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Color Rear Video
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© 1997 by Sony Corporation


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    SONY¸ ," "30-212-11 _,.. - u,,:_- 6 7/ Color Rear Video Projector Operating Instructions Manual de instrucciones KP-48V45 KP-53V45 KP-61V45 © 1997 by Sony Corporation...

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    The model and serial numbers are located at the rear ot the your warranty because they are the result of misuse. projection TV. Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. Serial No. 2-EN...

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    4 Welcome[ 4 Precautions Getting Started 5 Step 1: Installing the projection 6 Step 2: Hookup 16 Step 3: Setting up the remote control 17 Step 4: Setting up the projection TV automatically (AUTO SET UP) 21 Changing the menu language Operations 22 Watching the _IV...

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    • SAVA SPEAKER option of the AUDIO menu that For details concerning safety precautions, see the supplied lets you take advantage of the Sony SAVA series leaflet "IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS." speaker system's surround sound and super woofer Note on cleaning...

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    Getting Started Carrying your projection • KP-48V45153V45 only Be sure to grasp the areas indicated when carrying the projection TV, and to use more than two people. (Rear of projection W) For the best p_cture quality, install the projection within the areas shown below. Optimum viewing area...

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    Connecting an antenna/cable system without a VCR To cable or antenna (Rear of projection VHF/UHF Cable To cable box If your cable company requires you to connect a cable box, make the connection as follows: Although },ou _all use either an indoor or outdool (Rear of projection...

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    Connecting an antenna/cable TV system with a VCR After making these ¢om_ections, you will be able to do For details on connection, see your VCR instruction manual. the following: • View the playback of video tapes Before making the connection, disconnect the AC •...

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    To an S video equipped If your VCR has an S VIDEO output connector, make the following connections. Whenever you connect the cable to the S VIDEO input connector, the projection TV automatically receives S video signals. Without a cable box (Rear of projection VIDEO t...

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    Connecting a DBS receiver n_,mual ot For details Oll connection, see the inMruction the DBS (Digital Broadcasting Satellites) receiver. To a projection (Rear of projection VIDEO 1 I VIDEO 3 MONITOR AUDIO (VAR/FIX) S VIDEO Cable or cable V,DEO DBS receiver @ ®...

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    Connecting a camcorder this connection to view a camcorder picture. (Front of projection VIDEO AUDIO-R (red) (yellow) AUDIO-L (white) Video and ud,o outputs _/nMo C .s8ulOp_ 18(_ S Notes • To connect a monaural camcorder, connect the audio output cHuIppcd •...

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    Connecting VCRs tape editing using MONITOR You can record input images displayed on the screen. This type of connection should be used only when connect from the line input of one VCR, and from line output of a second VCR. (Rear of projection v,o.o,'%.o.

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    Connecting an amplifier with Dolby Pro Logic decoder If you use an amplifier with Dolby Pro Logic decoder instead of the projection TV's audio system, you can still use the projection TV's center speaker. "Setting the speaker switch (SPEAKER)" on page 31. * Manufactured under license...

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    Connecting a Sony SAVA series speaker system If you have a Sony SAVA series speaker system, connect your speakers to the AUDIO (VAR/FIX) OUT jacks (or MONITOR OUT jacks) on the rear of the projection with the audio cable supplied with the speakers.

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    This feature allows you to control your projection (Rear of projection and other Sony equipment with one remote control. VIDEO1 VIDEO3 AONITOR AUDIO (VAR_IX) To control other Sony equipment with the projection SVIOEO TV's remote control, connect the input of the @-@-© equipment to CONTROL...

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    Connecting an AV receiver Connect all optional AV receiver to tile VIDEO 1 IN jacks at the rear of the projection If your AV receiver has the TV input jacks, connect them to the TV OUT jacks at the rear of the projection VMC-810S/820S (not supplied) AUDIO...

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    I I II Getting to know buttons on the remote control Names of buttons on the remote control are indicated in different colors to represent the available functions. Button color Transparent ..TV/VCR/DBS/Cable box function (light up) buttons. Press the appropriate function button first to change the remote control's function.

