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Please READ this manual carefully before
operating your TV, and retain it for future


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Summary of Contents for Haier HLH26ATBB

  • Page 1: Owner S Manual

    TFT-LCD TV OWNER S MANUAL MODEL : HLH26ATBB HLH32ATBB HLH266BB HLH326BB Please READ this manual carefully before operating your TV, and retain it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Fcc Statement

    WARNING RISK ELECTRIC SHOOK DO NOT OPEN WARNING : To reduce the risk of electric shock do not remove cover or back. No user-serviceable parts inside refer service to qualified service personnel. Safety of operators has been taken into consideration at the design and manufacture phase, but inappropriate operation may cause electric shock or fire.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all of the instructions before using this appliance. When using this appliance, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following: 1)Save these Instructions ---the safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 2)All warning on the appliance and in the operating instructions should be followed. 3)Cleaning --- Unplug from the wall outlet before cleaning.
  • Page 4: Save These Instructions

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for using our Haier product. This easy-to-use manual will guide you in getting the best use of your product. Remember to record the model and serial number. They are on label in back of the unit.
  • Page 5 Introduction Contents Timer Menu War nin g ..........Date /Time setting...........
  • Page 6: Front Panel Controls

    Introduction Controls -This is a simplified representation of front panel. -Here shown may be somewhat different from your TV. Front panel controls HLH266BB HLH326BB INPUT MENU INPUT: all input source display and OK confirm. ) Program plus and minus, menu options VOL( ) Volume increase and decrease, menu reset and entry MENU Menu display...
  • Page 7: Connection Options

    Introduction Connection Options Back panel controls HLH266BB HLH326BB Power Cord Socket Digital Audio Output This TV operates on AC power. The voltage is indicated on the Connect digital audio Antenna Input S-Video Input Specifications page. Never attempt from various types of Connect cable or Connect SVideo to operate the TV on DC power...
  • Page 8: Function Introduction

    Introduction Universal Remote Controller - The remote controller cannot be operated unless the batteries are properly loaded. - When using the remote control, aim it at the remote control sensor on the TV. Function introduction TV DVD VCR SETBOX CABLE AUDIO Press the SELECT button repeatedly to select one of the system modes in which the remote control can be used.
  • Page 9: External Equipment Connections

    Installation External Equipment Connections Accessories SELECT CH.LIST FAV.LIST AUDIO LIST SWAP AUDIO SWAP POSITION TFT-LCD TV P.MODE S.MODE OWNER S MANUAL FREEZE MODEL : HLH26ATBB HLH32ATBB HLH266BB HLH326BB Please READ this manual carefully before operating your TV, and retain it for future reference.
  • Page 10: Choose Your Connection

    Installation External Equipment Connections NOTE: All cables shown are not included with the TV. Choose Your Connection There are several ways to connect your television, depending on the components you want to connect and the quality of the signal you want to achieve. The following are examples of some ways to connect your TV.
  • Page 11: Dvd Connection

    Installation External Equipment Connections External A/V Source Setup How to connect Connect the audio and video cables from the external equipment's output jacks to the TV input jacks, as shown in the figure. When connecting the TV to external equipment, match the jack colors (Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and Audio Right = red).
  • Page 12: Digital Audio Output

    Installation External Equipment Connections DTV connection - This TV can receive Digital Over-the-air/Cable signals without an external digital set-top box. However, if you do receive Digital signals from a digital set-top box or other digital external device, refer to the figure as shown below. - This TV supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Contents Protection) protocol for Digital Contents (480p,720p,1080i).
  • Page 13 Installation External Equipment Connections PC connection How to connect . To get the best picture quality, adjust the PC graphics card to (>1024 x768),60Hz. . Use the TV`s PC or DVI (Digital Visual Interface)Audio IN port for video connections, depending on your PC connector. If the graphic card on the PC does not output analog and digital RGB simultaneously, connect only one of eitherVGA IN o r DVI IN to...
  • Page 14: Monitor Out Setup

    Installation External Equipment Connections Monitor Out Setup The TV has a special signal output capability which allows you to hook up a second TV or monitor. Connect the second TV or monitor to the TV`s AV See the Operating Manual of the second TV or monitor for further AUDIO OUT INPUT details regarding that device`s input settings.
  • Page 15 Installation HDMI - HDMITM, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a trademark or registered trademark of HDMI Licensing." - This TV can receive the High-Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) or the Digital Visual Interface(DVI). - This TV supports HDCP(High-bandwidth Digital Contents Protection) Protocol for 720x480p, 1280x720p, and 1920x1080i resolution. - When you connect this TV with a source device(DVD player, Set Top Box or PC) supporting Auto HDMI/DVI function, the output resolution of the source device will be automatically set to 1280x720p.
  • Page 16: Cable Sample

