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Control Settings - GE EDW3000 Owner's Manual

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Control S ettings
he Status
TheStatus display tells you what is happening while the dishwasher is in operation and also any malfunctions if they occur (see page 6). Thelights
will come ONindicating the sequence of operation the dishwasher is in.
SENSING Displayed duringperiodsusingCleanSensor technology to measure the amountof soil inthe loadanddecideif anotherprewash
is needed. T he SENSING light is displayed onlyduringNORMAL andPOTS & PANScycles.
WASHING Displayed duringprewash and mainwashperiods.
RINSING Displayed duringrinse periods.
SANITIZED Displayed whencyclehasmet sanitization conditions. L ight r emainsONuntildoor is opened.
Load Selections
The lightabove the selected pad will be ON to indicate which LOADSELECTION has been selected.
SANIWASH Thiscycleraisesthe water temperature inthe final rinseto sanitizeyourdishware. T he cyclelengthwill varydepending
on thetemperature of yourinlet water.
NOTE:The SaniWash cycleis monitoredfor sanitizationrequirements. If thecycleis interrupted duringor after the mainwash
portionor if the incoming water temperature is so lowthat adequatewater heatingcannotbeachieved, t he sanitizing conditions
will not be met.Inthesecases,the sanitizedlightwill not illuminateat the endof the cycle.
POTS& PANS Forheavilysoileddishesor cookware with dried-onor baked-on soils. Everyday dishes may be included.
This cycle will not removeburned-onfoods.
NORMAL Forloadsof everydaydishes,glassesandcookwarewith mediumsoils. NOTE:Many disheshave lighter soil thannormal.
Choosing a cycle otherthan NORMALwill saveenergyand water.
SPEEDWASH/ Fordishes with light soils.
CHINA CRYSTAL Forlightly soiled chinaand crystal.
RINSEONLY Forrinsing partial loadsthat will be washed later.Do not use detergent.
The light above the selected pad will be ON to indicate which OPTIONhas been selected.
POWER Foruse with heavilysoiled and/or dried-on,baked-onsoils.This option MUSTbe selectedPRIORto startingthe cycle.
PRESOAK This option adds 16minutes to the cycle time.
SPEEDDRY/ Shutsoff the drying heatoption. Dishesair dry naturallyandenergyis saved.Youcan propthe dooropenafter the
HEATEDDRY CLEANlight illuminates.
SPEEDDRY/ Turnsthe heateron for fast drying.This cycle will extendthe time to your washcycle by23 minutesfor the NORMAL
HEATEDDRY cycleand 30 minutesfor the SAM WASHcycle.NOTE:Cannotbe selectedwith RINSE ONLYcycle.
LOCK WhentheLOCKpad is touched twicewithin3 seconds, all padsbecome inoperative. Y ou canlockthecontrols toprevent a nyse/ections f rom
beingmade. O ryoucanlockthecontrols afteryouhavestartedacycleor selected DELAY START sothecycleorDELAY START is notinterrupted
Children cannot accidentally start dishwasher by touching pads with this option selected.
Tounlock the dishwasher after it hasbeenlocked, t ouchthe LOCKpad twice within3 seconds. ThelightabovetheLOCKpad will turn off.
DELAYSTART Youcan delay the start of a washcycle for up to 8 hours.Pressthe DELAYSTARTpadto choosethe numberof hoursyou want
to delay the startof thecycle.Themachine will countdown andstartautomaticallyat the correcttime. Pressingthe START/RESET
buttonwill cancel the DELAYSTARTselection.NOTE:If you forget to latchthe door,a remindersignalwill beepuntil you doso.
RESET Tochangea cycle after washingstarts, touch the START/RESETpad to cancel the cycle. After water is pumpedout and the
motorstops, you can reprogramand restartthe dishwasher. T his will take approximately90 seconds.
(]lose and latch the d(x)E ToudJ
to begfin the cycle. _/\atev fill begfins, and apI)voximatelv
40 seconds
later fl-Je _tsl-J action begins.
NOTE." T he dislnxetshev vememl)el_
your l_tst cycle st) you don't have to vepvog'l_,Hn each time. ¼]len
the dislnx¢_shev is loaded
and flle dt×w latch is in flle locked position,
the control
panel lights will be ON and display the l_Lstsetting:s you mlected.
If you don't
*xemt to chang_
any of the setting:s, simply touch
flle STARTfflESETpad
to l)eg{n flle cycle.
Also, if a power
failure occul3, NORMAL and SPEED DRY/HEATEDDRYwall automatically
be pvog'lammed.
Make any new
and touch
the START/RESETpad to beg_n the cycle.
This light is illuminated
a wash cycle is complete.
The light will sta_ 0Nuntil
the door
is opened.

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