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Epson ActionNote 900 Underwater Color Specifications

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Front View
Panel and Left Side
keyboard or
mouse port

Notebook Specifications

CPU and Memory
daughterboard; CPU includes 16KB of
write-back unified data and instruction
cache and integrated math coprocessor
System speed
Fast and slow speed selectable in Setup
8MB RAM soldered on the system
board; expandable up to 24MB using a 4,
8, or 16MB memory expansion module.
128KB Flash ROM device containing the
system and video BIOS and Setup
program code. The BIOS is shadowed in
DRAM for faster access
QFP CPU on L2 cache
Video RAM
Diskette drive
Hard disk
PC Card
EPSON ActionNote 900 Series
1MB DRAM supports resolutions up to
640 X 480 in 256 colors on LCD and up to
1024 X 768 in 256 colors or 800 x 600 in
64K colors on external monitor
16KB internal write-back cache;
256KB external; both can be enabled/
disabled in Setup
Real-time clock, calendar, and CMOS
RAM; backed up by internal battery
Chips and Technology® 65545 video
controller; 32-bit local bus interface to
the microprocessor; supports enhanced
video modes on an external monitor;
supports resolutions from 640 X 480 in
256 colors on the LCD and up to 1024 X
768 in 256 colors on an external monitor;
automatic external monitor detection;
simultaneous display with LCD screen
command or software
Fn F10
Built-in super I/O controller for one
internal 3.5-inch diskette drive; supports
720KB and 1.44MB formats
Built-in super I/O controller has
interface to one 2.5-inch, IDE internal
hard disk drive; automatically
recognizes and configures drives up to
high that support the IDE or
EIDE interface
Built-in Vadem® VG-468 controller for
two stacked slots; supports two Type I
or II cards, or one Type III; PCMCIA
version 2.01 and JEIDA 4.1 compatible;
supports low power and suspend
supports hot insertion (including
ExCA® standards); register compatible
with Intel® 82365SL


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Notebook Specifications

    EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Front View Video RAM 1MB DRAM supports resolutions up to 640 X 480 in 256 colors on LCD and up to 1024 X 768 in 256 colors or 800 x 600 in 64K colors on external monitor 16KB internal write-back cache;...
  • Page 2 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Mass Storage Interfaces One removable internal IDE hard disk Hard disk drive Auto-sensing, 15-pin, D-sub, female External VGA drive, 2.5-inch form factor; maximum connector for analog monitor; supports height 19 mm; BIOS automatically simultaneous display with LCD using recognizes and configures drives that hot-key sequence or software Fn F10...
  • Page 3: Environmental Requirements

    EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Power Sources Infrared Specifications AC Power Adapters Specification Operating IrDA -compliant Compatibility COM1 COM2 (default) Operating Range 30° radius Operating Distance 3.3 ft (1m) Up to 115.2 Kbps Speed LED Panel Name Meaning Power Green-Computer is on \ ’...
  • Page 4: Major Subassemblies

    EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Optional Equipment Major Subassemblies 4 MB, 8MB or 16MB snap-in memory expansion module LED panel audio/LED 1.2 GB user-removable hard disk drive card under panel memory module I Additional NiMH batteries Extra AC adapter or international AC adapter Adapter for an automobile cigarette lighter I External battery charger I External keyboard...
  • Page 5: Connector Pin Assignments

    EPSON ActionNote 900 Series System board components Serial port connector (J2) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal Data Terminal 7 Request to Send Carder Detect 4 Ready Signal Ground 8 Receive Data 5 Clear to Send Transmit Data 6 Data Set Ready Ring indicator VGA connectorfor an external monitor (J3) Signal...
  • Page 6 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series External keyboard/mouse connector (J7) HDD IDE connector (J23) Signal Signal Signal Pin No. Pin No. Signal Name Signal Name AUX-DATA AUX-CLK RESET DRV +5 v IOWR IDE D7 Microphone connector (J8) IORD Signal Signal Signal AGND BMIC MICIN IOCHRDY...
  • Page 7 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series 10/21/95 AN900-8...
  • Page 8 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Main board connector to power converter (J17) Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal DOCKON VCC5 ADPR SUSHDD VCC5 DOCK PR CLKOFF VCC3 DOCK PR DOCKPLG DCCK PR SWON ADPTR VCC3 VCC5 CHAR ID Touchpad connector (J19) Pin Signal Signal Pin Signal...
  • Page 9: System Memory Map

    EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Port Replicator connector (J6) (continued) System Memory Map 00000H 640KB base memory 0A0000H 128KB reserved for graphics display area 0C0000H Reserved Hardware Interrupts 0D0000H Reserved 0E0000H 48KB for VGA BIOS 0EA000H Power Management Utility 0F0000H 64KB for system BIOS 100000H Extended memory FFE000H...
  • Page 10: System I/O Address Map

    EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Installation/Support Tips System I/O Address Map Using Low Battery Save to HDD and Instant On Hexadecimal Address Device The ActionNote 900 series hard disk drive is partitioned at 000-01F DMA Controller 1 the factory so that these options can be used. A 26MB area 020-03F interrupt Controller is set aside for the saved data;...
  • Page 11 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Information Reference List Engineering Change Notices None Technical Information Bulletins None Product Support Bulletins None Related Documentation EPSON ActionNote 900 Series User’s Guide 400521900 400526900 About Your Software 400527000 Choosing Your Operating System PL-AN900S EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Parts Price List TM-AN900T EPSON ActionNote 900 Series Service Manual 10/21/95...
  • Page 12 EPSON ActionNote 900 Series AN900-13 10/21/95...

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