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. . . lO, l l
Cooki,g conhvh
Custom#r i@.mation
Oven ./Dltums
13, 14
Saji) O, ..................
2- 7
H/Ymt i._Adva,ltium
? .........
Coold,g tip._ ..............
{;u.s'tom .qwed(ook _'(i[)(<s' . . . 19, 20
Custom .qwed(ook *_'('ipelog, ....
2 l
speedcook ..........
Pmvo" bqml ...............
Repeat last ...............
I¢_<s'ume jDltuw
Speedco& co&waw
speed(ook menu gwide
5y,e('dcool_-._qf!) c ookwaw
77_ing_ that a_" normal
U_ir_g" a /m'._et
. qwedcool_m_mu . . . 15
Cooking tips ..............
Custom micwwave
_,<ip(_s. . .27, 28
Custom microwave ,_)<ipe1%, . . .28
D@_z_'t-Au to ..............
l)@r)st- 7_me ..............
t@s .............
Micw Expr'(<_:s.............
Mic*vwave powo" lrveh .......
2 7
Micwwave-._qf!" (ool_wa'n, ......
to avoid
pas:sible _:vpas'ur_"to
excevsive micwwave
<,nogy .....
&msor cool'i_lg ..........
31, 32
Tking_, that at(" normal
7_me co& ................
Udng pr>set
selg,ctions .........
and _H,,ating
. . .2< 25
Auto nigkt ligkt
Automatic jhn
B*_]wr volume .............
C/tiM lockout
Clod" ................
10, 34
Disp[( O' ON/OFF
. ...............
Revirw ..................
Sooll .qwed ...............
Su@we ligkt ..............
. .................
_4"nt j hn
Cleaning tile i_lside
38, 39
Cleaning the outside
Filto:_ ...............
4 l, 42
Optiorml kil._ ..............
R(Jdaci_lg light._
Problem Solver. .........
43, 44
Consumer Sup/tort
Back Cover
Customo" h{/brmation
Product I¢egistration ......
45, 46
SCA l O0 l
3828W5A3663 164D3370P330 49-40401-1 08-03JR


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   Summary of Contents for GE Advantium SCA1000

  • Page 1 Advantium Other Features Auto nigkt ligkt ... Adva_ltium Quffk Start . . . lO, l l SCA I O00 Cooki,g conhvh ... Automatic jhn .... SCA l O0 l Custom#r i@.mation ..B*_]wr volume ..... C/tiM lockout ..... Oven ./Dltums ..

  • Page 2

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ze ze 7e. ,q'¢ a d _ a H [ i it Ill. C0 Ill PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY (a) Do Not Attempt to operate this oven with the (C] Do Not Operate tile oven if it is damaged.

  • Page 3

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ztJztJZtL if'(" a d _ a ?? [ i l? ill, ( 0 lIt A WARNING.t To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, fire, injury to persons, or exposure to excessive microwave energy: SAb 2 TY Pt 2CA UTYONS •...

  • Page 4

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING.t SAbT27"Y PI 2CA U770NS Do not operate tile oxen without tile oxen rack (turntable) ill place. The oxen Cook meat and poulu T thoroughly-- rack (turntable) must be unrestricted meat to at least all INTERNAL it call turn. temperature of 160°F, and poulu T to at During...

  • Page 5

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 7tJTtJTtL l{" _ a d T_a 7t I i II lit. (:0 lit A WARNING/ FOODS • SUPERHEAT?ED WATER When microwaxing, place all tbods and containers on tile glass microwaxe Liqui&, .such a_ wato c@_( or lea an abb to tray.

  • Page 6

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING.t Microwave- Make ,_mz, to u,se ,_uitable cookwa,_z_during microwave cooki_lg. Most gla,_s (-a,_eroli_; cooking dishe_; measuring cups; cu,_ta'_d cups, pottery or china dinnerwa'_z, which doc_ not have metallic him or glaze with a metallic shee_l can be u,_ed. Some cookware is labeled ",_uitable ji_r microwaving.

  • Page 7

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Z_J Z_J Z _J.,4"(_a d _ a _ I i It IlL C0 _/I WARNING.t SAH_27"Y Pt_2CA UT YONS Don't deflost flozen beverages • Do not oxercook potatoes. They could narrow-necked bottles (especially dehydrate and catch fire, causing carbonamd beverages).

