Vaillant GA100CS SERIES Installation And Service Manual

Combination gas fired cast iron boiler and indirect water heater
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GA100CS Series
Fired Cast Iron
Boiler and Indirect
Water Heater
Vaillant ......
Service Manual
Table of Contents
PRICE $5.00
Vaillant Corp.
2607 River Road
NJ 08077
(609) 786-2000
Fax (609) 786-8465
All of our appliances should be installed
by qualified fitters only, who will be
responsible for the observance of all
existing national and/or local installation
inStructionsand code regulations.
On installation please hand this pamphlet
to your customer.



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  Summary of Contents for Vaillant GA100CS SERIES

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Vaillant ..Installation Service Manual GA100CS Series Combination Fired Cast Iron Boiler and Indirect Water Heater Table of Contents Page Number 1. Boiler Dimensions ® & Specifications 2. Rules for Safe Installation & Operation 3. Locating the Unit 4. Combustion Air Requirements 5.
  • Page 2: Boiler Dimensions

    1. Boiler Dimensions & Specifications -IBI - - [__._]A ---* i° I*-- 3o'/,"--÷1 t"------" 221/4" --'-*1 Side View Front View Rear View with Door Off ModM " GAt00CS-6 10_/1" 5" GAI00CS_ 11_11" 5" GAI00CS-10 12_4" Fig. 1 - GA100 CS Series Boiler 15.
  • Page 3: Rules For Safe Installation & Operation

    Vaillant a copy of this report and we ney opening must be high 2. Rules for Safe will send replacements for the enough to allow a '/," per ft. Installation & upward slope in vent from unit damaged parts. But, we must have...
  • Page 4: Combustion Air Requirements

    so they will operate at maximum 4. Combustion heating system. It must be clean, speed. Do not operate a summer the dght size, propedy con_ed Requirements exhaust fan. and in good condition. No boiler can WARNING function properly with a bad chim- (d) Place in operation the appli- Be Sure to Provide Enough Fresh ney.
  • Page 5: System Piping Boiler

    5 feet above, checked for alignment and freedom above radiation level must be pro- floor (not supplied by Vaillant). of operation prior to installation and vided with a low water cutoff device 5. Tighten all joints securely.
  • Page 6 ZONE VALVE IIIIIII1 HEATING cl_curr GATE DRAIN VALVES CIRCUITS VALVES * ZONE VALVE III1[1111 © AIR SCOOP ASME PRESS. REUEF VALVE vE_, BOILER VALVE '._ to.,_. _. EXPANSION TANK ASMET&P REUEFVALVE TO FAUCETS * NOTE:- Zone valves & SHOWERS should be located in the supply side of the heating circuit as close as is possible to the...
  • Page 7: Electrical Wiring

    If the resent field wiring 120V. Orifice Sizing vent pipe or chimney should All Vaillant GA100 CS series units Field wiring, whether for a new become obstructed to the point of installation or to replace damaged...
  • Page 8 I" ..° L8148E © eI.ACK WHITE ® BLUE BLUE fill $8_0 OUT I DAMP MV PV PV GiNID GND 24V -W glv-1 llll I I i LREO=_ I L_ WHITE GREEN GOLD L ..BLUE WHITE ..e.._m__K. t_ -. __R___.
  • Page 9: 11, Checkout Procedures

    11. Checkout repair it, call a qualified service technician. Force or attempted ELECTRONIC IGNITION Procedures repair may result in a fire or Test for Any Gas Leaks explosion. Inspect carefully all gas connections Operating Instructions II_'T "_ OUTLET for gas leaks before lighting bumer. 1.
  • Page 10: Maintenance Requirements

    Main Burner 12. Maintenance Safety Check of Controls The main burner flame can be After boiler has been hooked up and Requirements observed through the inspection is ready for operation, a few simple CLEANING MUST INCLUDE PERI- checks should be made to be sure door (Fig.
  • Page 11 ;urnerCleaning Freeze Protection If the boiler is taken out of service urnersshould beinspected a fter achboilercleaning. Slots(ports) during potentially freezing weather, anbebrushed freeofdirtandlint always DRAIN IT COMPLETELY ,ith a stiff bristle brush. Do not since any water left in the boiler or pipes can freeze and cause dam- amage metal at ports.
  • Page 12: River Road Cinnaminson, Nj

    Vaillant Vaillant Corp. 2605-07 River Road Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 (609) 786-2000 Booklet No.:2180-0113...