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GE Monogram ZDWT240 Owner's Manual page 9

Privacy glass wine reserve
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Controls and Features
Wine Reserve
and gloss
The interior light makes it easy to view
your wine labels and enhances the display
of your collection. The privacy glass allows
you to view your wine with a simple press
of a button, without
opening the door.
These two features work jointly
to display
your wine.
When the door is opened, the light will come
on and the door will become clear.
Special features
The light and glass activation
button, located
at the top of the handle, will switch the glass
from opaque to clear and will, at the same
time, turn on the light. The light will stay on
and the glass will remain clear for one hour
from the last time the button was pressed. To
turn the light off and make the glass opaque,
press the button again. The opaque setting
conceals the contents from view. The light
will come on only when the door is opened
or the button is pressed. If you choose to
activate the light and door while the door is
open, you may notice that the word ON is
If you press the light button a
second time, while the door is open the
word OFF will be displayed.
For best viewing, do not store a bottle
on the top shelf directly
under the light.
Remember to turn off the light when it
is no longer needed.
full extension
All of the full extension
drawers pull out
so bottles can be convenientlg
added or
Any of the full extension
drawers can be
removed to store larger bottles.
To remove:
1. Pull the full extension drawer out to the
STOP position.
2. Push the tab on right drawer guide down
while pulling the tab on left guide up, and
pull the drawer out.
To replace:
1. Push the drawer slide arm back into
the unit.
2. Pull the small slide sub-assembly
3. Insert the sides of the drawer back into
the guides.
4. Push until the tabs lock into place.
Tab (push tab down on
right drawer guide, pull
tab up on left drawer
Appearance may vary
To replace, push drawer slide
arm back into unit
Pull small slide sub-assembly
completely forward
NOTE: Make sure the tabs on the full
extension drawer guides are fully engaged
before loading ang bottles. Pull the drawers
out all the wag to the STOP position and push
back in several times to make sure locking
tabs are properlg engaged.



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