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Electrolux RH36WC55GSA Installation, Use & Care Manual

30" and 36" freeostanding range hood
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30" and 36" FreeoStandin
9 Range


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  • Page 1 Installation, se & Care Guide 30" and 36" FreeoStandin 9 Range Hood...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    (Recirculating accessories) ........Install framing for hood support ......Cleaning .............. Mounting the hood ..........Hood Surface ............Connecting the ductwork ........Air deflector installation Warranty Information .......... (Recirculating accessories) ........©2007 Electrolux Home Products, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in Mexico...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    important Safety instructions mmpo ant Safe mnstructions Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. Approved for residential appliances For residential use only Do not attempt to installor operate your appliance until you have read the safety precautions in this manual.
  • Page 4 _i_!_i_i!_i_!!!_ii!_i_!!_i_!!_!i_!_!_i_i!_!_i!_!_i!_!_i!_!_i!_!_i!_i_!_!_i_ii_!_!_ii_!_iiiii_!J_i_!_i_i_i_i_i_i:i!!_!i!i_!_!i!_!_ii_ ; Important safety Instructions READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS mmpoAant safety mnstructions ATiNG USE ONLY DO NOT USE • -- Automatically Operated Device- To Reduce The TO EXHAUST HAZARDOUS OR EXPLOS VE MATER- Risk Of In'u Disconnect From Power ALS OR VAPORS _ J ry _eTore _ervtctng.
  • Page 5: Electrical & Installation Requirements

    and o_inances. Qualified Installer, check if they perfectly fit with your cabinet/wall. If codes permit and a separate ground wire is used, it is recommended that a qualified electrician determine 4, Do not use flex ducting. that the ground path is adequate. COLD WEATHER installationsshould have an Do not ground to a gas pipe.
  • Page 6: List Of Materials

    _!_!_!;;i!_!_i_!_!_i_!_!_i_!_!_i_!_!_i!_;_ii!!_ii!!_i_!i_!i_!i!ii_!i_i_;_i_i!_!!_i_!_ii_!i_i_i_i_i_!_i_i_i_i_i!_!ii_!i List of Materials List of Materials .p°,, yo.r,ooa Hoodstructureassemblywith blower, transition. Lampalreadyinstalled. 2 Greasefilters30 or3 Greasefilters36 • Duct covers. • Hardwarebagwith: • Template • Duct coversupport bracket (1 piece) • Use, careand installationguide • Woodscrews(6 pieces-3/16 x 1 3/4) •...
  • Page 7: Installing The Hood

    installing the hood mnstaHing the hood The hood may be installed onto a wall and vented to For the most efficient air flow exhaust, use a the outdoors, or it can be installed for recirculating straight run or as few elbows as possible. operation (recirculating accessories not supplied with the hood).
  • Page 8 • Installation height: 30"gascooktop/range or24" Keep ductrunsasshortandstraight aspossible. to30"electric c ooktop/range. Duct f ittings (elbows a ndtransitions) reduce airflow Usea level to drawa horizontal straight pencil l ine efficiency. onthewall, w hich isyourdesired...
  • Page 9: Mounting The Duct Cover Bracket

    installing the hood Mounting the duct cover bracket Ceiling ducting The duct cover bracket should be installedagainst If the duct will vent straight up to the ceiling: the back wall and flush with the ceiling. This bracket Use level to draw a line straight up, from the will hold the telescopic duct cover in place at the top oenterline on the template to the ceiling.
  • Page 10: Wall Ducting

  • Page 11: Connecting The Ductwork

    installing the hood Air deflector in_allation • Removethe hood. Drive "lower" wood screws, by hand. Remove {Recirculating accessories) screws. Mount the hood onto the "upper" screws. = Assemble the air deflector with the duct cover Drive and tighten the "upper" wood screws, by bracket with 4 assembly screws provided as hand.
  • Page 12: Making The Electrical Connections

    _!_!ii:i_iiii_i_ii_!_i:_i!_i:_i!_i:_i!_i:_i!_:ii!ii_i_ii_ii_i!_!_!:!_!_!:!_!_:i_!_i_ii_:_!_i!i_i_!!_i_i!2_ii_i_!_iiiiiiii!i!i:i_i_! lo.,.,iog,. .ood MakingtheeJectricalconnections • ,fnotaireadydone, ,nsta,,1/2"eonduiteonneetor inj-bo×. WARNING Meta e ectrca ElectricaIShockHazard _condut Warning: Turn off power at the service panel before wiringthisunit. House 120 VAC 15 or 20 Amp c rcu t requ red wJnng _ j__%___ ..ELECTRICAL GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS U.L.
  • Page 13: Mounting The Duct Cover

    installing the hood Secure the bottom of the duct with 2 assembly Mounting the duct cover screws provided. = Position the duct cover over the mounted hood. • Slide the bottom of the duct into the glass area. Position the top of the duct over the duct mounting bracket.
  • Page 14: Features