  • Page 8

    Congratulations! You are now part of the cooking revolution! As part of the vision to help consumers live better, easier lives, GE Appliances introduces the revolutionary GE Advantium oven with Speedcook technology. This new oven roasts,...

  • Page 9

    ¼qhat is Advantium? 7_J 7_J 7_J.g"t_tl ([ _;tl _ [ _ II 172 . C0 _?_ Tile new Adxantium oxen uses tile surface so the inside cooks Getting to know simuhaneouslv. While radiant heat breakthrough Speedcook technolog-y Advantium to harness tile power of light.

  • Page 10

    Advantium Quick Start Set the To change the time: When first plug in the oven or after clock power o/Itage: 1. Press the OPTIONS button. 1. Turn selector dial to set 2. Turn the dial to CI,OCK. Press the hour. Press dial to enter.

  • Page 11

    Advantium Quick Start 7e 7e _e, g'¢ a d _ a _ I i It _IL e o _l_ Using With Preheating Oven/Bake Step Press tile OVEN/BAKE button. f#gltztre • Step 2: Turn tile dial to set tile oven 7'tit oven rack (turntable) temperature and press dial to start...

  • Page 12

    _ " Speedcoo Menu Gmde Atter pressing the SPEEDCOOK Display button, the oven will womi)t you to prompts make several selections, such as in %v/_ the example below. NOTE."When speedcoohing, always use the black tra),. 1. Turn the dial tmtil 3.

  • Page 13

    Oven Features _,:_,: w . g'ea dz_ a n I i _gm. c0m © © Door Handle Oven Rack (7)l_w, table) The oven rack (turntable) must Pull to open the door. The door always be in place, on the oven nmst be securely latched for the...

  • Page 14

    Overl Features With your Adva*_tium overl, you ca*_ cook with high-irm_nsity hal%_erz ligllts, ceramic heate_:_ Cooking and/or (onverl.tional mi('mwave energy. controls SPEEDCOOK Press this button to access the speedcook menu or to set your own speedcook program. Press and hold %r 3 seconds repeat the last cooking selection.

  • Page 15

    Speedcooking CAUTION: When usqng speedcook programs, remember that the oven, door and Using dishes will be veo_ hot! speedcooh [5ior to tke first use q/your oven ttu clock must be set. &_ ttu Advantium Quick features Sta'_t .s_ ction. Be/i,_ you begin, make ,su_ eke oven rack (turntable) is in place.

  • Page 16

    Speedcooking 7b ( nsu*z_eonsi._tent and even browning Foods can touch but shouM not overlap. Cooking rids wtur_ (ooki,_gjbods dbz_ctly on lk_ blad_ jbr ,great nutal tray a.rrang_ jhod as skown below. tasting results Spokepalt(_n_ Circular pa(ler_ (Example:cr('_ce_l( _vlL_, br('adslicks) (Example." biscuits, cookie_, meal_) Single la3er &2xa.!ple:appetiae_:O Fm_k meat ekieken .fisk or seqf!)od tkat kas been.f!vzen skould be thawed...

  • Page 17

    Speedcooking _V_V _V.g7¢ tl d "g _ tl _; I i II I?l . C 0 I?_ Press the SPEEDCOOK button Advantium uses power flom Speedcooh and turn the dial to select FOOD high intensity halogen light, ceramic power level heaters, and microwaves to cook...

  • Page 18

    Speedcooking www.g'ea dva*_li um. com Speedcooh • Follow cookwa_ .suggr<s'tior_.s o n tke oven displa3! or in tke Cookbook or €OOk_U(IFP Cooldng Guide. • Cookwa'_ will become kot. (h_en mitl:_ will be needed Io kar_dle Ike coohwa'_. • l)o not u._ecookwa'*v or coverings •...

  • Page 19

    Speedcooking Create up to 30 of your 6. Turn the dial to change the lower Speedcooh power lexel. Press the dial to enter. Speedcook recipes, or customize recipe--to an existing custom recipe to suit Spell out the food name enter your tastes.

  • Page 20

    Speedcooking To adjttst or change stored cttstom 1¢I_2CIPE AI)I)FJ) appears. To begin Speedcooh speedcook recipes: cooking press the START/PAUSE re(iDe--to button. To store tile recipe Press tile SPEEDCOOKbutton. adjust or without cooking, press the "7" change Turn tile dial until MY ICECItY_2S CLEAR/OFF button.