    Installation Cable sample HDMI Cable (not supplied with the product) HDMI to DVI Cable (not supplied with the product) Analog Audio Cable(RCA type) (not supplied with the product) Analog Audio Cable (Stereo to RCA type) (not supplied with the product) 16 TFT-LCD TV...
  • Page 17: Connecting Headphones

    Installation External Equipment Connections Connecting Headphones You can connect a set of headphones to your set if you wish to watch a TV programme without disturbing the other people in the room. Plug a set of headphones into the 3.5mm mini-jack socket on the rear panel of the set.
  • Page 18: Choose The Menu Language

    Operation Operation -In the manual, the OSD (on screen display) may be different from your TV`s, because it is just an example to help you with the TV operation. -There are several options you might need to set up in order for your TV to work properly. Read the instructions that follow.
  • Page 19: Channel Menu

    Operation Channel menu This TV set has three methods to set channels, which are respectively Auto Scan, manual Scan fine tune. In this section, how to use the remote control to set channel is explained. You can also use buttons on the TV set to set channel.
  • Page 20: Manual Scan

    Operation Channel menu Manual Scan If excessive channel signals of unwanted programs are received in local area, manual search function is recommended. Tuner Video Type Auto Scan Audio Press the MENU button and then use button to select the Manual Scan Channel NO Time Channel menu.
  • Page 21 Operation Channel menu Edit Program You can create your own Favorite List. Use the FAV.LiST butt on on the remote control when a channel is highlighted and then you can add or delete the channel to/from the Favorite List. You can skip some channel; You can lock some channel;...
  • Page 22: Select The Desired Program

    Operation Select the desired program Using the CH+/- buttons. Press the CH+ button to select a channel number in number increasing direction. Press the CH- button to select a channel number in number decreasing direction. (Note: If Skip is ON on one channel, press CH+/- button, the channel will not appear.) Select the desired sound Press the VOL-/+ or buttons on the remote or the front of the TV set to adjust the volume level.
  • Page 23: Video Menu

    Operation Video menu The TV menu gives you an overview of the menus you can select. Note: Depending on the input signal, one or more menu items may not be selectable. How to select picture modes The picture mode provides the pre-defined images settings. There are four settings: standard/ vivid /mild/custom.
  • Page 24: Aspect Ratio Control

    Operation Aspect Ratio Control - Lets you choose the way an analog picture with a 4:3 aspect ratio is displayed on your TV with a 16:9 ratio picture format. - Note: If a fixed image is displayed on the screen for a long time, it image may become imprinted on the screen and remain visible. Press the ARC button the Aspect Ratio menu appearance on the screen.
  • Page 25: Audio Menu

    Operation Audio menu How to Select Audio modes Press S.MODE button on the remote controller the Audio Mode list is out , press S.MODE to select the option (Live/POP/Rock/Custom). Custom A spare setting that can be adjusted to personal tastes. Live Normal sound with moderate bass and treble setting.
  • Page 26: Sap Broadcasts Setup

    Operation Audio menu SAP Broadcasts Setup - This TV can receive MTS stereo programs and any SAP (Secondary Audio Program) that accompanies the stereo program; if the station transmits an additional sound signal as well as the original one. - When having selected SAP button on the remote control, this TV can only receive the signal when the TV station transmits the proper signals.
  • Page 27: Time Menu

    Operation Off-Time function overrides On-Time function if they are both set to the same time. Time menu Date /Time setting Setting the clock is necessary in order to use the various timer features of the TV. Also, you can check the time while watching the TV. Video Date/Time Mode...
  • Page 28: Sleep Timer Setting

    Operation Time menu Sleep Timer setting The sleep timer automatically shuts off the TV after a preset time (from 15 to 120 minutes). Video Date/Time O Min Timer On Audio 15Min Press the MENU button and then use button to select the Time menu. Timer Off Sleep Timer 30Min...
  • Page 29: Function Menu

    Operation Function menu Closed Captions Closed captioning is a process which converts the audio portion of a television program into written words which then appear as Video Menu Language English subtitles on the television screen. Closed captions allow viewers CC Mode to read the dialogue and narration of television programs.
  • Page 30: Osd Timeout

    Operation DTV Caption Style ( In DTV mode This allows you to modify how digital captions are displayed on your TV. Select from the following options to change the visual characteristics of your TV`s digital captioning. - Customize the DTV/CADTV captions that appear on your screen. Style Default 1.
  • Page 31: Adjust Menu

    Operation Adjust menu Screen Setup for PC mode - When RGB connect to PC input and select the VGA, this function is used. Adjustment for screen Position, Size, Phase, Reset After connecting RGB-PC or HDMI/DVI to PC input and checking the screen quality. - Display PC Adjust Menu by pressing INPUT button then use button to select the VGA item.
  • Page 32: Lock Menu

