Cautions For Installation - Hitachi HBU-2015 Instruction Manual

Dynamic braking unit
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B. Braking Unit Front Panel
1. Front Cover Removal
Grasp the two sides of the front panel firmly. Remove the two attachment screws at the bottom of the cover by
turning counterclockwise. Remove the cover by lifting it upward from the bottom. (Figure 2 A)
2. Front Cover Re-attachment
Insert the top tongue of the front cover under the coping. Push the front cover down until it is fully seated.
Reinstall the attachment screws at the bottom of the front cover. (3-5N.M) (Figure 2B)
Figure 2 - Front cover removal and reinstallation of HBU braking unit.
C. Cautions for Installation
1. Please install the braking unit on a non-flammable wall or panel. Otherwise there is risk of fire.
2. If you install braking units in an enclosure, be sure to size the panel properly and provide adequate
cooling/ventilation as necessary to ensure the internal temperature remains lower than +40˚C.
3. It is normal for this braking unit to become hot during operation. Therefore be sure nothing
flammable or explosive comes in contact with it while it is in use. Otherwise there is risk of fire.
1. Installation considerations:
If installed in a cabinet, the cabinet should be adequately ventilated.
Ambient temperature should be between -10˚C and +40˚C, or if NOT in a cabinet, between -10˚C
and +50˚C (no frost)
Humidity < 90% RH, non-condensing.
Do not install the braking unit on wooden board or any flammable surface.
Do not install where the unit will be exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not install near flammable, explosive or caustic gases or liquids
Protect from dust and strong electromagnetic fields.
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