GE Appliances GSC3200 Owner's Manual

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Safety Infin_nat ion
Dial Cycles
15, 16
19, 20
9-1 l
Using the Dishwasher
. .17, 18
Ca*v and
Befiwe You Call
tot Service ............
3, Back Cover
_'a rra ntv ................
165D4700P334 49-55014 11-05JR



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  • Page 1 9-1 l Using the Dishwasher . .17, 18 Cleaning Ca*v and ..7)_rmbleshooting Tips Befiwe You Call tot Service .... 23-27 Customer So'vice Product Registration ..Service Telephone Numbe_ ..3, Back Cover _'a rra ntv 165D4700P334 49-55014 11-05JR...
  • Page 2 GE& You, A ServicePartnership. Important! iii iiiiiii Two easy ways to register your appliance! _! Through the interne{ at _e.(on_ (',Oml)lete alld mail the _!II(Ios(x] P£odtl(t R(!gistt'_tioll (_1£([ Write the model and serial numbers here. !iiiiiiiiii! @iiiiiiiii_iiiii_i You can find them on the tub wall just insido the door.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. SAVETHESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING! For your safe_ the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, and to prevent property damage, personal injury, or death. WARNING! WATER HEATER S AFETY Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in...
  • Page 5: Proper Installation And Maintenance

    This dishwasher must be properly installed and located in accordance with the Installation Instructions before it is used. If you did not receive an Installation Instructions sheet with your dishwasher, you can receive one by visiting our website at J) Connect to a grotmdcd or replace...
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. SAVETHESE INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: To prevent minor injury or property damage _: Contents washed i_i;Non-Dishware hems: Do not wa_.,h items such as electronic Anti-bacterkfl mode, air cleaner tilters, fin:nace m'ail_fl)le, may be hot to the touch.
  • Page 7 A WARNING!RISK OFCHILD ENTRAPMENT PROPER DISPOSALOF THEDISHWASHER Before You ThrowAway .]mlked or abandoned YourOld Dishwasher dishwashers atv dangctxms... cvcn if flley will sit tbr '_just a "Ihkc oil the door ot the /('w dm:s." If you are getting w_ls]lil/g +col/ip_ll?tiiici/t of _x)m: old dishwashel;...
  • Page 8 Jet-Dry ® and Cascade Rinse small lingers being t)int bed Aid ® rinse agents have been in door. use in ifll GE i_l)l)mved/br i_i;Do not discard a (lishw_M/er dishwashers. without fit'st renlovil/g +tilt' _: I x)cate sharp...
  • Page 9 About the unicouple. Before Operating the Dishwasher the First -time !i ii,ii iii Attach the faucet adapter. "[]le sl)e(iM t:au(et ad;_l)ter SUl)plicd wid/your (tish_sller must b(' _ss('mblcd the sink Jimcet be/ore _x)u can use your (lishwa_ller. to fit stun(lard The thucet adapter is (lesigl_e(t spouts...
  • Page 10 ii+++ ii About the unicouple. How to Connect the Unicouple m_d atl:a(h it to the thu(el ada])ter. __:_j_._ Pull klnkouple and its hoses compleu4v out lixm) _:_ _._ _Attach the Uuicoul)le com_eitor u) d)e lhu(et _--._%_d_ adapter l D'de])ressiug the collm" at the o_ the ((.,uric( tor.
  • Page 11 How to Disconnect the Dishwasher Remoxe the power (ord phig from the wall receptacle. !i ii,ii iii ,Jiii I)is(om_e(t UllJ(Olll)le ti'Olll [_tllce| _tdt-ii)teI; NOTE: W henmotorstopsat the endof thefinaldnse, theUnicoup/e c anbe disconnected and returned to storage, How to Drain Excess Water From Unicouple Hoses If the sink is 34"...
  • Page 12 iil ii About connecting electricity. CAUTION, for personal safely: DO NOTUSEAN EXTENSION CORDORAN ADAPTER PLUGWITHTHIS APPLIANCE. DO NOT UNDERANY CIRCUMSTANCES, CUTORREMOVE THETHIRD GROUNDING PRONGFROMTHEPOWERCORD. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS_Fhis at)tdiance must be grounded. In the event ofa mallimction or breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of electti( shock by providing a l/ath of least resistance/or...
  • Page 13: About The Dishwasher Control Panel