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    Press CHANNEL +/- or VOLUME + to select the on-screen menu language. If you prefer Spanish or French to English, you can change the on-screen menu language. - CHANNEL + - VOLUME F- or All of the menus will be set to the factory preset You can set up },t_ur projection 1V ea>ily by using condition...

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    MENU To move vertical line right/left, press VOLUME +/-. (4) Repeat steps (2) and (3) to adjust the other lines until all three lines converge and are seen as a white cross. SONY f[CH+] I CONVERGENCE : BLUE -,VOL., ,_[CH-...

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    To erase and/or other channels, repeat Press t or ) to select CHANNEL ERASE/ADD, step and press _. The CHANNEL ERASE/ADD menu appears. Press MENU to return to the original screen. C"%E ERASE,AO0 MENU A_&Nu Use[O - 9]or {CH+/-] to select the channel.

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    Press t, _, _, or • to move the cursor (1_) to Setting cable TV on or off the symbol showing the line you want to adjust, and press 3. If you have connected the projection TV to a cable 1V system, set CABLE to ON (the factory setting).

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    Presetting channels You can preset TV channels easily by using tile AU10 PROGRAM feature. You do not have to do this procedure if you perform AUTO SET UP (page 17). Do this procedure only when you want to set it manually. Press MENU.

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    Press VOL +/- to adjust the volume. VOL +/- CH +/- VOLUME IIlllllllllllllllllllllll IIIII11,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,',, ',,, SONY Switching quickly between channels Press TV (POWER) to turn on the projection You can use the JUMP button to switch or "jump" back The TIMER/STANDBY...

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    F i TI I Displaying on-screen information Watching a video input picture Press DISPLAY repeatedly until the desired Press TV/VIDEO repeatedly until the desired display appears. video input appears. Each time you press DISPLAY, the display changes as Each time you press TV/VIDEO, the display changes follows: as follows:...

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    Displaying a left picture (P&P) Press (_1. Input-source mode or IV channel for the left picture Input-source mode the right picture or TV chinnel You can watch both the main/right picttue and a window/left picture simultaneously using the Picture- in-Picture (PIP) or the Picture-and-Picture (Twin View...

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    II llllllll Listening to the sound of the window/ Swapping the main/right and window/ left picture left pictures Press AUDIO in PIP or P&P mode. Press SWAP in PIP or P&P mode. The _' display appears above the window/left picture Each time you press SWAP, the images and sound for a few seconds, indicating that the window/left...

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    When watching 1 V programs, you can adjust tile _lhe kRILEZtL feature is usctul when you want to write picture to suit your taste. down an information such as a recipe from a cooking You can adjust the picture of video input(s) as well.

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    Adjust the selected item: (1) Press t, _., $, or * to adjust tile item. VIDEO STANDARD BRIGHTNESS Mfl|IHIHII_IHI!III_I!II_, ,m_m,.,.,, (2) Press _. The new setting appears in the VIDEO menu. lhe 1 RIN l I ONE feature ,omruls the color temperature, permitting white balance...

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    You __a_l a djust the Huality ut the 1V suulLd to _uit your J hL' v]de[_ J_iode tedtL. _ allOv_ > )uLI t_)ChOL)_C LhR'L' different modes of picture settings. Choose the one that taste. You can adjust the sound of the video input(s) well.

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    Adjust the selected item: (1) Press t1',_,, I_, or ,_ to adjust tile item. AUDIO BASS mlIIMIIII_IIIIIIIIIIIIIIU,,,,_, a,.,.. ,,_..,, (2) Press CE). The new setting appears in the AUDIO menu. Using _'_ (audio effect) button AUDIO PBASS llllllll_=,-m BALANCE m=,=_m..,m EFFECT MTS : STEREO...

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    Using menu to set audio effect o°®° II El _ - Press MENU. Multichamlcl IV Sound (MI5) ieaturc allow_ Press • or 4 to select ,_, and press C_). to enjoy stereo sound or Second Audio Programs (SAP) of your choice. The initial setting is stereo...

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    TV. to CENTER. (Use your amplifier volume control to adjust the volume level.) To select surround sound or super If you connect the Sony SAVA series speaker system to woofer mode of the SAVA speaker the AUDIO (VAR/FIX) OUT connectors,...