    Operation Lock Menu Parental Control can be used to block specific channels, ratings and other viewing sources. The Parental Control Function is used to block program viewing based on the ratings sent by the broadcasting station. The default setting is to allow all programs to be viewed. Viewing can be blocked by choosing the type of the program and the categories.
  • Page 33: Lock Setup

    Operation Lock setup - Set up blocking schemes to block specific channels, ratings, and external viewing sources. - A password is required to gain access to this menu. Press the MENU button and then use button to select the menu. LOCK Then, press the button.
  • Page 34 Operation Lock setup Parental Guide Parental Guide : Blocks any channels that you do not want to watch or Video that you do not want your children to watch. Password ALL FV D S Parental Lock Audio TV-Y Note : The Parental control will automatically block certain categories that are MPAA Rating...
  • Page 35 Operation EPG (Electronic Program Guide) - This system has an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to help your navigation through all the possible viewing options. - The EPG supplies information such as program listings, start and end times for all available services. - This function can be used only when the EPG information is broadcasted by broadcasting companies.
  • Page 36: Brief Info

    Operation Brief Info. - Brief Info shows the present screen information. - Press the INFO button to show the Brief Info on the screen. - Press the INFO button or EXIT button to exit. Function: Show the present screen information. Press the INFO button or EXIT button to exit.
  • Page 37: Pip Function

    Operation Viewing Picture - in- Picture This product has one built-in tuner, which does not allow PIP to function in the same mode. For example, you cannot watch one TV channel in the main screen, and a different one in the PIP screen. - The PIP function is be used only in DTV and VIDEO1 modes.
  • Page 38: Quick Program View

    Operation Others functions Quick program view This function enables quick swap to the last watched program. Suppose the channel number you used just now is 8 and the channel number you are using is 18 (as shown in the figure). If you want to return to the last watched program channel 8, you can simply press the Q.View button.
  • Page 39: Setting Up Your Remote Control

    Operation Setting Up Your Remote Control After it has been set up properly, your remote control can operate in six different modes: TV, VCR, CABLE, DVD, SETBOX or AUDIO Pressing the corresponding button on the remote control allows you to switch between these modes, and control whichever piece of equipment you choose. Note The remote control might not be compatible with all DVD Players, VCRs and Cable boxes.
  • Page 40 Operation Setting Up Your Remote Control Code Display Mode Press and release SELECT button to desired device. Press and hold OK button, then press SELECT button about 3 seconds) till LED is ON. Release 2 keys. LED flashes with a speed of twice per second. Enter [9][8][0] in turn to enter Code Display Mode .
  • Page 41: Remote Control Codes

    NO. B ran d Cod e 1 11 12 148 142 Kloss Haier 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 088 096 100 101 102 103 104 116 117 122 123 127 Konka Abex 128 130 212 205 206 207 211...
  • Page 42 Operation Remote Control Codes NO. B ran d Cod e 1 11 12 NO. B ran d Cod e 1 11 12 Squareview Aiwa 032 016 176 140 Akai 089 126 Starlite Apex 127 129 Supre-Macy Daewoo 046 121 124 134 Supreme Dansai Sylvania...
  • Page 43 Operation Remote Control Codes CABLE NO. B ran d Cod e 1 11 12 NO. B ran d Cod e 1 11 12 Hamlin/Regal 022 023 024 025 026 Admiral Hitachi Aiwa 041 050 035 Hughes Akai 052 053 054 Jerrold/G.I 031 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 018 022 032 Audio Dynamic...
  • Page 44: Cleaning The Screen

    Operation Maintenance - Early malfunctions can be prevented. Careful and regular cleaning can extend the amount of time you will have your new TV. Be sure to turn the power off and unplug the power cord before you begin any cleaning. Cleaning the Screen .
  • Page 45 Specifications 852X480(Dot) 120V~ , 60Hz 75 ohm External Antenna Impedance HLH26ATBB HLH32ATBB HLH266BB HLH326BB Dimensen(WXHXD) 31.3X20.3X11.2 inches 37.0X23.4X11.2 inches 26.7X20.7X9.7inches 37.2X28.0X12.2 inches Unit::inches/mm 794X515X285 mm 940X595X285 mm 679X525X246 mm 946X710X310 mm (Including stand) 37.5/17.0 52.9/24.0 27.6/12.5 50.7/23.0 The specifications shown above may be changed without prior notice for quality improvement. Owner s Manual 45...
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting For the sake of time and cost, it is strongly recommended that you check out the problem by yourself according to the instructions listed hereunder before contacting the after-sales service for technical assistance. Verify if the television is properly plugged. No picture, no sound Verify if the television is properly supplied power.
  • Page 47 In no event shall Haier no change to the purchaser, for parts or be liable, or in any way responsible for any...

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