cream cleaners order through your Miele Dealer / and abrasive sponges, as well as pot Chartered Agent, the Miele Spare Parts...
  • Page 13 Make sure that the spray arm can move freely. ^ Do not wash at more than 65° C. If a Miele dishwasher is being used, select the Sensor wash programme. ^ Use a mild dishwasher detergent. Depending on the cleaning agent...
  • Page 14: Fitting And Replacing The Charcoal Filters

    New filters can be purchased from your Miele Dealer / Chartered Agent or from the Miele Spare Parts Department. See back cover for contact details, and "Technical data"...
  • Page 15: Changing A Halogen Lamp

    Cleaning and care Changing a halogen lamp Before any cleaning or maintenance work is carried out, disconnect the cooker hood from the mains supply. ^ Remove the grease filter. ^ Remove the charcoal filters if the cooker hood is being used in recirculation mode.
  • Page 16: Appliance Dimensions

    Appliance dimensions Safety distance between hob and If this cooker hood is installed above cooker hood a Miele Wok CS 1028 CombiSet appliance, a minimum safety When planning the installation height distance of 760 mm must be of your cooker hood, the minimum...
  • Page 17 Appliance dimensions – When deciding on the safety distance between the hob and cooker hood, please note that a distance of 650 mm above electric cookers/hobs may be preferable to give more working space under the hood. – Account should also be taken of the height of the person who will be using the hood most often.
  • Page 18: Installation

    Installation Fitting the non-return flap (Air extraction mode only) ^ Place the appliance in the cut-out from below and align it. ^ Secure the cooker hood by the frame ^ If a non-return flap is not present in using 3.5 x 16 mm screws. the venting system, the non-return flap supplied must be fitted onto the exhaust socket in the motor unit.
  • Page 19: Preparation For Extraction

    For this, conversion kit DUU 151 (available from your Miele dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Dept.) is required. You will also need two charcoal filters (see “Technical data”).
  • Page 20: Electrical Connection

    Installation ^ Dismantle the non-return flap. ^ Take the on-site conditions into account when fitting the conversion kit. When fitting the exhaust grille make sure that the slats in the grille point towards the centre of the room and not directly towards a wall or the ceiling.
  • Page 21: Connection For Air Extraction

    Connection for air extraction – Where ducting is horizontal, it must Important: To avoid the danger of be laid to slope away at at least 1 cm toxic fumes, please observe the per metre. This is to ensure that Warning and Safety instructions. condensate cannot drain back into This is especially crucial when using the cooker hood.
  • Page 22: Condensate Trap

    Connection for air extraction Condensate trap (optional accessory) In addition to insulating the exhaust ducting, we recommend that a suitable condensate trap is also installed to collect and evaporate any condensate which may occur. Condensate traps are available for C 125 mm or C 150 mm ducting.
  • Page 23: Silencer

    Connection for air extraction Silencer (optional accessory) ...with air extraction: The silencer not only reduces noise from the fan, but also sounds from outside (e.g. traffic noise). To achieve even further reductions in For this reason the silencer must be noise levels, a special silencer can be positioned as close as possible to where fitted in the ducting system.
  • Page 24: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection If the switch is not accessible after All electrical work should be installation (depending on country), an undertaken by a suitably qualified additional means of disconnection must and competent person in strict be provided for all poles. accordance with current national For extra safety it is advisable to protect and local safety regulations the appliance with a suitable residual...
  • Page 25: After Sales Service

    For information on the appliance under guarantee, please contact: guarantee specific to your country – Your Miele Dealer / Chartered Agent please contact Miele. See back cover for contact details. In the U.K. your appliance is –...
  • Page 26: Technical Data

    Level II....230 m Level IV Intensive Setting ..360 m Special accessories for recirculation mode: – Conversion kit DUU 151 – Miele charcoal filter pack DKF 15-1 (each pack contains 2 filters)
  • Page 28 Alteration rights reserved / 3011 M.-Nr. 07 772 300 / 03...