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Zoom 503 AMP SIMULATOR Operation Manual

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Thank you for selecting the ZOOM 503 (hereafter simply called the "503").
Please take the time to read this manual carefully so you can get the most out of
your 503 and ensure optimum performance and reliability.
Retain this manual for future reference.
NOAH Bldg., 2-10-2, Miyanishi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0022, Japan
PHONE: 0423-69-7116 FAX: 0423-69-7115
• Compact multi-effect device convincingly recreates the sound of famous guitar or bass
amplifiers. This is ideal for line recordings to a tape recorder or when playing your
instrument via a hi-fi audio system. It also lets a fairly small guitar or bass amplifier
sound more powerful and dynamic.
• Integrated amp simulator gives a wide choice of guitar/bass amplifier characteristics.
Sophisticated cabinet simulator allows control over cabinet size, ringing, and even
simulated microphone position. This makes it easy to create exactly the sound you want.
• Two input jacks with different sensitivity enable optimum matching to any guitar or
bass, including instruments with single-coil magnetic pickups or active pickups.
• Ten types of high-quality effects such as chorus, delay, and reverb produce realistic
• You can switch between 24 patches to store diverse settings based on your preference.
• Integrated auto-chromatic tuner for guitar. You can tune your instrument easily
anywhere, any time. You can also leave the tuning function disabled all the time.
• AUX input allows connecting the output of audio components such as a CD player, for
mixing with the instrument signal.
Dual power supply design allows the unit to be powered from a 9V alkaline battery
(6LR61) or an AC adapter.
In this manual, symbols are used to highlight warnings and
cautions for you to read so that accidents can be prevented. The
meanings of these symbols are as follows:
This symbol indicates explanations about extremely
dangerous issues. If users ignore this symbol and handle
the device incorrectly, serious injury or death could
This symbol indicates explanations about dangerous
issues. If users ignore this symbol and handle the
device the wrong way, bodily injury and damage to the
equipment could result.
Please observe the following safety tips and precautions to ensure
hazard-free use of the 503.
About power
Since power consumption of this unit is fairly high, we
recommend the use of an AC adapter whenever possible.
When powering the unit from a battery, use only an alkaline
AC adapter operation
• Be sure to use only an AC adapter which supplies 9 V DC,
300 mA and is equipped with a "center minus" plug (Zoom
AD-0006). The use of an adapter other than the specified type
may damage the unit and pose a safety hazard.
• Connect the AC adapter only to an AC outlet that supplies the
rated voltage required by the adapter.
• When disconnecting the AC adapter from the AC outlet,
always grasp the adapter itself and do not pull the cable.
• If the unit is not to be used for a long time, disconnect the AC
adapter from the outlet.
Battery operation
• Use only a 9 V (alkaline) battery (6LR61).
• The 503 cannot be used for recharging.
Pay close attention to the labelling of the battery to make sure
you choose the correct type.
• If the 503 is not to be used for an extended period of time,
remove the battery from the unit.
• If battery leakage has occurred, wipe the battery compartment
and the battery terminals carefully to remove all remnants of
battery fluid.
• While using the unit, the battery compartment cover should
be closed.
Avoid using your 503 in environments where it will be
exposed to:
• Extreme temperature
• High humidity or moisture
• Excessive dust or sand
• Excessive vibration or shock
• The 503 is a precision instrument. Except for the foot
switches, do not push other parts with your feet or subject
them to strong force.
• Take care that no foreign objects (coins or pins etc.) or liquids
enter the unit.
• Be sure to turn the power to all equipment off before making
• Before moving the unit, turn the power off and disconnect all
cables and the AC adapter.
Never open the case of the 503 or attempt to modify the
product in any way since this can result in damage to the unit.
Printed in Japan 503-5000
Usage precautions
Electrical interference
For safety considerations, the 503 has been designed to provide
maximum protection against the emission of electromagnetic
radiation from inside the device, and from external
interference.However, equipment that is very susceptible to
interference or that emits powerful electromagnetic waves
should not be placed near the 503, as the possibility of
interference cannot be ruled out entirely.
Whatever the type of digital control device, the 503 included,
electromagnetic damage can cause malfunctioning and corrupt
or destroy data. Since this is an ever-present danger, thorough
care should be taken to minimize the risk of damage.
Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the 503. If necessary, slightly
moisten the cloth. Do not use abrasive cleanser, wax, or
solvents (such as paint thinner or cleaning alcohol), since these
may dull the finish or damage the surface.
Connecting cables and input and output jacks
You should always turn off the power to the 503 and all other
equipment before connecting or disconnecting any cables. Also
make sure to disconnect all cables and the AC adapter before
moving the 503.

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   Summary of Contents for Zoom 503 AMP SIMULATOR

  • Page 1: Operation Manual, Safety Precautions

    Operation Manual Thank you for selecting the ZOOM 503 (hereafter simply called the "503"). Please take the time to read this manual carefully so you can get the most out of your 503 and ensure optimum performance and reliability. Retain this manual for future reference.

  • Page 2

    Selecting Patches Bank switching Banks A, b, C, d, E, F are available BANK F PATCH PATCH DOWN PATCH 1 PATCH 2 Patch switching PATCH 3 24 patches are available PATCH 4 BANK E PATCH 1 PATCH 2 The 24 patches can be easily selected by PATCH 3 pressing the patch pedals.

  • Page 3: Patch List, Rear Panel

    DC IN (AC adapter) jack Serves for connecting an AC adapter (Zoom AD-0006) which delivers 9 VDC, 300 mA with a "center minus" plug configuration. The 503 is powered on by plugging...

  • Page 4

    When the PATCH DOWN pedal is pressed while the center dot in the display is flashing, the AMP TYPE • Adjusts the simulated mike position and the ZNR (Zoom Noise Reduction) sensitivity. parameter is selected again and the unit stays in Edit mode.

  • Page 5: Replacing The Battery, Specifications

    Max. output level: +6 dBm Output load impedance: 10 kilohms or more Display: 2-digit, 7-segment LED, tuning indicator, parameter cursor indicator Power Requirements: Optional AC adapter 9 VDC ,300mA (ZOOM AD-0006) Battery: 6LR61 9V (alkaline) battery X 1 Battery life: Approx.

  • Page 6

    Patch Switching (Application: Bank Hold ON) In the initial setting, the patch pedal switches all patches in order, regardless of the bank Bank Hold ON divisions. Keeping the EDIT key depressed for at least 1 second activates Bank Hold. To cancel Bank Hold, press the EDIT key again for 1 second. The bank hold function limits switching to the four patches within a bank.

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