  • Page 15: Control Buttons

    iii_;;ii_;;ii_!!:_:_i control b uttons ControJ bu ons Thishoodisequippedwithanelectronicmotorand 2mpc°dr°! ' , .... buttonispressed, thefanwillbesettofirst me contro_ _sable to set z_a_Treren_ T anspeeas, _urn seed ON/OFF ght and has at merfuncton • • Ifthemn isatthira speea andthe key is Inthefollowingdrawingaredescribedthemainkey pressed, thefanw, II besettosecon, dspeed.
  • Page 16: Special Functions

    _!_!!i_i!i!!_!i_i_iii!_!_ii_i_!;!_i_!;!_i_!_i_ii_i!_i_i!_i!_ii!_ii!_iii:_i_i_i_ii_i!!i_i!_i_i_i!_!_i_i_i:_i_i_i:i!i_i_; _!!1i!iii_!_i;_ilili`i_i;_:_i_ii_ii_i_i!i!_!ii!iiii!_i!i_!!_i_ii!!_i!_iii_i_!i!_i_ Control buttons - Special functions _i:!!:!i_!i_i_ii_i!_i_!i!::!_i_6!:!i_i:!i_iiiii_!_i!ii!_!i_i:i!_i_!_i:_!_i_ii_!i!ii_!!! i iiiiiiijii!!!iii:iill Specia_functions Clockpro rammi.O i_iiii:i::_iii_i!_!ii_!__ii_!_!iiii___iii___iii___iii___iii___iii_____i_!i!ii__iiii!__!__i__i_i!__!!__i!!_!_!_ii!_!_ii!_!i!i_!_!__!ii!!i!_iii_i_i_i_ Thedockcan bereprogrammedatanytimeexeeptduring anactivetimedfunction. :_iiiii:ii:i_i_i_i_!ii_i_i!_i!i_!!i_!!i_!i!_i!i!_i!i!_i!i!_i!i!_i!_!_!_!!!_!i_ii_i_ii_i_iiJ_i!i_i_!!i!!i!_!_!i_ • Theclockcanbedisplayed inatwelvehourformatandvalidclocktimesarefrom l:OOto 12:59. _:_iiiiii:iiii:iii_iiii_iiii_iiii_iiiiiii_i_______!!___ii!_i_i!i!__i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!i_i_i!_i_i!i_i_!iii!____i_i!_!i_i!_!i_i!_!i_i!_i_ii__i_i!_i_i_ii_i___ • Theclockcanberepro,grammedpressingthe"Time[' buttonfor5seconds, andafter, theclockcanbe i:iiiii:iiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i%:ii:ii%!iiii!!ii!;iiiii:i:iiii!il adjusted wth the "A' and " ' buttons Coon ..w fash ndcatng cock programm ng mode i:_iiii_i:_i_i:_i_ii_iii_iii_iii_iii_i_i_ii_i_ii_i_i__:___i___i__i!ii_i_!i!:i_!i!:i_!i!:i_!i!:i_!i!:i_!i!:i_!i!iii_!_ii___i!_____i__!_!ii_!ii!i___!:i_iJ •...
  • Page 17: For Best Results

    For Best resuks Continuous use of the fan system while cooking helps keep the kitchen comfortable and less humid. It also reduces cooking odors and soiling moisture that create a frequent need for cleaning. • Turn the blower on before starting to cook. Use a rear burner when browning or pan frying meat.
  • Page 18: Careandcleaning

    careandcleaning Care and cleaning The efficiency of the range hood system depends on Li-hts the cleanliness of the intake and filters. _" The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount ,_, _, and type of cooking. _U_V_ • So not use the ventilating system without the Before replacing the lamps, switch power off at filters in place or 'with grease-laden filters or service panel and lock service panel disconnecting...
  • Page 19: Optional Charcoal Filters

    Care and cleaning Options| Charcoal Filters If the model is not vented to the outside, the air will be recirculated through disposable charcoal filters that help remove smoke and odors. The charcoal filters cannot be cleaned. They must be replaced. The charcoal filters are clipped inside of each metal grease filter (mounting instructions included with charcoal filters kit).
  • Page 20: Warranty Information

    ¸ii!!i iill RANGEWARRANTYYourrangeisprotectedbythiswarranty In the U.S.A. your appliance is warranted by Electrolux Home Products North America a division of White Consolidated Industries, Inc. We authorize no person to change or add to any of our obligations under this warranty. Our obligations for service and parts under this warranty must be performed by us or authorized Electrolux Home Products North America servicer.

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