    About the dishwasher control panel You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the door. Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model Models GSC3200 and GSC3230 !i_iiiii_ 0PTION CYCLE $H(_RT W¢_$H CYCLES ENERGy OPTIONS &...
  • Page 14: Control Settings

    ii,+++;i About the dishwasher control panel _ii++++_iiiilii+++ ControlSettings Cycles POTS & 9.5gal.,63 rain. Rinse-Rinse-Rinse-Main Wash-Rinse-Rinse-Rinse PANS ForI_eaviiy soiled dishes or cookwarewitll dried+on or baked+on soils. Everydaydishes may be included. Tiffs cyclewill not removeburned-onfoods. NORMAL 8.0gal.,63 rain. Rinse_:lins_MainWash Rinse RinseWlinse WASH Forloadsof everydaydishes, glassesandcookware with mediumsods.NOTE:Many dishes I_aveiigl=ter soil tllan normal Choosing a cycleother than...
  • Page 15 About the dial cycles. Short Wash ffOT START OPT[QN !i iiii iii For qui(kly loads of ex ery(t_ly dishes with w_tshillg STAIIT [IELAy STAR T medium soils that haxe n()t (hJed on. Sele(t the NORMAL WASH (v(le ..and m_x'options. pLATE WARMER IHEATe00Ry ONI !_S) R[N_ _'i_...
  • Page 16 iil ii About the dial cycles. Hot Start START OPT[Oh $TAET OELAY START IHR$) SHORT the HOTSTART(vde. and any. olher Sele(l ot)ti(m. Be sure the door is unl_.t(h(!(1. _LATE WARME8 _N_IED 0 Slo,,rl'v ' t/lFn th(, I')i_l t(, HOTSTART I _at(]l |he door to st_.r| the (v(le. Start Delay (GSC3400 and GSC3430 only) HOT ST_T...
  • Page 17: Using The Dishwasher

    Using the dishwasher. Checkthe Water Temperature !i_iiii_i than entering _%r_'_" _I_lSt _t l't'ast ] 21)'q _. and more 1)_' 1 5IFE, eJIb_ tire demling to prevent dish damage. Check water tel//l)et_lttlFe with C_t]I(I_' ()]: II/eat thet'lllOl//eteE TIIFII O]1 tile x'_uer t_tu(et nearest tile...
  • Page 18: Properuseof Detergent

    ii+++ ii Using the dishwasher. _{{++++_JJJJlii+++ /.%, ProperUseof Detergent Use onl} dctel_-ent sl)eci_ically made Jot use ill dishwashers. Cascad_ ® Automatic Dishwashing l)et_ _g_ m has be_n al:llm/xed lot us_ ill all (;E dishwashers. Keep your demrgent ti'esh and dry. I)on't put powder detergent into tile dispenser...
  • Page 19: Loading The Dishwasher Racks

    Loading the dishwasher racks. For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model !i iiiii iiii Upper Rack The upper rack is for glasses, cups mid s;mc era. Cut)s mid glasses fit best along tile sktes.
  • Page 20: Lower Rack

    Theymay prevent detergent from circulating during the wash cycle. The lower rack is best used lot plates, sauce_:,, a]l(I cookw_ll?e. I ,al'ge items such as broiler pans and racks shouM go along die sides. I ,oad...
  • Page 21: Caring For The Dishwasher

