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I Figuresand illustrations inthb UserManualareprovidedfor reference
onlyand may differfrom actualproductappearance. P roductdesignand
specifications may be changedwithout notice.
Important Warranty Information
Television Format Viewing
=_ See tile warranty card for more information on warranty
Wide screen format LED Displays (16:9, the aspect ratio of the
screen width to height) are primarily designed to view wide screen
format full-motion video. The images displayed on them should
primarily be in the wide screen 16:9 ratio format, or expanded to
fill the screen if your model offers this feature and the images are
constantly moving. Displaying stationary graphics and images on
screen, such as the dark sidebars on non- expanded standard
format tebvbion video and programming, should be limited to no
more than 5% of the total television vbwing per week. Additionally,
viewing other stationary images and text such as stock market
reports, video game displays, station Iogos, web sites or computer
graphics and patterns, should be limited as described above for
all tebvbions. Displaying stationary images that exceed the above
guidelines can cause uneven aging of LED Displays that leave
subtle, but permanent burneddn ghost images in the LED picture.
To avoid this, vary the programming and images, and primarily
display full screen moving images, not stationary patterns or dark
bars. On LED models that offer picture sizing features, use these
controls to vbw different formats as a full screen picture. Be careful
in the selection and duration of television formats you use for
viewing. Uneven LED aging as a result of format selection and use,
as well as burneddn images, are not covered by your Samsung
limited warranty.
Subject to the requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations
of the original Limited Warranty supplied with Samsung Electronics
(SAMSUNG) products, and the requirements, conditions, exclusions
and limitations contained herein, SAMSUNG will additionally
provide Warranty Repair Service in the United States on SAMSUNG
products purchased in Canada, and in Canada on SAMSUNG
products purchased in the United States, for the warranty period
originally specified, and to the Original Purchaser only.
The above described warranty repairs must be performed by a
SAMSUNG Authorized Service (}enter. Along with this Statement,
the Original Limited Warranty Statement and a dated Bill of Sale
as Proof of Purchase must be presented to the Service (}enter.
BN68 04499A00
Transportation to and from the Service Center is the responsibility of
the purchaser. Conditions covered are limited only to manufacturing
defects in material or workmanship, and only those encountered
in normal use of the product. Excluded, but not limited to, are
any originally specified provisions for, in-home or on-site services,
minimum or maximum repair times, exchanges or replacements,
accessories, options, upgrades, or consumables.
For the location of a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center, please
call tolPfree:
-- In the United States : 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
-- In Canada : 1-800-SAMSUNG
Still image warning
Avoid displaying still images (such as jpeg pbture files) or still
image elements (such as TV channel Iogos, TV shows or movbs
in panorama or 4:3 format, stock or news scroll bars, etc.) on the
screen. The constant display of still pictures can cause ghosting or
image burndn (image retention) on the LED screen, which will affect
image quality. To reduce the risk of this effect, please follow the
recommendations below:
,, Avoid displaying the same TV channel for long periods.
,, Always try to display any image in full screen mode. Use the TV's
Picture Options menu to select the optimal screen size.
,, Reduce brightness and contrast values to the minimum required
to achieve the desired picture quality. Values that exceed the
minimum may speed up the burndn process.
,, Frequently use all TV features designed to reduce image retention
and screen burndn. Refer to proper user manual section for
I! you haye any questions or comments relating to Samsung products,
please contact the SAMSUNG customer care 9enter.
Samsung Electronics
Canada hc,
Service 55 Standish Court
Ontario L5R
1 800 SAMSUNG(726
Samsung Electlonics
85 Chalbnger
Ridgefield Park, NJ
L ............................................
@ 2012 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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    Refer to proper user manual section for viewing. Uneven LED aging as a result of format selection and use, details. as well as burneddn images, are not covered by your Samsung limited warranty. ,, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS NORTH AMERICAN LIMITED...

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    Available in Standard and Movie mode only. Your TV has two kinds of menus, the Main menu and the various Compared to previous models, new Samsung TVs offer a more Tools menus. The Main menu gives you access to most or all of precise picture with more precise controls.

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    Multi=Track Sound (MTS) Analog channels only. ATV, AV, Component (480i, 480p) 16:9, Zoom1, Zoom2, [] Mono: Select for channels that are broadcasting in mono or if you are having difficulty receiving a stereo signal. DTV (1080i, 1080p), Component (1080i, 16:9, Wide Fit, [] Stereo: Select for channels that are broadcasting in stereo.

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    Managing Channels Channel List Memorizing Channels See your list of Added channels, Favorite channels, or channels you've scheduled for viewing. Add or delete Favorite channels, add When you first set up your TV using Plug & Play, the TV memorized or delete channels from the Added Channels list, schedule channels the channeb that were available over the air or through your cable or programs for viewing.

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    To add channels to the Added Channels list, follow these steps: ifyou select Everyday or Every Week, the date you select in the Date field becomes the start date for your 1. Select one or more channels in the All Channels list using the scheduled viewing.

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    m information: Display the information for a show or channel you To set the clock, follow these steps: have scheduled. You can also change the schedule Information. 1. Select Setup >Time > Clock. 1. Select the Programmed List icon on the left side of tile 2.

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    1. Press the ENTER _ button. A list of folders on the device Locking/Blocking Programs or Movies appears. You lock or block programs and/or movies in essentially the same '_' if there are no folders on your device, press the way for each option.

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    Opacity: TNs adjusts the opacity of the caption background. Options include Default, Transparent, Translucent, Software Upgrade can be performed by downloading the latest Solid and FlasNng. firmware from to a USB memory device. Return to Default: TNs option sets each Size, Font Style, HD Connection Guide Foreground Color, Background Color, Foreground Opadty and Background Opacity to its default.

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    T V, please back up your ,_ Supported Subtitle Formats files to prevent them f rom d amage or loss of d ata. SAMSUNG not responsible for a ny data file d amage or d ata loss. External °AUSB device that requires...

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    Other Restrictions Photos • Video content will not play, or not play correctly, if there is all error in the content or the container. • Sound or video may not work if the contents have a standard bit rate,/frame rate above the compatible Frame/sec listed in the Supported Video Formats table.

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    Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damage to the Verify all connections are properly secured. Periodically check product or injury to yourself or others if you elect to install the wall the connections for any sign of fatigue or failure.

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    Pb jack on the %/, the red Pr jack on the source to the red Pr jack on the %/. Screen Brightness If you find that the colors on your Samsung %/are correct but just a little too dark or bright, there are some settings you should check before calling for a repair.

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    5times before the T V t urns on. If y ou find that you are having trouble powering on your Samsung tebvbion, there are anumber of t hings to check before making a call to the s ervice department.

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    '_' Some functions and pictures shown in this manual are available on specific models only. '_' You can keep your TV in optimum condition by upgrading it with the latest firmware from the Samsung web site ( Support _ Downloads). To upgrade, download the firmware to your computer, copy the firmware file to a USB memory stick, insert the USB memory stick into the TV's USB slot, and then select Support >...

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    Open Source used in this product can be found on the following webpage. ( Open Source License Notice is written only English. To send inquiries and requests for questions regarding open sources, contact Samsung via Email ( This product uses some software...

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    NOTE: All drawings are not necessarily to scale. Some dimensions are subject to change without prior notice. Refer to the dimensions prior to performing installation of your TV. Not responsible for typographical or printed errors. @ 2012 Samsung Electronics America, Inc -16-...

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