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    You cal_ ch,mgc AUDIO OU 1 to VARIABLE or tIXED If your ,uea u_us daylight _a\.mg hme, ch,,%c when SPEAKER is set to OFF. DAYLIGHT SAVING setting depending on the sea,_,b AUDIO OUT is variable when SPEAKER is set to ON. before setting the current time.

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    You can set the projection IV to turn on and oil at the 5ettin 8 the clock enablc_ you to turn the projection time and channel you specify. Make sure the clock is on and off with the timer. Make sure to set daylight saving time first.

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    Pres_ t or 4 to set ti_e time (hour then minutes) that you want to turn on the projection TV, and press _. ON/OFF TIMER EVERY SUN - SAT 12:02 AM -h CH .._MENU Set the duration. SUN 12:00 AM Use [_ Exit I_ Press •...

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    Enter the letters (up to four) to caption channel: (1) Press tt or 4 to select the first letter. Each time you press tt or _, the letter changes as follows: 0...9*--_A...Z*-* &,/,_(blank space) The channel block teaturc allov,.s }ou to prc\'unt children from watching unsuitable...

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    Press 4-, _ or _ to select _ tavorite channel number, and press _. FAVORITE OHANNLL ' AUTO Select a channel. I use_ Ex,, Press t or • to select the channel that want to set as your favorite channel, press :_.

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    Each time you press • or *, the label changes as follows: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 1 _ VHS *--_ 8 mm _ BETA DBS *--_ DVD *-_ S VIDEO _ VIDEO 2 VIDEO 2 4--_ VHS "-+ 8 mm *--* BETA DBS *--_ DVD *-_ S VIDEO _-* LD lhe video label teaturc allox\ >...

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    You L,,_ u_, the >upplied rcm_t_, ct)ntrol to t_pt'ratc _on,c pl_g,,tul> ,ut: bit_ad,,u,,t with (Zaptiol_ Visioll. Sony or non-Sony video equipment that has an infrared display Caption Vision, select either CC1, CC2, CC3, remote sensor. For this operation, set the CC4, TEXT1, TEXT2, TEXT3, or TEXT4 from the menu.

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    In this case, please use the Marta equipment's own remote control unit. 309,335 Memorex • The code numbers for Sony equipment are assigned at the Minolta 305,304 factory as follows: 323,324,325,326 Mitsubishi/MGA VHS VCR 301 (preset code for the supplied...

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    ENTER Turning system CH +/- You can turn off the projection 'FV and Sony equipment with the S-Link function, such as a VCR, together Use the video operating buttons on the remote when you make the S-Link connection...

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    Sony DBS receiver, press CODE • In some rare cases, your equipment may use a code that is not SET, DBS/CABLE (FUNCTION), 8, 0, 1, and...

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    If the problem persists after trying the methods below, Double images or ghosts contact your nearest Sony dealer. Use a highly directional outdoor antenna or a No picture (screen not lit). no sound...

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    75-ohms unbalanced, sync (0) ® SRS (SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM) negative The (0 SRS (SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM) AUDIO (phono jacks): 500 manufactured by Sony Corporation under license from mVrms (100% modulation) SRS Labs, Inc. It is covered by U.S. Patent Impedance: 47 kilohms 4,748,669.

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    Ibis section brictly describes the buttons and controls on the projection TV and on the remote control. more information, refer to the pages next to each description. Projection Front TWS_ SETUP TVNIOEO VOLUME - CHANNEL POWER STEREO STAND BY _ _ VOLUME +/-buttons (page...

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    Remote control V 1R/DVD (POWER) _x itch (,pat4,_ 40) - DBS/CABLE (POWER) switch (page 41) TV (POWER) switch (page 22) MUTING button (page 22) VTR/DVD (FUNCTION) button (page 38) DBS/CABLE (FUNCTION) button (page 41) TV (FUNCTION) button SYSTEM OFF button (page 40) (pages 18, 22) L][ _.- (_ button...

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    1 win View _M 24 Video label Video mode Watching TV 22 video tapes XDS 23 Names of controls C_) button (PIP) button GI (P&P)button Adjusting tt/*/4/* buttons the convergence button the picture 0 - 9 buttons 19, 22 the sound ANT button ANT 23 AUDIO button...

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