  • Page 21

    Speedcooking Custom Cook Power Level Comments Custom Recipe Name Time speedcook rg€l[)eS...

  • Page 22

    Speedcooking Heaters Cooking Times Things that (IF(? noF_l_al • When speedcooking preprogrammed • No preheating is required. The oxen during foods, you may see OtY-17MIZIN(; COOK begins cooking immediately. TIME in the display several seconds after speedcoohing The door and inside of the oxen will be you press START.

  • Page 23

    Baking Baking allows you to cook %ods the same Before you begin, make sure the oxen rack Baking (turntai)le) is in place. Use the black metal way as a conventional oven, using a beating element to raise the temperature of the air tray at all times when baking.

  • Page 24

    Wamfing and Reheating 4. Turn the dial to select the lmel of The warmint_'ji:ature will ke@ hot, cooked Warming moisture you want. Press the dial Jbods at serving" temperature. Always start to enter. with hot/hod. Ii,_e eookwa*_: and utensil,_ that _an withstand tempemture,_ up to 23001 :.

  • Page 25

    Microwa fing 7 med Timed RHu,at feature reheats [/ the over_ door i.s oi!)_ _ ed duri_,g cook ir_g, Reheat servings of previously cooked %ods PAL_SF. will appear i_ the di.qday. Clo._e or a plato of leftovers. the door a_d p',_<,._ S TAR T/PA {J[S'E. j ,od ji,,,,,theove,,, ¢...

  • Page 26

    Microwaving _V _VW, g'(" a ([ _ gl H 11 It Itl, (:0 _tl 1. Press the MICROWAVE button. l/ lke door is @em,d during cooking; the I-low Igse oven will .st@ and t'A L(S'F.will appear pre-set 1/ no ,selection it made witkir_ 15 ,seconds in the di._play.

  • Page 27

    Microwaving 7V 7V_V, g'(" a d _ gl H I i It III, (:0112 First, follow directions for TIME Microwave C )()K, TIME DEFROST various power h,ve£: power level MICRO EXPRESS. High 10: Fish, bacon, xegetables, .I,vO ..• Press tile POWER LEVEL button.

  • Page 28

    Microwa fing Cook Microwave Comments Custo" _ Custom Recipe Time Power Level Name microwave recipes Turn dial to select cook Microwave To adjttst or change stored custom microwave recipes: time and press the dial to enter. reciDe--to Turn the dial to select the POI:_7_R I.

  • Page 29

    Microwaving Auto Defrost automatically sets the • Rfmove dqfi'osl_d m_at or .Jzidd warm Auto de_}ost defiosfing times and power levels to at, as with .,mall [)ie(,_ q/J_,il f!,, ev_ give even defiosfing resuhs for meats, d@rz_tirzg..,vO ... • poultty and fish weighing up to six •...

  • Page 30

    Microwa fing Use I)t_FI?OST:A UTOjbr meat poult U • For more even deflosting and.f!_k. (.s( I)1,7"ROSl- ITML ._)_ m ),st larger foods, such as roasts, other,fi_)zen ,fi)ods. DEFI¢OS'7:A UTO. Be sure large meats are completely deflosmd Foods frozen in paper or plastic before cooking.

  • Page 31

    Microwa fing 77_ese_lsorj;,atu_z_ ddects the imJz, a._ing Microwave humidily _4ea.sed during cookklg. 77_e SeT_lsor ow,_l automatically ad_u._ls the cooking cooking a,. l Do not use the Sensor Features twice in succession on the same food Covewd portion--it may resuh in severely overcooked or burnt food.

  • Page 32

    Microwaving • Drinks heated with the BtB7217A(', 7b use all Advantium's microwave mode fl,atur_<_ .s_,_sor cooldng. 77_e ow, n automatically feature may be xel T hot. Remoxe se_zsor the container with care. .s_,_.se_ wh_,_ ,f!Jod is done and ._huls itsd/ programs qffmelimi_ati_g the n(ed to program...

  • Page 33

    Microwa ing Sounds Interference • TV/radio interference migilt • You may hear a dull thumping sound while noticed while using tile microwme. the oxen is operating. Similar to the interference caused other small appliances, it does not indicate a problem with the microwme.

