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Consumer Support; Warranty - GE EDW3000 Owner's Manual

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Consumer S upport.
Have a ques0on
or need assistance
widl your appliance?
T1T die GE Appliances
Website 24 hours a day,
any day of file year! For greater
and faster selMce, you can now download
parts, catalogs,
or even schedule
se_Mce onqine. You can also "Ask Our Team of Experts"*"
your ques0ons,
and so much more...
Expert GE repair service is only one step away from your door. Get on-line and schedule your service tit
your convenience
24 horns any day of the year[ Or call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737) dining normtfl
RealLife DesignStudio
fIE supports the Universal Design concept-products,
se_Mces and environments
dmt can be used by
people ofaU ages, sizes and capabiliOes. We recognize the need m design for a wide range of physical and
mental abili0es and impairments.
For details of GE's Universal Design applica0ons, including kitchen
design ideas for people with disabili0es, check out our Websim today. For the hearing impaired, please caU
800.TDD.GEAC (800.833.4322).
Purchase a GE extended warranty and learn about special discounts that are available while your warranty
is still in efl)ct. You can purchase it on-line anytime, or call 800.626.2224 during normtfl business hours.
GE Consumer Home Se_qces will still be there after your warranty expires.
IndMduals qualified to service their own appliances can have parts or accessories sent directly to their
homes (VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted). Order on-line today, 24 hours every day or by
phone at 800.626.2002 during nomml business horns.
Instructions containedin this manualcoverprocedures tobe performed byanyuser.Otherservicing generally
shouldbe referredto qualifiedservicepersonnelCaution mustbe exercised,sinceimproper servicingmay cause
If you are not satisfied wifll die service you receive flom GE, contact us on our Websim wifll till die derails
including your phone numbe_; or w_im m: General Manage_; Customer Relations
GE Appliances, Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225
Register your new appliance on-line-at your convenience! Timely product regdstration will allow for
and prompt se_ice under the terms of your warranty, should the need raise.
You may also mail in the pre-printed
regdstration card included in the packing material.
Printed in the United States

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