    Caring for the dishwasher. To clean the control panel use a lightly dampened cloth then dry thoroughly. To clean the exterior use a good appliance polish wax. Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of !i iiiii ii the dishwasher.
  • Page 22: About Optional Accessories

    iil ii About optional accessories. You can change the door and lower access panel appearance of your dishwasher by ordering one of these optional accessories: _ Color Panels _ 1/4" Wood Panel Trim Kit > 3/4" Trimless Panel Kit These accessories are available at extra cost (VISA, MasterCard or Discover cards accepted) by calling 800-626-2002.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting Tips

    iiii;iiiii/i!!ii Before you call for service... Troubleshooting -tips Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Possible Causes What To Do Dishwasher won'true Fuse is blown, or the ili!Jiii/iii/ii!iiiii/iii;ii_i Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker.
  • Page 24 iiiiiiT+i+iii+:+i{{{i!iii++ii{!i{+++++ Before you call for service... Troubleshooting -tips What ToDo Possible Causes A ,small amount of clean Water standing in This is normal the bottom of the tub water around the outlet tile tub bottoul _++t the back ot tilt' tub keel)s the %_r_{('}_ seal lubricated.
  • Page 25 iiii;iiiii/i!!ii Possible Causes What ToDo ili!Jiii/iii/ii!iiiii/iii;ii_i Stained tub interior Detergent with Sortie (tetergel/tS contain colormlt was used colot_mt (t)iglnem or dyes) thai _ill discolor till' mb interior with extcn(h'd use. ;!iiiii , iii Che(k the detergem ctq) Jot sig_ls ot any dis(oloration, ff cup is discolored,...
  • Page 26 iiiiiiYiiiiii_:_i{{{i!iii'_ii{!i{iiiii Before you call for service... Troubleshooting -tips What ToDo Possible Causes Spots and filming Use Jet-Drv ® rinse agent Exwemely hard water on glasses and Low hllet water l'eII/OVe Sl)O|S alld flatware pre\ ent new fihn build-ut). temperature Overloadhlg Yell/eve SHII)BoFn spo|s...
  • Page 27 iiiiiiiH{/i!! What ToDo Possible Causes Yellow or brown fihn Tea or coffee stahls + Remo\'e the stain b} band, ili!Jiii/iii/ii!iiiii/iiiiii_i on inside surfaces using a solution of 1/2 cup bleach and 3 cul)s wam_ watel', _!iiiii_,_iii _k WARNING be/_)re cleaning interior wait at least 20 l//intltes a/ier a (_le...
  • Page 28 ii!ii!i{!iiii I lii ):_ii ........
  • Page 29 GE Service Protection Plus (;E, a name re(ognizcd worldwide for qualit? dcpcndabilit_, ofJ'(trs vo/l SelwJ( e Prot(ctiOl/ t)]IIsT_I--( OIIlpl?(_b(!l/Si_,(_ pl'OI('(IiOll all _our applian(cs--No Matter What Brmld! Benefits Include: We'll CoverAny Appliance. • Backed by GE • All brands covered Anywhere. Anytime.* •...
  • Page 30 (l/lestiOllS, I/eed the tmlikelv event require service. l/lOlTe il/t()rlIlatiol/, a sa/i,tv modi/ication. Our servk e mmfl)er (all the GE Answer is 800 GE (2\RES Center® (800-432-2737). 800.626.9000. Model Number Serial Number hnportant: If you get a registration card...
  • Page 31 This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and any succeedingowner for products purchased for home use within the USA. If the product is located in an area where service by a GE Authorized Servicer is not available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or you may be required to bring the product to an Authodzed GE Service location for service, In Alaska, the warranty excludes the cost of shipping or service calls to your home.
  • Page 32: Service Telephone Numbers

    Service TelephoneNumbers. GE AnswerCenter _ 800.626.2000 _isit ore: W_ bsite at: In-HomeRepairService800-GE-CARES (800-432-2737 (M1 _r_ r. EXl>ert (;E repair servk e is only a phone Special N eedsService 800.626.2000 TOO800-TDD-GEAC(800-833-4322) (;E ott_rs, fi:e( of ( harge, a l>ro(lmre to assist ill t)lmming...

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