  • Page 34

    Other Advantium Features To remind you that you have food in tile oven, tile oven will display FOOD IS READY and beep once a minute nnfil you either open oven door or press the CLEAR/OFF button. BACK $PEE_COOI( • • ovE., MICROWAVE BAK_...

  • Page 35

    Other Advantium Features U_e tkis,f!_atmv to,find out more about The display will show a description Help your oven, and its ji_atu'*_<s'. tbr the program you haxe chosen. 1. Press tile HELP button. o,._¢ _ 9. Turn the dial to select the feature name.

  • Page 36

    Other Advantium Features Fou may lock the conhvl panel to/.went When the control panel is locked, Child Conhvl Prmel LOC_I) will be tk e over_.f!'om b_ir_g a( ( ider_tally started lockout or used by (kildr_n. displayed briefly anytime a button or dial is pressed.

  • Page 37

    Other Advantium Features _*J_*J _*_,g'¢ a (1%_ gl ?_I i II Ill, # 0 712 Use this feature like an alarm clock 7b bri_jly display the _minder time t_minder to help you kee I) up Mth things p,_<_sthe REMINDER button. to do.

  • Page 38

    Care and Cleaning www, g'+,advanlilzm,com An occasional thorough wiping with HelH:ul a solndon of baking soda and wamr hints keeps the inside flesh. Be certain the oven control is turned off before cleaning any part of this oven. Some spatters can be removed with a paper...

  • Page 39

    Ca_ re and Cleaning A soap-filled scouring pad can also be To prexent breakage, allow the trays Baking sheets used to clean the black metal tray. to cool completely befBre cleaning. (cooking trays) Wash carefldly in warm, sudsy water Do not use abrasixes, as they may or in the dishwasher.

  • Page 40

    re and (;leaning to clean We recommend against using eleaners After cleaning, use a stainless steel with ammonia or alcohol, as they can polish, such as Stainless Steel Magic c'', the outside damage the appearance of the Revere CoI)per and Stainless Steel microwave oven.

  • Page 41

    re and (;leaning Co&toplight/ To replace the cooktop light/ night light, first disconnect night light power at the main fllse or circuit breaker panel. Remoxe the screw from side of the light compartment coxer and lower the coxer until it stops. 3.

  • Page 42

    re and (;leaning The charcoal filter should 77,3 eha'reoal,f!ller cannot be (:leaned. Charcoal filto It must be _Jda(ed. O'_ger Part No. replaced when it is noticeably dirw (lX81A) WB2X9883 ,firmz your Gt g. s upplie_: or discolored (usually after 6 to 19 months, depending on usage).

  • Page 43

    Troubleshooting 7,:7,:w. g'e a d z_a _ I i tgm. c 0 m Questions ? Use this problem solver or visit the GE website at www. Problem Possible Causes What To Do/Explanation LIGHTS Light during a This is normal.

  • Page 44

    Troubleshooting _v_v_v. g'ea gl_ a ?? t i lt m. corn Questions Problem Possible Causes What To Do/Explanation Use this DISPIAY probDm The display is blank Tile clock display • Check tile OPTIONS menu fox clock solvJeI" been turned off. display settings.

  • Page 45

    GE Service Protection Plus rM GE, a name recognized worldwide _br quality and dependability; oflers y'ou Service Protection Plus'"--comprehensive protection on all y'our appliances-- No Matter What Brand! Benefits Include: We71CoverAny Appliance. • Backed by GE • All brands covered Anywhere.

  • Page 46

    You will need m refer to this infot_nafion if your appliance should need service. Staple receipt here Product: for your records Model No.: Serial No.: Your GE Service Number 1.800.GE.(;ARES (1.800.432.2737) It's Important! Prompt product registration helps in more ways than one.

  • Page 47

    Ca_'e® technician. 7b schedule se_wice, online, 24 hom_ a day, contact us at www. GEA[, or call 800. GE. CA RES. For The Period GE Will Replace: One Year An), part of the oven which thils due to a detect...

  • Page 48

    Caution must be exercised, since improper servicing may cause unsafe operation. Contact Us www. If you are not satisfied with the service w)u receive fl'om GE, contact us on our _4'ebsite with all the details including yore" phone write to: General Manage_;...

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